湖北省往年高考英语完成句子 2007-2011
(2007 年) 31.They sat together around the table, with________________ (门关着)。 (shut) 32.I haven’t the slightest idea_______________________ (他正在说什么)。 (talk) 33.The fact ____________________ (他失败了数次) makes him very upset.(he,fail) 34.Last night,John was answering the letters that ________________ (寄给他的) during the past two weeks.(arrive) 35.He believes that children ____________________(应允许……学习) at their own pace.(allow) 36.She has an excellent ___________________ (对名字的记忆力),which helps her quite a lot in her work.(memory) 37.____________________________(他是否出过国) doesn’t make much difference.(he, abroad) 38.The factory’s output of cars this years is ________________(大约是去年的三倍).(as,great) 39.Not only __________________(要帮助) the disabled to find jobs, but also medical treatment will be provided for those who need it.(give) 40.It is possible that the King of Stonehenge was linked to the stones;he _______________ (可能 参与) in planning the monument, or in helping transport and pull up the stones. (hand) (2008 年) 31.__________________ (最长的三条河流) in the world are the Niles, Amazon, and Changjiang River. (long) 32.Seldom _______________video games ever since they entered college.(play) 33.The city _______________(我成长的) is very hot and damp in summer.(grow) 34.____________(我花了) one thousand dollars to buy the painting last week..(cost) 35.I feel so sick. I wish Mum__________________(没有逼我) to eat so much.(force) 36.----You’d better go and ____________(把你的轿车洗洗). ----No.I’ll do it myself.(wash) 37.With the rapid development of science and technology, I can’t imagine _________________(我的家乡会是什么样子) in ten years. (what) 38.It is your efforts ,not your intelligence, _________________(决定) your success.(determine) 39.He looks sleepy. He must ____________________(熬夜了) last night.,Writing the essay.(stay) 40.At present, lots of food,water,tents, and medicine_____________(正在运往) all over China and other parts of the world to the earthquake-stricken areas.(transport) (2009 年) 71.__________(多亏了) her assistance ,we succeed in starting the engine.(owe) 72.When you are finished with electric iron, don’t forget ______________(关掉它) (turn) 73.During his last lecture, the scientist_____________(觉得) easier to explain the theory to those with some background knowledge. (find) 74._______________(获得奖学金) gave Martin the chance to go to a college in one of the northern states.(win) 75.If times ________(变了), have our ways of thinking changed too?(change) 76.At the award ceremony, Mr. Jackson said,”For me, there has been _____________(没有更大 的回报) than your support.” (great) 77.____________________( 任 何 计 划 好 了 的 事 ) is sure to change as one puts it into practice.(whatever) 78.Such knowledge is still useful________________(当应用) to similar situations in other

countries.(when) 79.After circling around the earth for three days, Shenzhou Spaceship received the demand from the groud that _____________(它着陆) as scheduled the next day.(land) 80.Learning strategies, to ____________(老师们认为) importance, have not yet drawn enough attention of students.(attach) (2010 年) 71.Only if people of all the countries are united_________________(我们才能解决) the existing problems in the world.(solve) 72._____________________(油漆成) red, the building stands out among the rest and looks very attractive. (paint) 73.____________________(不会用) a computer makes it more difficult for him to do his academic research. (use) 74.The news _____________(房价将要下跌) has caused many people to sell their houses at lower prices. (fall) 75.After she completes the projects, she’ll have_________________(没有什么要担心的).(worry) 76.Mr Johnson insisted that the problem worthy of attention _________________(讨论) at the meeting.(discuss) 77.My mother was so proud of all____________ (我所做的) that she rewarded me with a trip to Beijing.(do) 78.Last night’9 TV news said that by then the death of the missing people ______________(未证 实). (prove) 79.It is said that they have swum to the island from the continent, but they___________(不可能做 到) because the ocean in between is too wide.(do) 80.________________(正如我们所强调的那样)many times, ”serve the people ” is our first policy. (stress) (2011 年) 71.Not until two days after the earthquake________(她发现)her mother alive.(find) 72.________call net when you arrive. Just come up to me house. I’ll be at home all day.(there) 73.It was cold and dumpty the man pulled up his collat and put his hands to his_____(冻僵了的 脸).(freate) 74.________(把钥匙握在手上),he looked for them everywhere.(hold) 75.If_________(我没有喝)alcohol last night. I could have driven my car home.(drink) 76. (令球迷欣喜的)was that the young player performed exteriorly well in the table tennis tournament.(delight) 77. A number of paintings in this castle are believed (被毁掉)in a fire in 2009.(destroy) 78. (他突然想到) that he had an important conference to attend the next morning.(occur) 79.Be careful! The machine starts (你一按)the button.(moment) 80. (比较这两把牙刷) and you’ll find the purple one is softer.(compare) 参考答案: (2007 年) 31.the door shut 32.(of) what he’s talking about 33.that he has failed (for) several times 34.had arrived for him 35.should/ought to/must be allowed to learn/study 36.memory for names

37.whether he has been abroad or not 38.about three times as great as that of last year 39.will help be given to 40.may/might/could have had a hand (2008 年) 31.The three longest rivers 32.have they played 33.in which/where I grew up 34.It cost me 35.hadn’t forced me 36.have/get your car washed 37.what my hometown will be/look like 38.that determine 39.have stayed up 40.are being transported (2009 年) 71.owing to 72.to turn it off 73.found it/found that it was 74.Winning a scholarship 75.have changed 76.no greater reward/no reward greater 77.whatever one has planned/whatever has been planned 78.when ( it is )applied 79.it (shoul) land 80.which (the) teachers attach/have attached (2010 年) 71.can we solve/will we be able to solve 72.Painted/Having been painted 73.Not being able to use/being unable to use/Not knowing how to use 74.that house prices will fall 75.nothing to worry about/no more worries 76.(should) be discussed 77.that I had done 78.hadn’t been proved 79.can’t/couldn’t have done it/so/that/this 80.As we have stressed/As has been stressed (2011) 71.did she find 72.There is/will be no need to 73.frozen face 74.Holding the/ his keys in the/ his hand With the keys held in the / this hand The keys held in the / his hand 75.I had not / hadn't drunk 76.What delighted the fans / made the fans delighted 77.to have been destroyed 78.It (suddenly)occurred to him 79.the moment you press 80.Compare these / the two toothbrushes (2012) 71. With ________, some animals are facing the danger of dying out. (cut) 由于越来越多的森林 被砍伐?一些动物正面临着灭绝的危险。 72. Popularly _______ American films ever made, The Godfather is a milestone of cinema. (regard) 《教父》被普遍认为是美国有史以来最好的影片之一?是电影界的一个里程碑。 73. I don’ know ________ in the novel that made him burst into tears. (what) 我不知道是小说 t 中的什么东西使他突然泪如泉涌。 74. Little ________ what she looks like; all she cares about is her job performance. (care) 她不 在乎外表?她在乎的是自己的工作表现。 75. Had we not used an out-of-date train schedule, we ________ the train. (miss) 要不是用了一 张过期的列车时刻表?我们就不会误了火车。 76. However ________, I could not read his handwriting. (try) 不论我怎样努力?还是没法看 清他写的字。

77. In response to the audience’ great demand, the play ______ in the theatre twice a week. (put) s 应观众的强烈要求?这部戏将会在这个剧院每周上演两次。 78. The soldier was absent from his camp for three days without ________. (ask) 这个士兵没 有请假就离开营地三天。 79. Our understanding of education, work and society is ________ of the earlier generation. (different) 我们对教育、工作和社会的认识和我们上一代人的不同。 80. Things aren’t always ________. (appear) 事情往往不是它们看上去的那样 (2012) 71. more and more forests/trees (being) cut down 72. regarded as one of the best 73. what it was 74. does she care (about) 75. would not have missed 76. hard/much I (had) tried 77. will/would be put on 78. asking for leave (first) 79. different from/than that 80. what they appear (to be)