高考短文改错专练一 1. This afternoon an American high school delegation, consisting 10 students and 5 teachers come to visit our school. Our headmaster showed them around some part of the school. Fortunately, our class was choosing to have an informal discussion with the visitors, that was a good opportunity for us to practice our English. Everyone on present was active in introducing them one by one. Our monitor, Zhang Hua, made a brief introduction to Chinese traditional festivals, especial the Chinese Spring Festival. Soon after that, Tom, a American student, who was a great fan of Yao Ming and Jeremy Lin, something about NBA and some other hobbies. Then we talked about some other topics that we were concerning with. 2. Last weekend, I enjoyed a wonderful trip to Nansha with my family. We set out at 9 a.m. and arrive at 10 a.m. On arriving, we couldn’t wait to enjoy the exhibition of sand statue there, which were hosted by the local government of Nansha. The statues were very grand but fantastic, with the large one as high as 7 meters and as long as 12 meters. Then, we had had delicious seafood for lunch, after we went to watch birds in the Nansha Wetland Park. Finally we went home from the park. It is an forgettable trip and we are both happy because Nansha has been developing fast. But I am a little worry that too many tourists may destroy the ecological balance of Nansha. 3. A young man calling Low-Carbon Brother has become a hit on the Internet. He suggests living a low-carbon life, where means using less energy in our daily life so that we can help reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the air. For example, while he is watching a TV, he always turns down the brightness to the minimum and turns off the light. Besides, he goes to work by bike instead by car. Some people think his behavior is justly a show. No one can live so a simple life with so many modern invention around us. Personally, I strongly supported his idea and his behavior. Because what he is doing has no huge effort on global warming, he at least can enjoy a healthy life. 4. Nowadays Chinese netizens tend be younger than before and they have many chances to visit websites with bad contents, which does harmful to them. In order to protect them, sixty mothers were selected to form a group called “Mom Jury” in Beijing. Their responsibility was to report bad websites and urging the government to take measure. The activity was such effective that many bad websites were closed a month late. In my opinion, it is a good way to do with the problem. But Dads should also take part in to the activity, because the fight against bad websites call for a joint effort by both parents. That is also important to teach teenagers how to protect themselves while surfing the Internet. 5. Mark Twain, one of a best known American writers in the 19th century, was born in Missouri in the middle part of the United States. Mark Twain’s hometown lay on the bank of the Mississippi River, where he spent him childhood. While he grew up he worked as a pilot on a river boat at some time. Mark Twain is his pen name. He took it away from the shout of the sailors measure the depth of the water when the water was two marks deep on the lead line. Mark Twain wrote a lot of novels, one of that is The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, the masterpiece

which brought him fame or honor. Some of his writings have translated into many languages. He and his work are deeply loved by readers throughout the world. 6. Mr. Richards works in a shop where repairs hearing aids. One day an old gentleman entered and put it down in front of him without say a word. Mr. Richards asked him what was the matter with it, but the man didn’t answer for. Mr. Richards thought that the man must be deafer and that his hearing aid must be faulty, So Mr. Richards asked again as loudly as he could. The man then took a pen and a piece of paper and wrote: “It isn’t necessary shout when you speak to me. Her cars are as good as yours. This hearing aid is my wife. I had just had a throat operation, and my problem is not I can’t hear, while that I can’t speak.” 7. I took a trip to a big lake in Indonesia with my family two years’ ago. The lake seemed broad end endless. I was so exciting to enjoy my trip in the mountains and waters. Then, after some time, I found myself in middle of the lake. A sudden fear came over me. I didn’t know where I was or even how farther I had gone from the shore. This was useless for me to cry or shout for help. I was so terrified and that I began to think about all kinds of horrible things. After floating under the water helplessly, and hopelessly for a long time, suddenly I heard someone calling mine name. Soon, a big steamboat sailed to me and they pulled me up to the deck. I couldn’t help cry out in my father’s arm. 8. My mother is a village woman aged fifty. She has very little school education, for she knows that knowledge is of greatly importance. She often asked me what I get along with my studies and encourages me study hard. My mother takes good care with me and does everything she can for me so that I can spend more time on my studies. Once my mother was badly ill. When I got home to see her at night, I had found the light was still on and that she was sitting on the bed, made new clothes for me. I was very deeply moved that tears came to my eye. So is my mother, a kind and hard-working woman. I’ll respect and love her forever. 9. Many famous people have dreams when they were young. They often worked hard to make their dreams come true. When I was only 13 years old, I first thought about how I should do in the future. I used to dreaming about being a baseball player. Therefore, I gave up this dream because I was too short. Then I thought about going into the music, so I bought a guitar. But I couldn’t play it very well. Then I had to give up my dream too. After which I thought about being a reporter and I worked really hard at them. At the age of 25, my dream come true and I became a reporter. Finally, I learned the truth making dreams come true. I should never give up and I might work hard. 10. Last year, I was addicted to play computer games. I found one hard to break away from the bad habit. My teacher talked to my parents about this, and they made me promise not play those games again. I tried hard, so I found it useless. The moment my fingers leave the keyboard, I would feel comfortable. Although I was determined to forget the game, I still could not concentrate on the lessons giving in class. Fortunately, a psychological advisor in our school came to know this. He talked me about my problem. At last, he offered his advice on what to get rid of the addition. Now I

can manage to control with myself. 11. When we graduate from school, most of our textbooks would be useless. How a great waste to throw it away! In my opinion, we’d better to leave our used textbooks to the students of lower grades. Firstly, recycle the textbooks can save a lot of natural resources, such like food and water. Also we can help the students from poor family. Secondly, by doing so, students can form a good habit of keeping books cleaner and tidy. Thirdly, students can learn to share and sharing is also the kind of happiness. What’s more, it’s very helpful for us to take a positive attitude to life that we can make our school life valuable and meaningful.. Let’s fill our hearts with love and build a more harmonious campus. 12. Long ago, in a small village living two farmers, Harry and Peter. Harry was very hard working when Peter was lazy. One summer there were no rain and the crops were dead. Harry thought, “I must do something to save these crops.” He started digging a canal leading to his field. At noon Harry did not go home for supper. He did not want to leave his work finished. He completed his work lately at night. Peter did the same. He also started digging a canal leading to his field for he didn’t have his work completed. His field did not get enough more water and all his crops died. Harry’s field was watered regularly. He had a good harvest due his hard work. 13. The other day, after I was on my way to school, I saw Jack, a student of Grade 3 in our school, ridden along the street. Suddenly the car came running towards her. The driver was so frightened and that he knocked Jack down and hurt him seriously. The driver didn’t stop his car but drive away quickly, leaving Jack helpless at the spot. Unfortunately I saw what had happened and remembered the numbers of the car. I reported this to the police. Now the driver has been caught and will be punished his wrong doing. 14. How does that feel to step into a culture you’re meant to belong but have never been a part of? This summer when I met Jane, I was surprising to find a Chinese girl smiling sweetly at me and she greet me in poor Chinese. She said she was born in the London and couldn’t speak many Chinese. Maybe because of her Chinese face and sweet personality, I felt I had known her for a longer time. We got along well, and when things went wrongly and I got upset, she would comfort me. She said that whether I couldn’t change the situation, I should adjust for it. 15. I am a student from a key university and I would graduate next year. Since I have been doing good in my studies, it is not difficult of me to find a good job in the city. But I think I should go back to work in my hometown, which it is poor and falls far behind in almost everything. The problem is that my classmates don’t understand me. They suggest I chose to work in the big city. In their opinions, only in big cities one have a bright future. If I go back to your hometown, it will be the waste of time and money that I spent in the university. I am really puzzling now. Can you give me some advice? 16. During the summer holidays last year, I thought I should do nothing meaningful instead of staying at home, so I got a job at a KFC fast food restaurant and worked where as a cleaner. I

worked seven hours a day three weeks. The job was hard and bored and seemed endless, which made me so tired that I nearly gave them up halfway. After all, I got stuck to it with determinations. Every day I stared off for work early in the morning and got home late in the evening. Finally, I finished a job before the new term begin. Now, I understand what labour meaning. I think it is really a successful experience. 17. While travelling in London, I found my fight to Newcastle had cancelled due to weather conditions. I had to choose the bus ride. I stored all my luggages in the compartment of the bus, thinking I will need nothing on the way. A young lady seating beside me asked me if anyone would be meeting me in my arrival. Then I realized I had left my phone in my bag and had no way to contacting my relatives. Without hesitation the lady offered them her cell phone. When the bus made a stop, she asked me if I was getting out. I told her I could as I felt slight tired. When she got back on, she’d bought me some tea and cakes to eat. We eventually arrived in Newcastle. As I got my purse to repay her, but she had gone. 18. Volunteer Travel has become more and most popular in recent years. Young travelers volunteer to working for youth hostels so as they can eat and live there for free. At the same time, they can enjoy a local scenery in their spare time. Volunteer Travel offers some advantages and benefits you a lot of. Firstly, you can change your way for life and enjoy a new life. At the same time, you can experience different cultures will greatly attract you. Secondly, you can save money. Beside, you can make many new friends, talk with them and play for funs with them. Your experiences will be wonderful memories in life. You didn’t forget the Volunteer Travel. 19. Welcome to our beautifully school, which is not only national garden school, but are famous for the Robot Science Festival. At 8:00 in the morning of Jan 15,2013, we’ll meet at the gate of our school. Where you can watch several splendid performance by robots. Then, at 8:30 we’ll go to the school water park where you can take boats operating by robots and enjoy charm slights. Next at 10:00 we’ll walk the exhibition hall where all kinds of robots designed by them are displayed. At 11:00, we’ll return back to the hotel. 20. We are going to take on the College Entrance Exams in less than one year. However, many students still don’t know what to coordinate their study, rest and physical exercise when prepare for the Exams. They usually devote too many time to their study, which result poor health and low efficiency of learning. As the proverb going, “Early to bad and early to rise make a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” We’d better leave our enough time to sleep since it enables us to study more efficiently. What’s more, a strong and healthy body is the bases for our further study and our future work and creative activities. Therefore, as we prepared for the Exams, don’t forget that rest, exercise and study are equally important.

高考短文改错专练二 1. One Saturday morning, Li Ming and his grandpa are feeding the bird in the cage. The bird was unhappy though it had enough food and water. Li Ming did not know when. The next morning on his way to school Li Ming saw the some birds flying in the sky. Then he thought of the alone bird in the cage. He decided to get his grandpa to set the bird freely. When he got home, she said to his grandpa, “Birds are our friend! We shouldn’t let the bird out.” To his joy, his grandpa disagreed. The bird was out. Grandpa and the child were very happy see the bird flying away into the sky. 2. On my way home on the bus, I saw an old man to get on with his grandson. He was carrying the boy schoolbag and violin. I offered my seats to the old man at once. Therefore, the boy sat down first. The old man has to stand nearby. After a while, the boy shouted to her grandpa for water and then dropped the empty bottle over the bus. When I saw this, I got much angry. I think the boy should only respect and take care of the old man but also keep an environment clean. 3. My new life in senior high school has began. And I want to tell you something about my new school life and study. My favorite teacher is Mr. Li. She teaches us English. He is very handsome and he’s also very strict to us. I think we can make many progress with him. My new classmates came from all over the province and they are very friend to me. We have a lot after-school activities, such as playing basketball, reading books in the library but surfing the Internet. And we also learn Chinese, English, math, physics, chemistry in the class. I hope you can come to visiting our school so I can introduce my new friends to you. 4. Traveling is a very good activity. When you were free, you can go to a beautiful place to enjoy the beauty of the nature. You can make new friend or learn about different cultures. However, traveling isn’t always pleased. For example, you may be caught by the rain and may catch a cold. Sometimes, you may have your money steal. Therefore, when going on a trip, you must prepare you carefully. You should have clear information about the weather and very careful about what you go to avoid accidents. If not, you will surely enjoy yourself. 5. Last Friday evening Dad told me that it is my mum’s 50th birthday the next day. He suggested we should buy her something to congratulate her birthday. The next morning Father and I got up very earlier, and after breakfast we all went out shopping. Father bought for Mum a beautiful coat as well as a lot of fishes, meat and vegetables. I got Mum a large birthday cake and some fresh beautiful flowers. But then we got home, Mum was busily serving the table. She has cooked us a big meal. Mum didn’t take rest even on her birthday. 6. Everyone has different opinions about life. Some say life is happy, but other feel life is unhappy. In my opinion, life is beautiful and full of sunshines. Several weeks before, one of my classmates Sun was badly ill. He has had to be in hospital for a long time, but his family was very poor to afford it. We decided to collected money to him. Everyone in our class takes out our pocket money. When we sent all the money to him, he and his

parents were deeply moving. Maybe sometimes we feel unlucky, but we would believe: Life is beautiful. Help and love will around us forever. 7. Now I’d like to introduce our English paper to you. On my opinion, the paper is very importance to our study and daily life. We can improve our English, especially writing English by reading it and writing. At the same time, it’s a fun and relaxing to read it, it makes our after-class time meaningful and colorful. There is a lot of columns in our paper, such as School News, Teachers’ Advice and Students’ Voice. Not only it make us learn the important events of our school, but helps ourselves communicate with teachers. However, we can take the advices from our teachers more seriously. In a word, I like our paper very much. 8. I’m glad to tell you that I have made great progress in my English from I became a senior high school student. When I start learning English, I found it much more difficult than that we learnt in junior school and almost lost my heart. Lately, I realized the importance of English, so I got up early every morning, reciting English words, listened to English tapes and did a lot of exercise. I also asked my teachers and classmates better ways of learning English. Now, my English had improved greatly. And I’m getting more and more interest in learning it. Thank you! 9. Nowadays, it is usual for students to find part-times jobs. Last winter vacation, I work as a waiter at a McDonald’s. It was for the first time that I had earned money by myself. With the money, I bought anything I needed. I was quite exciting about it. Now, as a result in the part-time job, I needn’t ask my parents for money like before. I think it’s helpful for a student know about the outside world and I also think that will help me to make preparation for the future job. I not only understand the value of money, and also know how to get along with others. In a word, I had a meaningfully vacation. 10. This morning our teacher told us something about Project Hope in class. She says,“Now in the countryside many children still can’t go to school because poverty. Can you help him?” After school, I went home. When I entered into my room, I saw a little box in which I kept my pocket money. As I wanted to buy a pocket recorder, I decided to send my money to the children which are eager to go to school. I began to writer a letter to them at once. After finishing write it, I went to the post office and posted all my pocket money with the letters together. I felt very happily today because I’ve done a good deed. 11. Spring has come. Early in the morning, I went to Xiangshan Park for a sightseeing with my parents. During walking around the park, we couldn’t help admire the beauty of nature. Of course we took a lot of pictures. Therefore, I am quite disappointed to find some bad behavior. Some people littered anywhere as they like. Some even climbed up the trees and picked the flowers. But there were some sign warning people to keep off the lawn, some people still enjoy them there.

I hope that so bad behavior will soon be got rid and everybody can protect the environment. 12. Dear Sir or Madam, From your advertisement, I know you want some school reporters. I am quite interesting in it. I think I am equally to this job. First of all, be polite and friendly, I am easy to get along. As a outgoing student, I am good at communicating with others. Besides, I am doing well in my subject, especially English. Last year, I win the first prize in the English speech contest. So I feel confident about being able to report that what is happening in our school. I’d really appreciate one if you would give me so an opportunity to show my talent. I am looking forward to your early reply. Yours, Li Hua 13. Science and technology develops such rapidly that more intelligent robots are being created. They replaced humans to do many dangerous tasks. Besides, with the price of robots dropped, they’ve begun to enter families, helping people do some housework and even cared for babies. All of these suggest robots are playing a big part in our life. With using robots, people can save time do many things. But can people be out of the work because of the robots? Certainly not! Whatever clever robots are, they are made by humans and whatever they do, they just follow the instruction given by humans. Therefore, robots will never complete replace humans. 14. While studying in Britain, I stayed with a British family. I got to learn the life of common people here. I took lots of courses, included English literature, and the history of Britain. During my stay, I had visited many libraries and museums and I traveled to several British cities as well. With this way, I experienced part of British culture. This was really enjoyable and unforgettable experience, that helped me in many ways. Firstly, I learned to make some decision by myself. Secondly, I got to know many about the differences between Britain and China. Final, I made many friends there and had my English improve. 15. Great changes have taken place in the way people travel around. People used to going around by bike or just go whenever they wanted to. Now, as the improvement of living conditions, more and more people own their private cars, so they preferred to drive their cars to the places they travel to. In addition to, a good taxi service is providing. Many people will choose to take taxi instead of walking or riding a bike. As a result, people find that quicker and easier to go around, and at the same time, people have to spend more money every month and can’t have as more exercise as before. 16. Yesterday afternoon, Mao Li, a taxi driver, took an American couple to a hotel. When they got to there, the couple got out of the taxi, paying the fare and waved goodbye. Late, Mao Li found a handbag on the back seat. He opened the bag, found some US dollars and passport in it. He thought there must be the couple that had left in here. So he quickly drives back to the hotel and learned from the receptionist where the couple stayed in Room 408. He returned the bag to themselves. The

couple were very grateful to him and praised him for his honest. 17. Tom is Mr. Smith’s only son. He loves him very much. One day, Mr. Smith bought a new bike to Tom. As soon as he got bike, he rode around and around. What happy he was! Mr. Smith stood nearby watched happily. Now Tom managed to ride with her hands off. He shouted, “Look at me!” How proud he felt! While he was looking excited at his parents, Tom speeded up the bike. No, no! Off the bike fall the overjoyed boy. He got badly injuring. Mr. Smith feels very sad. The accident taught us that when we must think of danger in time of joy. 18. It was almost 11 pm. Tony was still busy in his math homework. Seeing this, his father did them for him. The next morning the teacher was very angry with him that there were many mistakes in his homework. The teacher asked angrily, “What can you make so many mistakes?” Tony was frightened and have to tell the teacher the truth in a low voice. Then after the school, the teacher came to Tony’s home. His father astonished to see the teacher. “You did it, right? ” the teacher asked. Tony’s father looked at the exercise book and nodding. “Since you did it, I’ll beat you.” With these word, the teacher beat the father’s bottom heavy. 19. I’m David, a student of Longcheng Middle school. My classmates Peter, Lucy and I spent several hours helping other people every weekend. Peter loves reading, but he helps young children read our community on Saturday afternoon. Lucy is good at singing, so in his spare time she sings for the patients at the town hospital to make them happily. I’m fond of animal and work in an animal hospital every Sunday, taking care of them and play with them. We think that worthy spending time doing how we love to, and we feel happy about helping others. What a fun it is to do something for others! 20. Our parents give us endless love. I’m very grateful for my parents. They give me so much love and spare no efforts to support me. I still remember once I was serious ill, they were so concerned and almost keep me company the whole day. Now I am in Senior 1. Luckily, my parents can understand my stressful condition or often communicate with me with encouraged words. In addition to, they give me enough personal space, that I appreciate so much. What should do now is study hard. Unless I grow up, I will try my best to make my parents live happy life.