实例指导 1—毕业晚会

As far as I am concerned, we students should play a leading role to make the party unforgetta ble. Because of the lifelong friendship, teachers will be invited as well as our parents who support us so strongly. As you know, how to plan the party is the most important question. At first, our headteacher will make a moving speech for the opening. Then, there will follow the prepared performance, such as songs, dances, cross talks and so on. Besides, party games will be included and teachers, parents and students will take part in them. At last, the party will come to an end by taking photos freely. Last, but not least, delicious food and drink can’t be left out. As you can see, the farewell party means so much that we will spare no effort to do it well. After all, it should be the highlight of our high school life. 实例指导 2—校园帮派类

【学生习作】 How to View Gangs in Schools? It must be pointed out that gangs made up of several boys or girls, the number of which sometimes even reaches up to several hundred, can be widely se en among middle school students. Not only does a gang have bad effects on students, but also it affects the normal teaching order at school. Most of the gang members are students who are , aggressive and prefer to smoke, drink and play computer games rather than study. Some are willing to join in the gang in order to strengthen the power of their own circles; others just want to get protection from "The Elder Brother"of the gang and still some are forced to do so. Experts s uggest that these students be guided correctly in order to avoid them doing harm to society. I think that teenagers should put their time and energy mainly into study.


Avoiding joining m any gang means avoiding committing crimes later on 实例指导 3-早恋现象

【学生习作】 Puppy love is more and more comm on among middle school ,students nowadays. Concerning this, different people have different opinions. I hold the view that puppy love is unsuitable for us student's because puppy love can lead to many problems. Firstly, it not only influences our spirit but also distracts us from our studies. Then, it also makes our parents and teachers much too worried about us. What's more, puppy love is a waste of time. We are too young to be involved in it. From my point of view, we should concentrate on ourstudies because we are at a stage of gaining knowledge and growth. At this stage, learning more important th,m being involved in love affairs for us middle school students. It is urgent that we should pay more attention to our studies, and only by doing so can we have a brigh ter future. 实例指 导 4―中学生是否可以穿时尚的服装

成稿: One day we had a heated discussion about whether students should wear fashionable clothes. There were two viewpoints. 60% of the students, who are against wearing fashionable clothes, said, "These clothes are often expensive. We don’t make money, however. And surely it has a bad effect on our school life to always follow the latest fashions. We, as students, should put our hearts into study, not dressing fashionably. Moreover, we are expected to dress simply, and fashionable clothes do not fit in


with school." But the rest of the students said, "We should wear good-looking clothes, including fashionable clothes. We are part of modern society, in which everyone wants beauty, so why not make ourselves more beautiful?" And they believe they have the right to own beautiful things. In the end, we all agreed that we could wear what we liked as long as we didn’t break the rules of our school. 实例指导 5----Ought to read too many fantasy stories for teenagers?

Ought to read too many fantasy stories for teenagers? Nowadays, with the development of the technology and society, people develop their imagination quickly. As a result, more and more fantasy stories have been put out. Is it right for the middle school students to read as many fantasy stories as possible? Considering the main aim for a student, some students don’t think so. In their opinion, teenagers can’t read too many fantasy storie s as they like. It's reported that reading fantasy stories takes many students a great deal of time and energy. What’s more, some teenagers are too ridiculous that they are completely absorbed in fantasy stories, as a consequence they ignore their studies. Even worse, some fantasy stories are too vulgar, which can be harmful for the teenagers’ mental health. However, scores of students think it right for teenagers to read more fantasy stories. They think that such stories are based on the science fiction, which can lead the direction of science. Reading them still increases their knowledge and broadens their mind. It also gives them some new ways to look at old situations and makes them look at the world in terms of centuries, not just six months or five years. Personally, although it is a good way for teenagers to develop our imagination and


creativity, as middle

school students, we must first focus on studies and put more effort into our schoolwork. 实例指导 6—选择高考志愿

[范文赏析] Chinese high school graduates have different opinions on how to choose their courses and universities. A survey has been done to study it. We can see from the table that about 35 percent of the students believe th at the choice should be based on their own interest. They say that interest is the mother of success. Besides, it is a miserable thing to have to spend most of your time studying what you have no interest in. However, more students, or rath er, around 45 percent of them, insist that main consideration should be given to the needs of the society, for, they argue, not everyone can find the job they like best, but a good major can make it easy to find jobs after graduation. What’s more, interest can be cultivated and changed. Interestingly, there are about 20% who find it too difficult to make a choice and would rather depend on their parents or teachers to make a decision. [实战演练] 教师节将近,某英文报纸进行了一次"好老师需要具备什么样的素质"的调查活动,请根据 下列调查记录内容,以"Wh at Makes a Good Teacher ?"为题目,写一篇 120 词左右的英语短 文,适当发表自己的观点。

What Makes a Good Teacher?


Recently a survey on "What makes a good teacher? "Was carried out in our school. Forty-seven percent of the students think a good teacher should be attractive, but it doesn’t mean he/she should be good-looking. However, thirty-one percent of the students think a good teacher should be able to make his / her classes lively and interesting as an actor or actress does and should also be patient, while twenty-two percent of them suggest a good teacher should be ready to improve himself or herself frequently. They are right, and in my opinion, a good teacher should be able to teach students how to study by themselves, which is the most important. 【例题展示】 请你根据下面的图表用英语写一篇短文,内容要包括以下两方面: 1、概括说明中美大学生的主要收入来源; 2、分析产生这种不同现象的可能原因。

要求:1、词数 100 左右; 2、短文的题目已为你写好。

参考词汇:来源 source 奖学金 scholarship Income So urces of College Students The income of the American and the Chinese students comes through almost the same channels: parents, part-time jobs and scholarship. But the percentage of each is quite different. Half the American students income is from their parents, thirty-five percent from part-time jobs, and fifteen percent from scholarship. Chinese students, on the other hand, get ninety percent of their income from their parents. In my opinion, there are two main reasons for this. One is that C hinese parents care so much for their children that it is almost unthinkable for students to live on their own. The other is that Chinese students have fewer chances to find part-time jobs. 以《读书的方法》为题用英语写一篇短文。 (120 字左右)主要内容是: 读书的成功与否与读书方法的正确与否关系甚大。向读者提几点建议: (1) 所读书籍难度要适中,偏难、偏易均不宜。如果发现一本书太难读,不妨先放在一边一 段时间,换一本容易些的读。 (2) 读书固然要读自己感兴趣的书,但更要读对自己有益的书。 (3) 有的书匆匆浏览便可,有的则需细读、精读。要随时记笔记。 (4) 不要羞于问问题,任何内行的人都是你的老师。 (5) 勤查词典。词典是你最好的老师。 The Ways for Reading To read successfully requires correct ways of reading. Here are some suggestions:


(1) Choose books which are neither too difficult nor too easy for you. If you find it too hard to go on with the book, just put it aside for the moment and change for an easier one; (2) Choose books that not only interest you but also benefit you, for reading is not always for fun only; (3) Some books are to be read roughly, but some must be read slowly and carefully. Don’t forget to take some notes whenever you feel it necessary; (4) Don’t be shy to ask questions. Anyone who knows more than you do can be your teacher; (5) Make good use of dictionaries, for dictionaries are your best teachers. 中央号召创建节约型社会,可是许多校园内部浪费现象严重。请你在班会课上发表演讲,号 召同学们从我做起,杜绝浪费。

提示:浪费现象:水、电;餐厅的食物;其他。 危害:自身性格;父母财政负担;自然资源。 制止浪费现象的措施:由自己设想 注意:1.词数 130 左右;演讲的开头和结尾已写好,不记人总词数。 2.不要逐字逐条翻译,要组成一篇通顺连贯的短文。 Dear friends, May I have your attention, please? Now I’d like to make a speech here. With the improvement of living standard, there ar e a lot of waste on campus. For exa mple the students

Therefore, I’m sure, with everyone doing his bit, we will change the present situation the better. That’s all. Thank you!


某校高三年级对如何填报高考志愿作了 一次问卷调查,结果如下图所示,请根据图中信息 简要介绍这次调查结果并发表你个人看法。

约 35%的同学认为 1.应以个人兴趣为主 2.兴趣是成功之母 3.被迫学自己不感兴趣的专 业是痛苦的。

约 45%的同学认为 1.应以社会需要为主 2.将来容易找到工作 3.兴趣是可以培养和改变的

约 20%的同学认为 1.如何选择,是一难题 2.听从父母和老师的意见

注意:1.文章开头已经写好,不计入总字数; 2.词数:100 左右 Senior middle school graduates of our school have different opinions on how to choose their course and universities.


Glad to receive your letter. Now I will tell you something about free compulsory education of our country. In 2007, according to the Ministry of Finance arrangement, free compulsory education will be universalized in central and eastern China's rural areas. As a result, tuition and incidental fees will be exempted for the entire 148 mill ion middle and primary school students in all rural areas, and the funds needed will be brought under the umbrella of the state budget. All the students have benefited from the project, which saves about 140 yuan for each primary school student and about 180 yuan for every middle school student per year. In my opinion, it is necessary to carry out the reform. Most importantly, it is of great benefit to rural students, especially those who have to drop out for lack of money. In turn, the level of education of the whole nation will be greatly improved. What’s your opinion about that? I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Best wishes. Yours sincerely Li Ming 假设你校最近制定了一条新规定,不允许把 MP3 带入学校,就这项规定同学们展开了激烈的 讨论,请你写一篇 120 词左右的短文,向校报"英文天地"专栏投稿,反映同学们的意见 Recently, our school established a new rule, which doesn’t allow students to bring MP3 players to school. This rule at once led to arguments. Some students argued that the new policy was reasonable. First, although the MP3 player can bring beautiful music, students should pay more attention to study. Sometimes we can’t control ourselves and listen to it in class, so it affects our attention to the class. Second, the MP3 player is expensive, and puts unnecessary pressure on students from poor families. But other students thought the rule was unreasonable. First, it’s normal


for st udents to follow the fashion. Second, the MP3 player can be a study tool, especially for learning English. So they believe the MP3 player can raise their interest in learning. Finally, we all found that we had one poin t of agreement: Any tool should be used in a proper way. 你的外教 Gabby 向你了解你学校的课外活动情况,请你写一篇 120 词左右的 E-mail,向他介 绍你校的各项文体活动(包括运动、课外兴趣班)的具体时间和地点安排,以及同学们对课外 活动的建议。



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