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Words review unite kingdom consist province
vi. & vt. 联合; 团结 n. 王国 vi. 组成; 在于; 一致 n. 省; 行政区

Expressions review consist of divide … into 由……组成 把……分成

【warming -up】
How much do you know about the United Kingdom?

the UK America

Europe Africa


What do the letters UK stand for?
The letters UK stand for “The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.”(大不列颠及北爱尔兰联合王国)

Let’s have a quiz.
How much do you know about the UK? Try this quiz and find out.

1. How many countries does the UK consist of? A. Two. B. Three. C. Four.

Northern Scotland Ireland

the United Kingdom England

2. How long does it take to fly from Beijing to London Heathrow Airport? A. about six hours B. about ten hours C. about sixteen hours

3. Who rules the country: the Prime Minister or the queen? A. The Queen B. The Prime Minister(首相) C. both 4. What are the provinces called in England?
A. Counties(郡) states B. departments C.

The Queen’s position is ceremonial: opening Parliament, welcoming heads from other countries, going on tours to other countries to encourage trade with Britain, etc.

The Prime Minister together with his most important ministers (called the Cabinet) and his Members of Parliament make the important political decisions and the laws.

5. Which is the longest river in England? A. B.
The River Avon

The River Thames


The River Severn

6. Which is the national flag of the UK? A. B.


7. Which is the national flower of the UK? A. B.

C. Maple


8. Which is the national animal of the UK? A. B.

Beaver 海狸

Redbreast 知更鸟

C. Bald eagle秃鹰

9. Which is the bank note of the UK ? U.S. Dollar $



Euros Pounds ?


10. Which city hosted the 2012 Summer Olympic Games? A. Paris B. Moscow C. New York D. London

What is the text about?

Divide the passage into three parts and write down the main idea of each part. Part 1

England is divided into 3 zones. The cultural importance of London.

Part 2

Part 3
(Para 5-6)

How did the UK come into being?

Part 1-Geography
The United Kingdom consist of the four countries.
Northern Ireland Wales Scotland

the UK =

England + Wales + Scotland + Northern Ireland


Part 1-history the United Kingdom Flag


Great Britain

Union Jack
Later, Great Britain + Northern Ireland 17th century AD, England + Wales + Scotland the 13th century, England + Wales.


first only England

Part 1-work In what ways are the four countries same and different?

They are the same in international relations, but they have differences in educational and legal systems as well as football teams.

Part 2-England

England is the largest of the countries and it is divided into three zones.
the North of England the Midlands

the South of England

Part 3-London ? Why did capital London become the cultural center of England? There are a lot of historical treasures in London. ? Why are there so many historical treasures in London?

London has been influenced by some invaders.

Part 3-London

What are the main greatest historical treasure in London?

art collections Museums buildings theatres parks castles ports

Part 3-Invaders In the England history, there are several the Romans invasions. They are: ___________, the Vikings the Anglo-Saxons _____________, ____________, ___________. the Normans

What did they leave?


towns and roads


Language and government

the Vikings: Influence the vocabulary and place-names of the North the Normans:

Castles and words for food

Which group of the invaders did not influence London?

The Vikings

Part 3-para6 Trip

According to last paragraph, where can we find the article?
A. A newspaper C. A novel B. A travel booklet D. A science book

Task II Find out the right answer: 1. What does the passage mainly about? A. England is the center of Great Britain. B. A brief introduction of the United Kingdom. C. London is the greatest historical treasure. D. The United Kingdom is made up of four countries. B

2. Which of the following is true about King James? A. He used to be King of Scotland, England and Ireland. B. He was a successful king who changed the name of “Great Britain”. C. He lived in the sixteenth century. D. He united England, Wales and Scotland in a peaceful way. D

3. What can we infer from the fourth paragraph? A. The Midlands and North of England have some historical attractions. B. The Midlands and North of England have famous football team. C. The Midlands and North of England have most of the population. D. The South of England is the most developed part. B

4. The writer mentions London in the last B but one paragraph mainly because _____. A. London is the capital of the United Kingdom. B. London can best reflect British history and culture. C. London is the home of art collections. D. London has the oldest port and castle. 5. Which invaders left a great impact on British architecture? A A. The Romans B. The Anglo-Saxons C. The Vikings D. The Normans

1.包括,构成 2. 被分成 3.澄清问题 4.谈到,涉及


14. 代替
15. 埋怨。。 16. Go ahead

6.没有冲突 7.不愿做某事 8.逃脱,逃离,摆脱坏习惯 9.值得表扬的是

17. 换衣服
18.歌词 19.扮演。。的角色 20. 让某人对什么感兴趣 21. 让某人做某事 get/have/make/let 22.我确实非常卖力的教你们

10.Break down/up/out
11.为了方便起见 12.睁大眼睛,注意

1.包括,构成 2. 被分成 3.澄清问题 4.谈到,涉及

1. Consist of .

2. Be divided into...
3. Clarify the question 4. Refer to

6.没有冲突 7.不愿做某事 8.逃脱,逃离,摆脱坏习惯 9.值得表扬的是

5. Accomplish a task
6. Without conflict 7. Be unwilling to do 8. Break away (from).. 9. To one’s credit 10. 11. For convenience 12.Keep one’s eyes open

10.Break down/up/out
11.为了方便起见 12.睁大眼睛,注意


13.Leave out

14. 代替
15. 埋怨。。 16. Go ahead

14.Take the place of
15.Complain about 16.

17. 换衣服
18.歌词 19.扮演。。的角色 20. 让某人对什么感兴趣

17.Get changed
18.Line 19.Play a part/role of .. 20.Get sb interested in sth

21. 让某人做某事 get/have 21.Get sb to do 22.我确实非常卖力的教你们 Make/have/let sb do I do try my best to teach you.


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