Unit 3
Ⅰ 词语辨析 (旨在提供完形填空所需材料) 1. personal / private / individual


personal 指属于或关于某人或某些特定的人,以区别于其他人。 private 指属于私人所有或具有私营性质,以区别于集体或公共的,有时含不公开的意味。 individual 与集体的相对,指个别或个体的。 1). Will you do it for me as a ________ favour? 2). If you go to a _________ hospital, you must pay. 3). We traveled together, but each _________ bought his own ticket. Keys: 1). personal 2). private 3). individual 2. after all/above all/at all/in all after all 意为“毕竟”“尽管”“到底”“究竟”;above all 意为“最重要的是”“尤其是”; at all 一般用在否定句中,用以加强否定语气。at all 用在疑问句、条件句中,起强调作用,意为“真的”“确实”“竟然” 等。另外,not at all 用来表示“不用谢”; in all 表示“总共”“总计”。 1). So you see,I was right ________. 2). ________,he wanted to succeed. 3). It will do you no harm ___________. 4). We visited, _______, 20 universities in the US. Keys: 1). after all 2). Above all 3). at all 4). in all 3. type / kind /sort 1)kind 系普通用语,其含义较模糊,它所指的种类可用任何标准区分,但着重以事物的自然属性和内在性质为标准 来区分。 2)type 常和换用 kind,但在表示动植物的种类,以及牌类游戏时,不能用 type 代替 3)sort 也为普通用语,比 kind 更口语化,其概念同 kind 一样很不严密,两者常可互换, 但 sort 常掺杂说话人的主 观色彩, 带有轻蔑与贬低的含义。 We talked of all sorts of subjects. These sorts of people are ready to eat anywhere. 如: 1). He?s quite a pleasant ________, really. 2). All ________ of difficulties have to be overcome. 3). I?ll never do this _________ of thing.4)There are different ________ of animals in Shanghai Wild Animal Park. Keys: 1). type 2). kinds 3). sort 4) kinds 4.deal with/do with deal with 和 do with 二者可译为“处理”, 但在特殊疑问句中, do with 与 what 配合使用, deal with 与 how 配合使用。 而 1). How would you _________ an armed burglar? 2). What have you __________ my umbrella? Keys: 1). deal with 2). done with Ⅱ 词性变化 (旨在提供语法填空所需材料) 1.explore vt. & vi. 勘探; 探测; 探险 2. universe n. 宇宙; 世界 3. appear v. 出现; 显现; 呈现 exploration n. 勘探; 探测; 探险 universal adj. 全体的; 共同的;普遍的;宇宙的 appearance n. 出现; 显现; 呈现 外表; 外貌; 外观 exploratory adj. 勘探的; 探测 的; 探索的

1) We?ll take a voyage of _________. (explore) 2) Columbus discovered America but did not ________ the new continent. (explore) 3) They?re making ___________ medical tests. (explore) 4) Television provides _______ entertainment. (universe) 5) There are lots of stars in the ________. (universe) 6) Don't judge by __________ can be misleading. (appear) 7) He promised to be here at four o'clock but didn't _________ until six. (appear) Keys: 1) exploration 2) explore 3) exploratory 4) universal 5) universe 6) appearances 7) appear Ⅲ 重点词汇 (旨在提供综合运用所需材料) 1. sum n. 金额; 款项; 总数; 总和 1). He was fined the sum of 200. 2). The sum of 5 and 3 is 8. 5. [重点用法]in sum 简言之; 总而言之 sum sb/sth up 形成对某人[某事物]的看法 1). In sum, the plan failed. 2). I summed her up as a competent manager. 我认为她是个很能干的经理。

2. advantage n.优点;优势;有利条件 1). He has the advantage of a steady job. 2). They took full advantage of the hotel's facilities. take advantage of 对……加以利用;欺骗 to sb.?s advantage 对某人有利 have /get/win an advantage over (of)胜过;优于 1). The agreement is/works to our advantage. 2). She took advantage of my generosity. 3. goal n. 球门;进球得的分;目标 1). He headed the ball into an open goal. 他乘虚把球顶入球门 2). We won by three goals to one 以三比一获胜。 3). You?d better set a goal before you start. 开始前最好设定一个目标。 [重点用法]score/kick a goal 得[踢进一球得]一分 keep goal 守球门 life goal/ one?s goal in life 生活目标 achieve / realize one?s goal 实现目标 1). He has achieved his goal. 2). My goal in life is to help others. 4. signal n. 信号, 手势, 声音, 暗号 v. 发信号; 用信号传达; 用信号与……通讯 1). A red light is usually a signal for/of danger. 2). He signaled (to) the waiter to bring the menu. signal to sb/sth for sth 用信号传达(某信息); 用信号与(某人)通讯 signal with…用……发信号 1). The railway signal was on red, so the train stopped. 2). He was signaling with a red flag. 5. arise vi.(arose, arisen)出现; 发生 1). A new difficulty has arisen.2). Accidents arise from carelessness. [重点用法]arise from /out of 由……引起;由……产生 1). A storm arose during the night. 2). Problems have arisen out of the lack of communication Ⅳ 重点词组 (旨在提供综合运用所需材料) 1. in common 共同的;共有的;共用的 I have nothing in common with Jane. 我和简毫无共同之处。 [短语归纳]have nothing in common 无共同之处 have little in common 几乎无共同之处 have something in common 有一些共同之处 have a lot in common 有许多共同之处 1). Is this word in common use? 2). In common with many others, she applied for a training place. 2. in a/one way 在某种程度上, 从某种意义上说 [典例] 1). In a way, his English has improved. [短语归纳] in the way 造成阻碍 on the/one?s way (to) 在(去…)的路上 by the way 顺便提一下 in no way 决不 all the way 自始自终;完全地 in this way 用这种方法 与 in a way 同义的词组有 in one way 和 in some ways。 1). In a way, I like this new textbook very much. 2). I?m afraid your bike is in the way. 3. watch over 看守; 监视; 照看 [典例] 1). Could you watch (over) my clothes while I have a swim? 2). He felt that God was watching over him. watch out (for) 当心; 注意 watch for sb./sth. 观察等待 keep a watch on 监视 under the close watch 在严密的监视下 1). They are watching for further developments. 2). Watch out! There's a car coming. 4. make up 化妆;化装;捏造,虚构(故事,诗等) 1). She spent an hour making (herself) up before the party. 2). Stop making things up! 不要胡编了! [短语归纳] make up for 补偿 be made up of = consist of 由……组成 make for 有利于……,有助于……;走向;冲向 make it 及时赶到,办成功 make it up 和解;讲和 make known 使知晓;传达 make out 理解;懂得;辨认出 1). Society is made up of people of widely differing abilities. 2). She's always very heavily made up. Ⅴ 重点句子 (旨在提供句子结构等所需材料) [解释] 1). as large as..“有……大”,后面常加数词.例如: . This playground is as large as 500squaremeters. 2). I wondered if. .“我不知道(奇怪)是否……”,是一个常见句式,常用于口语,表示一种委婉或客气的语气。例如: I wondered if you would mind giving me a hand. 1). I wonder whether they will arrive on time. 2). That man is twice as heavy as him. 2. However,this reality also worried my designers.可是这个现实也困扰着我的设计者们。 [解释] however adv.尽管;尽管如此,可是;仍然。表示转折;可放在句首、句中或句尾,但用逗号隔开。例如: I meant to go abroad last year. However, I changed my mind later. 1). She waited, however, for no answer.2). He said it was so, he was mistaken, however. 根据课文内容完成下面语法填空,注意单词拼写和词语用法: Over time I have been changed a lot. I could 1 (简化) difficult sums when I began 2 a calculating machine. After I

was programmed by an operator, I could 3 (logic) produce an answer quicker than any person. At that time it 4 (consider) a 5 ( 技术的) revolution. In 1936, I could solve difficult problems as a 6 (universe) machine. From then on, my memory has developed so much 7 I never forget 8 I have been told. Since the 1970s, many new applications have been found for me. For example, I have been sent to explore the Moon. 9 , my goal is 10 (provide) humans with a life of high quality. 答案: 1. simplify 2. as 3. logically 4. was considered 5. technological 6. universal 7. that 8. anything 9. Anyhow 10. to provide 2 课文大意概括 (旨在训练用 30 个单词概括大意的能力) The narrator, a computer, tells us about its development from a calculating machine to a PC and a laptop and how it is used in different fields. 3 课文佳句背诵与仿写 (旨在培养对难句的理解和运用能力) 1. 【课本原句】As time went by, I was made smaller. First as a PC (personal computer) and then as a laptop, I have been used in offices and homes since the 1970s. [模仿要点] 句子结构: first…+ then…+ later…. After graduation, he first worked as a worker, then as a manager of a store and later as a boss of a factory. From then on, he first worked in a car factory, then as an engineer in a steel factory, which was the biggest one at that time and later as president of a company producing computers. 2. 【课本原句】I have also been put into robots and used to make mobile phones as well as help with medical operations. [模仿要点] 句子结构: as well as People can get a lot of fun as well as useful knowledge through the net With the rapid development of economy, more and more parents are able to afford training classes, in which their children can acquire some skills as well as enrich their life. 1 完形填空 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 21—30 各题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 项中,选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂 黑。 I made a promise to myself on the way down to the vacation beach cottage. For two weeks I would try to be a loving husband and father. Totally 21 . The idea had come to me as I listened to a commentator (解说员) on my car's tape player. He was 22 a passage about husbands' being 23 of their wives. Then he went on to say, "Love is an act of will. A person can 24 to love." To myself, I had to admit that I had been dulled by my own insensitivity ( 感觉迟钝). So I would like to 25 . And it did. Right from the moment I kissed Katherine at the door and said, "That new yellow sweater looks 26 on you." "Oh, Tom, you noticed." She said, surprised and 27 . After the long drive, I wanted to sit and read. Katherine suggested a walk on the beach. I started to refuse, but then I thought, "Katherine's been 28 here with the children the year round." We walked on the beach while the children flew their kites. We visited the shell museum though I usually hate museums. Relaxed and happy, that's how the whole 29 passed. I made a new promise to keep on 30 to choose to love. 21. A. loved B. lovely C. lovable D. loving 22. A. thinking B. writing C. reading D. believing 23. A. helpful B. useful C. thoughtful D. hopeful 24. A. want B. choose C. remember D. ask 25. A. happen B. change C. develop . D. forbid 26. A. great B. big C. small D. old 27. A. frightened B. anxious C. pleased D. disappointed 28. A. asleep B. alone C. alive D. awake 29. A. morning B. year C. festival D. vacation 30. A. reminding B. requiring C. repaying D. remembering 答案: 21. D 。重复前面的 loving,表示强调。 22. C。分析文章语境可知:在汽车里的磁带播放机中解说员在读一篇文章。 23. C。根据下文来看,应是:关心,体贴 (thoughtful) 才对。 24. B。上一句讲到爱是出于自愿的行为,那么就应 choose to love 了。文章最后一句也有呼应。 25. B。由文章可知,作者决心在海滨度假的这两个星期内,这一切都要改变。

26. A。吹捧人常用 great 一词。 27. C。由前文“Oh, Tom, you noticed.” She said, surprised... 可知,妻子听了之后“又惊又喜”。 28. B。由文章第一句及全文可知,妻子经常和孩子们待在一起。 29. D。文章开头提到的 vacation。 30. D。结合文章开头 I made a promise...可知,此时作者许诺会永远记住 choose to love 的。 2 语法填空 阅读下面短文,按照句子结构的语法性和上下文连贯的要求,在空格处填入一个适当的词或使用括号中词语的正确形 式填空,并将答案填写在答题卡标号为 31-40 的相应位置上。 When I was in my first year of college, I felt hopeless, lonely and very depressed. 31 one such day, I was walking from class across campus to catch my bus home, head down, fighting tears of despair, when 32 old man came along the sidewalk toward me. I had never seen him before. Embarrassed at 33 (see) in such an emotional mess, I turned my head away and tried to hurry past. I thought he would walk on by, but he moved 34 he was directly in front of me, waited, and then smiled. 35 (look) into my eyes, this stranger spoke in a quiet voice, " 36 is wrong will pass. You're going to be OK. Just hang on." I cannot explain the impact of that moment. He gave me one thing I had lost 37 (complete): hope. I looked for him on campus 38 thank him, but never saw 39 again. That was thirty years ago. I have never forgotten that moment, 40 taught me to give hope to others wherever I see them in distress. 答案: 在“我”上大学一年级的时候,“我”觉得生活是没有希望的,“我”感到孤单,抑郁。有一天,当“我”又一次沉浸在自己的 痛苦中,一位老年人走到“我”的面前告诉“我”一切都会过去的,生活会好起来的,只要“我”坚持住,不放弃。“我”深受触动, 终于走出了生活的阴影。“我”试图感谢他,但是再也没有看到他。在此后的三十年间,“我”一直都没有忘记那一刻,从那时 起当“我”看到人们处于痛苦中,“我”也会帮助他们看到希望。 31. On。 前面有修饰词 such,表明这是特定的一天,所以用 on。 32. an。 old 是以元音开始的,所以用 an。 33. being seen。at 介词后动词用-ing 形式,此处 I 和 see 之间构成逻辑上的被动关系,故用 seeing 的被动形式 being seen。 34. until / till。他一直走到“我”的面前来。until / till“直到……” 35. Looking。this stranger 是动词 look into 的发生者,所以这里用 looking into 表示逻辑的主动关系。 36. Whatever。Whatever 引导主语从句,表示“无论什么不对的事情都会过去的”。 37. completely。completely 副词修饰动词 lost。 38. to。“我”在校园找他的目的是为了感谢他,此处是不定式作目的状语。 39. him。承接上句,“我”满校园找他,但是从此以后都没有见过他。him 作宾语。 40. which。定语从句,先行词是 that moment 并且在后面的部分作主语,而且此处是非限制性定语从句,关系代词只能用 which。 3 阅读理解 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 项中,选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 Women should not drink any alcohol during pregnancy. A report released by NICE says. It says if they must drink, they should not do so in the first three months and should limit to one or two ounces once or twice a week afterwards. It replaces previous guidance of saying small daily amounts were fine. NICE decided to tighten its guidance partly because of the concern that people are now drinking more than in the past. Previous draft guidance suggested women should drink an ounce of alcohol a day once they were past the first three months of pregnancy. The Department of Health in England changed its guidance last year, calling for no drinking while pregnant or while trying to get pregnant. Drinking heavily in pregnancy can cause fetal alcohol syndrome (胎儿酒精综合症), which can leave children with features like small heads, widely spaced eyes and behavior or learning problems, The experts said there was no evidence that several ounces once or twice a week would do any harm to the baby but could not categorically rule out (排除) any risk. National Childbirth Trust agreed women should limit their drinking during pregnancy. "Pregnant women who have had a few drinks often worry a great deal about whether they have harmed their baby. In general, it is believed that if a light infrequent drinker, in good health, drinks to the point of drunkenness on one occasion, the risk to her baby is small." NICE also made a number of other recommendations for the care of women in the UK who were pregnant or planning to get pregnant. It said vitamin D and folic acid (叶酸) supplements should be offered by health staff to help avoid conditions such as

rickets (软骨病) and spina bifida (脊椎裂). Officials also called for local health officials to ensure equal support plans where mothers encourage new parents to breastfeed are set up. NICE also called for improvements in the care of pregnant women with diabetes. About 20;000 pregnancies each year are affected by diabetes and, therefore, carry, higher risk of miscarriage (流产) and still birth. The guidance said women should get access to advice and support, in particular to achieve good blood sugar control before they get pregnant. 41. What is the advice made by the Department of Health on drinking alcohol during pregnancy? A. Little in the first three months and a gradual increase afterwards. B. An ounce a day after the first three months. C. No drinking for pregnant women. D. Those who drink regularly need not worry about the harm to their babies. 42. What's the meaning of the underlined word "categorically'' in Paragraph 3 ? A. Honestly. B. Absolutely. C. Physically. D. Doubtfully. 43. According to the passage, miscarriage is caused most probably by __________. A. the lack of vitamin D and folic acid B. rickets and spina bifida C. the lack of doctors' advice and support D. diabetes carded by pregnant women 44. National Childbirth Trust found that __________. A. a pregnant woman drinking alcohol infrequently has little risk to her baby B. pregnant women who drink a little occasionally are always afraid of the effects C. there is no evidence that a pregnant woman drinking alcohol might harm her baby D. getting drunk once won?t harm the baby 45. In this passage, the author mainly intends to ___________. A. show NICE's new guidance on pregnant women's alcohol drinking and its advice for the care of pregnant women B. warn pregnant women against any alcohol during pregnancy C. show the present situation of pregnant women's drinking limit D. call for more care for pregnant women in society 答案: NICE 建议孕期女士不要饮酒。文中涉及到了英国不同健康机构以及英国政府对孕妇饮酒事宜的不同规定,但是同 时指出了孕妇饮酒会对胎儿有不良的影响,从而呼吁孕妇限制饮酒甚至不要饮酒。同时,NICE 还对怀孕和准备怀孕的女士 保健工作提出了一些其他的建议,提倡社会各方面来关注孕妇的健康。 41. C。 事实细节题。题干考查 the Department of Health 关于孕妇喝酒的建议,文中第二段说到“The Department of Health in England changed its guidance last year, calling for no drinking while pregnant or while trying to get pregnant.”可以看出, 该机构现在呼吁孕妇在怀孕期间不要喝酒,因此 C 项正确。 42. B。 词义猜测题。根据词汇所在的句子“The experts said there was no evidence that several ounces once or twice a week would do any harm to the baby but could not categorically rule out any risk.”的句意:专家认为没有证据表明一周内喝 一次或两次几盎司的就会对胎儿造成伤害,但是不能(categorically)排除任何危险。根据下段的最后一句 the risk to her baby is small 可知少量的饮酒对胎儿会造成比较微小的伤害, 所以 categorically 在这里意为“完全地”, 也就是说, 专家认为没有证据表明一周内喝一次或两次几盎司的就会对胎儿造成伤害,但是不能完全排除危险。 43. D。 事实细节题。根据文章第五段的“About 20,000 pregnancies each year are affected by diabetes and, therefore, carry higher risk of miscarriage and still birth.”可以看出,患有糖尿病的孕妇有着很高的流产风险,所以应该选 D。 44. B。 推理判断题。 文中的第四段是 National Childbirth Trust 的发现, 根据“... agreed women should limit their drinking during pregnancy. ?Pregnant women who have had a few drinks often worry a great deal about whether they have harmed their baby.?”可以看出,即使喝酒不多的孕妇也会很担心喝酒会对胎儿不利,所以 B 正确。A 项是不完整的,文中说“In general, it is believed that if a light, infrequent drinker, in good health, drinks to the point of drunkenness on one occasion, the risk to her baby is small.”可知对胎儿造成比较微小的危险的怀孕妇女有以下特征:light, infrequent drinker, in good health, on one occasion,而此选项只是断章取义,所以错误,同理,D 项也由此判断为错误选项。 45. A。 作者意图猜测题。作者刚开始介绍了 NICE 关于孕妇饮酒的新的规定,然后第五段 NICE 提出了一些关爱英国怀孕 妇女的建议,所以应该选 A。 4 基础写作 [写作内容] 假如你的美国朋友 John 想了解有关 2010 年在广州召开的第 16 届亚运会的一些情况, 现在让你给他写一封信介绍第 16 届广州亚运会会徽及意义,信件内容应包含以下内容: 1.太阳,意味着亚运会充满活力; 2.五羊标志,代表广州及其人民的美好愿望: 3.四条跑道和五羊结合成燃烧的火炬,象征燃烧着的亚运会圣火:

4.会徽里的文字表示第 16 届亚运会举办的地点和时间。 [写作要求] 1.只能使用 5 个句子表达全部的内容。2.信的开头已给出不算词数。3.文中不能出现真实姓名和学 校名称。 [写作向导] 1.时态:介绍第 16 届广州亚运会会徽及意义,应该用一般现在时为主要时态。 2.可用词汇与句型:sacred flame 圣火,the Emblem of the l6th Asian Games 第 16 届广州亚 运会会徽,the Five Goats 五羊标志,Track 跑道,dynamic,adj 充满活力的.dynamism n,充满活力,combination n.结合。 Dear John, How are you? I am writing to tell you something about the Emblem of the 16th Asian Games. [答案] Dear John, How are you? I am writing to tell you something about the Emblem of the 16th Asian Games. The Emblem of the 16th Asian Games consists of six parts, each of which has its own special meaning. The sun means the dynamic Asian Games. As we all know, the Five Goats represents a perfect symbol of Guangzhou and the best wishes of its people. In addition, combination of the Five Goats and the four tracks is like the shape of a torch, which stands for the ever-burning sacred flame of the Asian Games. What's more, the English words in the emblem show that the 16th Asian Games will be hosted in Guangzhou in 2010. Yours, Li Hua 一.词性转换(必修二 Unit3 Computers) 1. simplify vt. __________ adj __________ adv 3. solve vt. ____________n. 2.operator n. ____________v. ________ n. 4. explore v._______________ n. _________________ n.

5. reality n. ____________ vt. ________________ adj. ____________adv. 6. application n. _____________ v. _____________ adj. 7. finance n. _______________ adj. 9. logical adj. _________________ adv. 二.单词填空 1. As soon as the students of geology arrived on the island, they were eager to__________(探索). 2. You should ____________(简化) the procedure—it?s too complex (复杂的). 3. Music is the ________________ (通用的) language of human beings. 4. He set a ________________ (目标)for himself of exercising at least three times a week. 5. They ________________ (宠坏) their child with too much praise in the past. 6. We have a lot in c________________, so we often have a lot to talk about. 7. She didn?t like the plan, but p______________ I see nothing wrong with it. 8. They get along with each other quite well though their personalities are t___________ different. 9. We are all persuaded by his _____________________(逻辑的) argument. 10. Unexpected difficulties a________________ (出现)in the course of their experiment. 11. With the help of his friends, he finally s_________________ the problem. 12. It may rain, but a_________________ (不管怎样)I will go out playing basketball. 13. We can d________________ many songs from the internet nowadays. 14. There are different t____________ of blood, as you know. 15. He said he wouldn?t come, so his sudden a____________________ surprised all of us. 三.选择词组填空 in common make up go by deal with in a way share…with as a result as well as be filled with with the help of after all watch over win second place 8. appearance n. _________________ v. __________________ n.

10. happiness n. ________________ adj. _______________ adv.

1. Will you please ___________________ my child while I am out? 2. Those two brothers not only look alike, but also they have a lot ___________________. 3. When I am back to school from sick leave, I will __________________ for the missed lessons. 4. _____________________, he has been very successful. 5. I cannot think of ways to _____________________ the salesman at the door.

6. I made great progress in English ______________________ Mr. Lin. 7. Look! Little Tom is in tears. Don?t scold him. _________________, he is only a boy of six. 8. Three months ____________________ before I knew about it. 9. Your unbelievable story should be ___________________________________ us. 10. When we got the news that we won, the room _______________________________ laughter. 四.单项选择 1 . Yesterday morning he got up earlier than ________, for it was not a(n)____ day. A. common; usual A. deal with, deal with A. Anyhow B. usual, ordinary B. deal with, do with C. Thus C. usual, normal 2. How do you ____ it and what should you ____ it? C. do with, deal with D. do with, do with 3. I can?t tell you the exact time I?ll get there, maybe at eight or nine or even later. ____, I?ll be there as early as I can. B. However D. Therefore D. are sold, have been sold out D. at all, In all D. being, by the way A. Since B. As C. Before D. So D. such a young boy D. As D. has been caught 4. The new dictionaries are very useful. They _______ well and ________ already. A. sell, have been sold out 5. -- John failed his final exam. A. at all, After all A. be, in the way B. sold, had sold out C. sell, sell out C. above all, In all C. being, on the way -- I?m not surprised at the news _______. ________, he is never seen busy with his lessons. BBAAA ABDD D. common, ordinary

B. in all, After all B. be, in a way

6. There used to _________ a truck ____________ and I can?t get through. 7. _____ you grow older, you?ll know better and better about yourself. 8. Tom is ___ that he can?t go to school. A. so a young boy 9. _______will be years ______ we meet again. 10.________ I could get in a word he had left. 12.-How many times______ not to play with fire? A. do you tell A. are built A. did happen A. completed B. had you told B. built B. has happened B. had been completed 13. --What?s happening in the new area? A. Until

B. a so young boy C. a such young boy C. It;that B. Before B. has been catching D. have you been told D. have been built D. has been happened D. have been completed C. After C. will catch

A. There;since B. There;after

D. It;before

11. Do you know the thief ______ by the police? A. has caught C. are you told C. have built C. is happen C. complete

-I?m sorry. I?ll never do that again.

--New houses_______ recently over there.

14. There is a police car in front of our neighbor?s house. What do you suppose _______? 15. All the preparations for the project _______, and we?re ready to start. 16. Great changes ________ in the city , and a lot of factories ________. A. have been taken place; have been set up C. have taken place; have set up 17. --How long _____ at this job? A. were you employed A. are not decided A. has set up B. have taken place; have been set up D. were taken place; were set up -- Since 1990. C. had you been employed D. will you be employed

B. have you been employed

18. When and where to go for the on-salary holiday ___________yet. B. have not been decided C. is not being decided B. has been set up B. are painting B. good lovely a day B. As a result from B. If so C. will set up D. is set up D. have not been painted D. so lovely a day D. As a result D. Instead B. go over C. watch over D. take over D. has not been decided 19. This is a photo of the power station that __________ in my hometown. 20. --Did you move into the new house? A. were being painted A. very lovely a day A. As a result of A. Even though -- No. The rooms ___________ yet. C. have not painted C. such lovely a day C. Resulted in C. Anyway

21. It is _________ that I?d like to go for a picnic. 22. _______ the money shortage, many small companies closed down. 23. I?m not sure what will happen during the trip, _____, I will try all possible means to get there. 24. She had to _______ our young children after her husband died. A. turn over 25. These flowers should not be watered too ______, once _____.

A. long; every other day A. Had A. take up

B. often; every fourth day C. soon; every two days B. Has B. give up C. Was C. send up A. do about D. Is D. make up

D. frequently; each five days 一 That?s right.

26. — ________ the only house Mr. Smith has got completely burnt out last night? 27. ---Sorry, I got a bad cold yesterday.

---Every time you are absent, you ________ an excuse. B. at least C. in this way C. deal with A. As B. For D. in total D. deal about C. With D. Through

28. He spent very little time at school, perhaps a year ______________. A. at all 29. How do you ________ a car accident when it happens? 30. _________ production up by 60%, the company has had another excellent year. A. in like 32. So badly ________ A. did he injure A. has been finished B. in common B. he injured B. finishes C. in same C. was he injured C. will be finished

B. do with

31. I?m fond of music while my sister likes reading novels. It seems that we have nothing ___. D. in similar D. he was injured D. will finish B. what C. that D. where in the car accident that he had to stay in hospital for several weeks ---Yes, and it ___________next year.

33. ---Is a new modern gym being built in our city now?

34. A modern city has been set up in _______ was a wasteland ten years ago. A. which 35. Only ___________ hope to make improvement in the operating system. A. by the way can you A. are; well 37. A. in the charge B. on the way you can B. is; well B. under charge C. in a way you can D. is; good D. in charge

D. in this way can you

36. The manager as well as his whole team __ determined to do the work as__ as they can and promises to get it completed in time . C. are; good C. is in charge ---What can I do for you, sir? ---I?d like to see the manager ______ of sales department.

38. If city noises _____ from increasing, people _____ shout to be heard even at dinner table 20 years from now on. A. are not kept ; will have to A. study; of whom B. are not kept; have to C. don?t keep; will have to D. studying; of whom D. don?t keep; have to 39.I was told that there was about 50 foreign students _____ Chinese in the school, most _____ were from Germany.. B. study; of them C. studying; of them 40.They came to the corner __ had __ many car accidents. A. where; watched B. where; seen C. which; watched D.which; seen 41. He often speaks the role he played in the play, _______ made others upset. A. which B. that C. where D. when 42. Pisa is a city, ____ has a leaning tower. Pisa is a city, ____ there is a leaning tower. A. which B. that C. where D. there 五、用所给单词的正确形式填空。 1.According to a recent research,dolphins are much more __________________ than other animals.(intelligence) 2.It?s scary to stay in a house alone in ________________ darkness.(totally) 3.Most of the time,women are forced to make a ________________ between family and career.(choose) 4.The mother was amazed by the little kid?s ______ idea.(create) 5._______ speaking,it?s worth all the efforts.(person) 6.This is a painting full of ________________ and hope.(imagine) 7.The earth is nothing but a very small planet in the endless ______ .(universal) 8.The earliest _____ in China is abacus.(calculate) 9.______ arose about exactly how to spend the money.(disagree) 10.The ____ progress is changing our life.(technology) 11.When I came in, he was _______(lose) in his homework. 12. He ______________(respond) to the rude words of the boss by being late for work on purpose. 13.I see him ______________(play) basketball on the playground when I pass the playground. 14.I saw him ______________(bit) by a dog yesterday. 15.I saw him ______________(play) the piano on the party. 16.The plane crashed and ______________(burst) into flames. 17.A new law has been made ______________(protect) the animal from ______________(harm). 18.With the animals __________(die) out, measures should be taken to save them. Keys: 1.intelligent 2.total 3.choice 4.creative 5.Personally 6.imagination 7.universe 8.calculator 9.Disagreement 10.technological
lost 12. responded 13. playing 14. bitten 15.play 16. burst 17.to protect; being harmed 18. dying 11

一.词性转换 1. simple; simply 2. operate; operation 3. solution 4. exploration; explorer 5. realize; real; really 6. apply; applied 7. financial 8. appear 9. logically; logic 10. happy; happily 二. 单词填空 1. explore 2. simplify 3. universal 4. goal 5. spoiled 6. common 7. personally 8. totally 9. logical 10. arose 11. solved 12. anyhow 13. download 14. types 15. appearance

三. 选择词组填空 1. watch over 2. in common 3. make up 4. In a way 5. deal with 6. with the help of 7. After all 8. went by 9. shared with 10. was filled with 四.单项选择 1-5. BBAAA 6-10. ABDDB 11-15 DDDBD 16-20. BBDBD 21. DACCB 2 6. CDDCC 31. BCCBD 36.BDADD 41.A A/C
一、知识点 1. In pairs discuss what they have in common. in common 共同的 We have very much/a lot /nothing /little /something in common. You know, Mary, you and I have one thing in common. 2. Can you put them in an order according to the time when they appeared? in order 按照顺序; 挨次整齐; 整洁恰当, 正确; 符合程序 out of order 次序紊乱(机器等)失灵; 出故障有病;违反议事规则 3. Over time I have been changed quite a lot. 4. as a calculating machine 作为一台计算机器 calculate on: depend on 指望 We are calculating on fine weather for the sports meeting. 5. …it nearly took two hundred years before I was built as an analytical machine… 6. the start of “artificial intelligence”人工智能的开始 7.From then on, I grew rapidly both in size and in brainpower. 8.As time went by, I was made smaller. 9.As a result I totally changed my shape. They come from totally different culture. 10.My memory became so large that even I couldn?t believe it! 11. Since the 1970s many new applications have been found for me. 12. Anyhow, my goal is to provide humans with a life of high quality. 13. I am now truly filled with happiness that I am a devoted friend and helper of the human race.人类的忠实朋友 14. He used to download information from the Internet and make good use of it. 15. …but in reality he has a long way to go. 16. be crazy about 非常喜爱,醉心于 She's crazy about dancing. 17. do research into … 进行…的研究 18. come true 实现,达到 19. From then on, I worked hard to get into university. 从那时起,我努力学校考大学。 20. As I grow older I realize how much my life has been connected with my interest in radios. 21. The company has given its computers away to a local school. 这家公司把它的电脑赠送给了当地的一所学校。 22. consist of 由……组成(be made up of)His job consists of helping old people who live alone. The beauty of the plan consists in its simplicity. 这个计划妙就妙在简明扼要。 Theory should consist with practice. 理论应与实践相一致。 23. About once a year we are allowed to get together …get together 聚会 When can we get together? 24. On the football team I am a striker …我在球队中是前锋,…… 25… have a good shot for a goal. 好好地射一个球 26. We are determined to create an even better system. 27. In a way our programmer is like our coach. I fell on the way to school. 我在上学的路上跌倒了。In this way, he was able to solve the mystery.循着这一线索, Some like the older ways of doing things. By the way, what happened to the money? by way of London 途经伦敦

In a way, you're right.从某一点上看你是对的 in the way 挡住路, 妨碍, 多余的 lose one's way 迷路, 迷失方向; 误入歧途 28. After all, with the help of my electronic brain which never forgets anything, using my intelligence is what I am all about.不管怎 样,在我过目不忘的电子脑的帮助下,运用智能就是我的一切。 29. deal with 处理,对付;论述,涉及 How do we deal with feelings? do with 利用, 忍受, 需要, 乐意做 What do they do with the coin?他们是怎样处理这枚硬币的? 30. watch over 看守,照管,监视 I am his best friend, and I will always watch over him. 31. make full use of…充分利用……make use of 利用,使用 of use 有用 out of use 不再使用了 use up 用完,用光

32. what?s more 更重要的是,而且,另外 What's more, it was snowing outside.此外,外面下雪。 一)单词拼写 1.We have a lot in c________, so we often have a lot to talk about. 2.Many of the students take their c_____ into the classroom to help them do some maths work, which is not preferred by the teachers.

3.Once he was considered to be s__________, for he couldn?t work out the simplest numbers. 4. Robots can also be called a________ i____________.5. Everything has it's a_________ and d___________. 6. A good c_______ when facing difficulties is to stay calm. 7. P________, I d________ with you on your plan. 8. I need some m________ to make a dress. 9. Once he was the c_______ of our football team. 10.It's dangerous for a young lady w________ in the street late at night. 11. Would you please find a m_______ to sweep the floor? It?s too dirty.12.Use your b_______, and you will have a way. 二)选择填空 1. Though he had often made his little sister_____, today he was made _____ by his little sister. A. cry; to cry B. crying; crying. C. cry; cry D. to cry;cry A. feels soft; B. feels softly; C. is felt soft; D. is felt softly.

2. The surface of the table _____________.

3. __________ that Marie was able to set up new branches elsewhere. A. So successful her business was; B. So successful was her business. C. So her business was successful; D. So has her successful business. 4. As time_____, she became more and more anxious about her son?s safety. A. passing. B. going by. C. Not many ones. C. passed. D. goes by. D. Not many.

5. ----How many elephants have you seen? ----- _______. A. No one. B. None.

6. __________ many old people, he likes this kind of dance. A. Instead of . B. In spite of. C. In common with . D. Instead. 7. There was _______ time ______ I hated to go to school. A. a; that; 8. Last summer I took a course on _______ poisonous gases. A. how to deal with ; B. what to deal with ; C. how to be deal with ; D. what to be deal with; 9. Three years _________ without our knowing it. A. went by; B. passes by; C. went on ; D. passed on; B. a; when. C. the; that. D. the; when.

10. Great changes__________ in the city, and a lot of factories ___________. A. have been taken place; have been set up; B. have taken place; have been set up; C. have taken place; have set up; D. were taken place; were set up;

11 ----Why does Mary look so unhappy? -----She has________ by her classmates. A. laughed; B. laughed at ; C. been laughed; D. been laughed at

12. Both my brothers work at the power station that _______ in 1996. A. has set up; B. has been set up; C. was set up; D. is set up. 13. A library with five thousand books _______ to the nation as a gift. A. has been offered B. has offered; C. are offered; D. have offered; 14. The poor man had no choice but __________ his wife the truth. A. to telling; B. tell; C. to tell; D. told;

15. -----I think he is taking an active part in social work. -----I agree with you ________. A. in a way; B. on the way; C. by the way; D. in the way; A. which B. that; C. in that; D. what;

16. I don?t like the way _________ you laughed at her.

17. I?d like to buy a house-----modern, comfortable, and ___ in a quiet neighborhood. A. in all; B. above all; C. after all; D. at all; 18 I?ll never forget Mr Smith, _______ help we had made great progress. A. with his B. with whose C. his D. who;

19. You must not play near the house today; you?ll get _ of the workers; A. in this way; B. in the way C. on the way D. by the way 20. -----I?m afraid Mr. Wood can? t see you until 4 o?clock;------Oh, ______ I won?t wait. A. no doubt; B. after all; C.in that case; D. in this way; 21 The audience was __________ very young children. A. made of ; B made from; C. made in ; D made up of . A. why; B. where; C. what; D. how;

22. You are saying that everyone should be equal, and this is _________ I disagree. 三)请根据中文意思完成下列句子。 1. 在我看来,这食物不够。_____ ______ ________, the food is not enough. 2.昨天他参加了智力考试。 Yesterday, he took an i________________ test.

3.他不知道该怎么对付他那顽皮的儿子。 He don?t know how to ______ ________ his naughty son. 4. 你的胃痛并不令人惊奇, 毕竟你吃得太多了。It?s not surprising you?ve got stomachache. _____ ____ you have eaten too much. 5.他们彼此毫无共同点。 They have nothing in ________ with one another. 6.在我电脑的帮助下我可以及时完成的我工作。______ _____ ______ my computer, I could finish my job in time. 7.在某种程度上,你所说的有道理。___ ___ ____, what you said is reasonable. (一)1. common 2. calculators 3. simple-minded 10. wandering 4. artificial, intelligence 5. advantages, disadvantages 11. mop 12. brains 6. choice 7.

Personally, disagree. 8. materials9. coach

(二)1-10 AABCB CBAAB 11-22 DCACA BBBBC DB (三)1. In my opinion 2. intelligence 3. deal with 4. After all 5.common 6. with the help of 7. In a way


高一英语必修1必修2全部词汇复习练习 (3)