一、单词填空 1. Getting rid of h_______ is very important in African countries. 2. Yuan Longping searched for a way to increase rice __________ (收获) without e______ the area of the fields. 3. Organic farming mean s growing crops without ________ (化学的) fertilizers. 4. If you keep staying in the sun for a long time, you’ll get s_____. 5. He always wants to be the f________ of people ’s attention. 6. Each classroom in our school will be e___________ with a computer. 7. This also ________ _ the air, soil, water, and crops ________ (使···免受··) 8. As is known to all, when heated, things will e________. 9. The people there are fighting to gain their f________ fro m foreign control. 10. A lot of grain in China has been _________ (出口) to foreign countries. 11. He __________(后悔) that he was so careless that he didn’t pass the exam. 12. The method of _________ (减少) the teaching cost has been discussed at the meeting. 13. Although he is young, he is _________ (努力)to support a large family. 14. I prefer not to __________ (评论) on this situation. 15. There's been no ___________ so far from police about the case. 16. No ___________. I don't know anything. 二、动词填空 用适合中所给动词的适当形式填空。 1. Dr Yuan’s ________________ (sunburn) face and arms and his slim, strong body are just like those of millions of Chinese farmers. 2. Since 1953, __________ (find) ways to grow more rice has been his life goal. 3. At that time, hunger was a ____________ (disturb) problem in many parts of the countryside. 4. He would much rather _________ (keep) time for his hobbies. 5. Crops such as peas or soybeans put important minerals back into the soil, __________ (make) it ready for crops such as wheat or corn that ________ (need) rich and fertile soil. 三、 介词填空:根据句子的结构和意义,用适当的介词填空。 1. Born ________ a poor farmer’s family in 1930,Dr Yuan graduated __ ______ Southwest Agricultural College in 1953. 2. These increased harvests mean that 22% of the world’s people are fed _______ just 7% of the farmland in China. 3. He believes that a person ________ too much money has more rather than fewer troubles. 4. Many farmers welcomed chemical fertilizers ________ a great way to stop crop disease and increase production.

_________ chemicals.


5. Organic farming is simply farming ________ using any chemicals. 四、词组互译: 将下列词组或 短语译成中文或英语。 1. ___________________________________ 挣扎着站起来 2. ___________________________________ 遗憾地告诉你 3. ___________________________________ 摆脱经济负担 4. ___________________________________ 避免引起不必要的注意 5. ___________________________________ 使我迷惑 6. ___________________________________ 导致一场战争 7. ___________________________________ 重点放在顾客需求上 8. ___________________________________ 最新数据 9. ___________________________________ 使你免受损失 10. __________________________________ 对它进行评论 11. __________________________________ 有选择的自由 12. __________________________________ 用知识装备自己 13. in the following decades_____________ 14. tools in the battle to rid the world of hunger ______________ 15. grow too far to be full of enough nutrition______________ 16. be fertile in minerals______________ 17. the underlined phrases______________ 18. chemical or organic farming_______________ 19. consider it a disturbing problem__________________ 20. food grown with chemical fertilizers__________________ 五、根据各句意思,选择正确短语的适当形式填入空白处。 (注意所给短语有多余,所填短语的形式 变化) be/get rid of build up; as well as; thanks to; struggle for; refer to; focus on; lead

to; keep… free from; cause damage to; care about; care for; would rather 1. ___________ the new policy, we are now having a happy life. 2. It won’t be long before we can ___________ the pests altogether. 3. I _____________ have made a telephone call to him yesterday. 4. The students in the university are all taking courses ____________ a degree. 5. A near-sighted person cannot __________ accurately ________ distant objects. 6. We should encourage our children to __________________ their confidence. 7. _________ the table ________ _________ dirty by putting a cover over it. 8. Let' s share in our troubles __________ in our joys. 9. Excessive smoking or drinking will ___________________ one's health. 10. The first attempt may fail, but we don't __________ that.


六、用所给词的适当形式填空 1. It is no use_____________ ( complain). 2. We succeeded in____________ (finish) the task ahead of time. 3. His ____________ (late) for class made his teacher very angry. 4. John finished_____________ (read) the book yesterday. 5. _____________ (collect) informati on is very important to businessmen. 6. Tom could not help____________ (jump) when he heard the news. 7. I should say sorry to Kate. I regre t____________ (refuse) to help her that day. 8. Everybody was made unhappy because he insisted on____________ (stop) the work. 9. __________ (do) morning exercises is very important to us. 10. It is not worth___________ (see) the movie for the second time. 七、句子翻译: 1.为防止感冒,我应该打开出让空气流通。 ______________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ 2.此外,这次战争中好几万人死于饥饿和疾病。 _____________ _________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ 3.总结失败的原因才是你要做的第一件事。 ______________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ 4.根据统计资料,杂交水稻使得同一块田可以多产出 20%的庄家。 ______________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ 5.因为已经有了丰富的进出口贸易经验,他觉得扩大他的生意。 ______________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ 6.化肥的长期使用对庄家、土地以及人们的健康造成了严重伤害。 ______________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ 7. 如果可能的话,拿一条比这条还长一倍的绳子给我。 ______________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ 八、-ing 形式 (区别-ed, to do 等形式) 的用法: 1. The old farmer________ the badly-injured and wounded soldier, came out of the burning house, ________for help.


A. supporting; calling B. supported by; called C. being supported by; calledD. being supporting; called 2. -Oh, it’s alr eady a quarter past six. What shall we do at the meeting this evening? -We’ll go on with the matter________ this afternoon. A. be dis cussed B. being discussing C. discussed D. which discussed

3. The brave m an died, ________ his young wife nothing but a________ cottage. A. left; breaking breaking 4. The situation is more ________than ever. I’m ________about what to do next. A. puzzled; puzzled B. puzzling; puzzling C. puzzling; puzzled D. puzzled; puzzling B. leaving; broken C. left; broken D. to leave;

5. When________ that it was getting late, I put off the light and went to bed. A. find B. finding C. found D. to find

6. Time________, I can have done it better. A. permit B. be permitted C. permitting D. to permit

7. ________from heart trouble for years, Professor White has to take some medicine with him wherever he goes. A. Suffered B. To suffer C. Having suffered D. Being suffered

8. Don't leave the water _____ while you brush your teeth. A. run B. running C. being run D. to run

9. He sent me an E-mail, _______ to get further information. A. hoped B. hoping C. to hope D. hope

10. ________from what he said, he must be the thief who has stolen the car. A. Judging B. Judged C. To judge D. Judge

11. ________with fright, a hungry fox hid himself in a small cave, ________his tail to the rain. A. Trembling; exposing exposed 12.—Where is my passport? I remember ________it here. —You shouldn't have left it here. Remember ________it with you all the time. A. to put;to take B. putting;taking C. putting;to take D. to put;taking B. Trembled; exposed C. Trembled; exposing D. Trembling;

13.His room needs _______, so he must have it _________. A. painting; painted painted 14.After finishing his homework he went on A. write B. writing C. wrote _______a letter to his parents. D. to write with great care.

B. painted; painting C. painting; painting

D. painted;

7.The young trees we planted last week require _______


A. looking after B. to look after

C. to be looked after D.taken good care of

15. The picture _________ on the wall is painted by my nephew. A.having hung B.hanging C.hangs D.being hung a form. D.to keep;

16.Would you mind _______quiet for a moment? I'm trying______ A.keeping;filling out filling out 17.He was afraid_______ for being late. A.of seeing B.of being seen C.to be seen D.to have seen B.to keep;to fill out

C.keeping;to fill out

18.I'd like to suggest _______the meeting till next week. A.to put off B.putting off C.put off D.to be put off

19.I don't see how I could possibly manage______the work without________ . A.finish;helping being helped 20.Anything worth________ is worthy of ________well. A.doing;being done done B.doing;doing C.to be done;to be done D.to be done;being B.to finish;being helped C.finishing;helping D.finishing;



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