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Unit 9 My favorite subject is science.
【复习目标】 1. 熟练掌握本单元的重点词汇和短语。 2. 熟练掌握本单元的重难点。
【学习过程】 Step 1: 词汇听写 Step 2: 重难点集 训 1. useful 的用法 ★useful 作形容词,意为“有用的;有益的”,在句中既可作定语,又可作表语。常 用结构:be useful for/to…对……有用。 学以致用 单项选择。 ( )1.I think it is ________ useful book. A.an B.a C.the D./ ( )2.—Why do you like English? —Beca use I think it is very ________. A.useful B.difficult C.tidy D .boring ( )3.The dictionary is ________ for my daughter.I want to buy it. A.cool B.interesting C.useful D.free 配套学习资料 K12 页脚内容

KK12 配套学习资料
2.finish 的用法 ★finish 意为“结束;完成”,用作及物动词时后接名词、代词或动词-ing 形式。如: Finish your homework this afternoon.今天下午完成你的作业。 Finish it on time,please.请按时完成它。 Can you finish read ing the book in a week?一周内你能读完这本书吗? 学以致用 Ⅰ.单项选择。 ( )4.Our last class_____ ___at 4:30 in the afternoon . A.has B.have C.finish D.finishes ( )5.—Can I go out to play football,Mom? —When you________your homework,you can go out. A.take B.finish C.help D.call ( )6.—When will you finish________computer games? —At 9:30. A.playing B.plays C.play D.to play Ⅱ.用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空。 7.The meeting __________(finish) at 11:50 in the morni ng. 8.She plays sports after she finishes __________ (eat) dinner. 3.because,but 与 so 辨析 ★because 意为“因为”,表示原因,常用于回答 why 引导的特殊疑问句;也可用于连 接两个具有因 果关系的句子。 ★but 意为“但是”,表示转折关系。 ★so 意为“因此”,表示因果关系。 学以致用 Ⅰ.单项选择。 ( )9.Jenny likes Tuesday________her favorite subject is on Tuesday. A.after B.but C.so D.because ( )10.—Would you like to go to the concert with me tonight? —I'd love to,________ I can't.I have a lot of homework to do. A.because B.and C.but D.s o 配套学习资料 K12 页脚内容

KK12 配套学习资料


11.Liu M in is very happy


__________ __________ Liu Min very happy?

4.relaxing 与 relaxed 辨析

★relaxing 意为“令人放松的”,一般修饰物。如:

Music is relaxing.音乐是令人放松的。

★relaxed 意为“感到放松的”,一般修饰人。如:

I am very relaxed on weekends.我周末感到非常放松。

【拓展】类似用法的词还有 interesting 与 interested;boring 与 bored;surprising

与 surprised 等。



( )12.People are really ________ on the beach in summer(夏季).

A.relaxed B.relaxing C.relax D.to relax

( )13.Watching movies makes me ________.

A.relaxing B.relaxed C.to relax D.relaxes

( )14.—What kind of books do you like?

—I like storybooks. They're very ________.


B.bore d C.interest ed D.interesting

Step 3: 实战演练

1.在线检测:请你在平台完成 Unit 9 My favourite subject is science.单元检测,


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KK12 配套学习资料

重难点集训 1.useful 的用法 学以致用 BAC 2.finish 的用法 学以致用 Ⅰ.DBA Ⅱ. 7 .finishes 8. eating 3.学以致用 Ⅰ.DC Ⅱ.11.Why is 4.relaxing 与 relaxed 辨析 学以致用 ABD


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