非谓语动词:-ing,-ed,to d 3-4空 名词:单复数 (有提示词) 形容词/副词:比较级、最高级 词性转换 数词 10空 连词(并列句):and, but, or… 引导词(从句):who, that, what… 6-7空 代词:they, him, our, themselves… (无提示词) 介词:in, on, to, for… 冠词: a/an, the 连接性副词:however, therefore…

1. Now I’ll give you some tips on how to make honest friends with others. One way is being ________ because honesty is very important if you want to get along well with those around you. 2. Soon after David left college, one of his uncles, children of his own died who was rich and had no ________ and left David a lot of money, so he decided to set up his own company. 3. To their surprise, the stolen car had been returned and there was a note in it that said: “I apologize for taking your car. My wife was having hospital as a baby and I had to send her to the ________ soon as possible. Please forget the inconvenience.

Put what the sentence needs into the blank ? What’s the function of the blank in this sentence? [ speaking

(1) The number]of people ________ 后置定语 (speak) Chinese continues to rise. (2) Some 134,000 Chinese students went to study abroad, and[120,000 of them ] were self-funded students(自 _________ 费生).
主语 宾格

1. 从句----引导词

(1) … As soon as a child begins school, he enters a world of examinations_________ [ that/ which will decide his future of job. ] 定语从句 (2) My face turned red on hearing ________ what my mother said. ]

If (3) [________ we are satisfied with only a few rules we have memorized,] we will not really learn the language.

2. 并列句----并列连词(and, but, or, so, while然 而, when这时,etc)

*Without proper planning, tourism can cause problems….If tourism creates too much traffic, the inhabitants will become annoyed and unhappy. so They begin to dislike tourists, ________ they treat them impolitely.

3. 动词(谓语、非谓语) ---- using the verbs given
? Analyze the sentence to find out whether you need the Finite Verb(谓语动词) or Non-finite Verb(非谓语动词)

(1) The city has already had homes, stores, and offices ________ (build) on the Mediterranean Sea built (2) A very strong wind blew into my room. My valuable notes, lying on my desk in the room, ________ flew (fly) high into the air.
谓语 非谓语 非谓语 谓语

① 时态 (1) 谓语动词 ② 语态 ③ 主谓一致 A. I was certain that she would like it because I had been told (tell) by my classmates that she _____________ loved hot food.

B. I had to leave work to take him to the hospital broken (break) his arm. because he had ________ C. He was one of the students[who were invited (invite) to the meeting.] ___________ 定语从句

① ~ing (2) 非谓语动词 ② ~ed ③ to do writing A. We must practise speaking and ________ (write) the language whenever you can. B. We must also consider the reaction of the person ________ (receive) the gift. receiving 定语 主动 C. With the problem _______ (solve), I was solved proud of my achievement.
to memorize D. …and it is important ___________ (memorize) some basic grammar rules.

(1) Firstly, we must understand the language when we hear ______ spoken. it (2) …they can never do anything quite right, themselves as unfit or then they will regard __________ unable persons. his right hand (3) The little boy pulled ______ out of the pocket and studied a number of coins in it.

5. 副词. -however, therefore, instead, also, still, too, either, besides, otherwise…

* I’ve never been to China and thereforeI don’t know much _________ about it.

6. 冠词.-a, an, the

(1) When you meet ______ a new word,

look it up in your dictionary. Your
dictionary is your most useful book.

(2)… But my mood quickly changed the first question. when I saw ______

7. 介词 (1)First, they fail to find suitable words to express themselves due to a limited vocabulary…The third reason is that not enough attention is to paid_____listening. (2) There is no easy way to success in language learning. _______

8. 形容词的比较级和最高级 (1) I have spent most of my career as a travelling salesman. There is nothing lonelier than eating meals in a coffee shop…. ______ (2) The words you know are called your vocabulary. You should try to make your bigger (big). Read as many vocabulary _______ books as we can.

1. … ________ was only after I heard she became sick It that I learned she couldn’t eat that food!

I learned she couldn’t eat that food only after I heard she became sick.

that 2. I was so careless ________ I had forgotten all about that.


1. Mr Chen has taught me English since Junior 1, and to show my _____________ (appreciate) I decided to get appreciation her a present.

2. They can see plays, films, operas and shows of every kind, not to mention the latest _________ (excite) exciting football match.


4. I must know how to care for others and try not to _____________ (understand) them. misunderstand

动词原形 “误解”
5. In the small towns of the United States in the ___________ (nineteen) century, the general store was nineteenth where everyone bought the things he couldn ’t make or grow at home. 序数词

Steps: 1. Look through the whole passage to get a general idea. 2. Deal with the simple ones first, such as those fixed patterns or the ones giving certain words. 3. When coming across difficult ones, just leave till the end. 4. Check what you have filled in the blanks and deal with the blanks you missed just now.

Ways to improve: 1. focus on main grammar points while reading “聚焦”语言点 ?阅读过程中,将注意力放到语言点上,“捕捉”文 章中出现的各种语言点、对不理解的语法、句型进行必 要的分析。 2. basic grammar knowledge 掌握基础语法知识 ? The more difficult, the better?-No. 要牢牢掌握最常用的语法要点,达到运用自如。 3. words and phrases 单词、短语的积累 ?对于单词,不仅要背诵其意义和拼写,还好掌握基本 的词形变换。

? (2014海南)I have the greatest job in the world. I travel to unusual places and work alongside people from all over the world. 31 Although/Though my job is occasionally dangerous, I don’t mind because danger excites me and makes me feel alive. ? I 32 was appointed (appoint) as a volcanologist working for the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory twenty years ago. My job is collecting information for a database about Mount Kilauea, 33 which is one of the most active volcanoes in Hawaii. Having collected and evaluated the information, I help other volcanologists to predict 34 where lava from the volcano will flow next and how fast. Our work has saved many lives because people 35 in the path of the lava can be warned to leave their houses 36 Unfortunately (fortunate), we cannot move their homes out of the way, and many houses have been covered with lava or burned to 37 the ground. ? Today, I am just 38 as enthusiastic about my job as the day I first started. 39 Having studied (study) volcanoes now for many years, I am still amazed 40 at their beauty as well as their potential to cause great damage.


Homework (1) 语法填空
A proverb says, “Time is money”. But ______1____ my opinion, time is even ______2____ precious than money. Why? ____3______ when money is spent, we can earn it back. ____4______ , when time is gone, it will never return. It is known to all that the time we can use is ______5____ (limit). Therefore we should make good ______6____ of our time to study hard so as to serve our country in _____7_____ future. But it is a pity that there are a lot of people _____8_____ do not realize the value of time. They often ______9____ (waste) their precious time smoking, drinking and playing. In a word, we should form the good habit of _____10_____ (save) time. Do not put off what can be done today until tomorrow.

Homework (2) 挖空设问
? People living in different countries made different kinds of words. Each contains many thousands of words. A very large dictionary, for example, contains four or five hundred thousand words. But we do not need all these. To read short stories you need to know only about two hundred words. Before you leave school, you will learn only one thousand or more. ? The words you know are called your vocabulary. You should try to make your vocabulary bigger. Read as many books as you can. There are a lot of books written in easy English. You will enjoy them. When you meet a new word, look it up in your dictionary. Your dictionary is your most useful book.