湖北省 2013 高考英语二轮(完成句子+书面表达)专题训练(1)及 答案
用于动名词和分词 完成句子+短文写作(68) 第一节:完成句子 阅读下列各小题,根据括号内的汉语提示,用句末括号内的英语单词完成句子。 1.At Beijing Olympic Opening Chinese families sat in front of TV and watched the ceremony, (感到非常自豪).(feel) 2.With much (作业要完成), Tony can’t go outing with his friends at the weekend.(finish) 3 . An Earthquake destroyed his house, ( 在 里 面 他 住 了 ) for twenty years.(live) 4.Over the past sixty year, about 100 Chinese people (登上了)Mount Qomolangma successfully.(climb) 5.The loss of water and soil is (最严重)in this area.(serious) 6.It’s raining so hard now. I (应该带)an umbrella with me when I left home this morning.(bring) 7.When Helen met Tom on the way, she acted (似乎没看见他).(see) 8.There is but one way of solving the problem---namely, (建起更多的) Hope schools.(set) 9.By no means (她会同意)to move to a new city since she adapts so well to the life here.(agree) 10. Smith has such a strange way of teaching Mr. (没人能适应) at the beginning it of his class.(use) 1.feeling very proud 2.homework to be finished/to finish 3.in which/ where he had lived 4.have climbed 5.(the) most serious 6.should have brought 7.as if she hadn’t seen him 8.to set up more 9.will she agree 10.that no one can get used to

湖北省 2013 高考英语二轮(完成句子+书面表达)专题训练(2)及 答案

第一节:完成句子 阅读下列各题,根据括号内的汉语提示,用句末括号内的英语单词完成句子。 1 . We've been wailing for you! You _______________( 应 该 到 ) ten minutes earlier.(turn) 2.An idea suddenly came to her _______________(她可以算出) the answer in another way. (work) 3.Don't tell me you always escape _______________(罚款) because you have a fast sports car. (fine) 4.I heard that it was ten years later, in 2010, _______________(他们的婚姻破 裂).(break) 5.Every teacher and every student _______________( 做出了贡献) the development of our school in the past five years, (contribution) 6.All the officials ______________( 已经到了), the meeting was declared open. (arrive) 7.In the neighborhood, everyone knows the young man ______________(被称作) "that nice man", (refer) 8.In many countries people can ______________(让人送货) to their home. (deliver) 9.The tourists climbed up to the top of the tower, ______________(从那里他们看 见) the full extent of the town.. ( see) 10 . _______________( 得 到 证 实 的 事 ) in the investigation was a great shock to everybody related.(confirm) 1. should have turned up 2. that she could work out 3. being fined 4. that their marriage broke up 5. has made contributions to 6. having arrived 7. (who/that is) referred to as 8. have/get goods delivered 9. from where they saw 10. What was / had been confirmed

湖北省 2013 高考英语二轮(完成句子+书面表达)专题训练(3)及 答案
完成句子+短文写作(67) 第一节:完成句子 根据括号内的汉语提示,用句末括号内的英语单词完成句子。 1.“It’s a new term and a new day.I wish I _______________( 能适应新环境) as soon as possible,”15-year-old Li Mingyang said. (adapt) 2 . As Liu Qian puts it, it’s not the magic that makes it work, ______________________________ (我们工作方式) that makes it magic.( way) 3.___________________________, ( 尽管他的想法听起来奇怪) it was accepted by all

the people at the meeting.(as) 4.While watching Titanic, most people _____________________ (禁不住哭起来) when it came to the scene in which Jack saves the life of the girl but dies in icy water himself. (help) 5.There is much chance ___________________________(Bill 康复) his injury in time for the race. (recover) 6.I think it important ________________________________ (与我们的朋友保持联系). (touch) 7 . _______________________________________ ( 她 生 病 的 原 因 ) was that she ate something that had gone bad. (why) 8.If Newton lived today, he would be surprised by what __________________________ (已发现) in science and technology. (discover ) 9.Many people were afraid to swim in the sea when they remembered the scenes ______________ by the shark. (人被吃掉). (which) 10 . ____________________________ ( 随 着 时 间 推 移 ), we become older but wiser. (with,go ) 1.could adapt to the new environment 2.it is /it’s the way we work 3.Strange as his idea sounded 4.couldn’t help crying 5.that Bill will recover from 6.to keep / stay in touch with our friends 7.The reason why / Why she fell ill / sick 8.has been discovered 9.in which people were eaten 10.With time going by

湖北省 2013 高考英语二轮(完成句子+书面表达)专题训练(4)及 答案
完成句子+短文写作(3) 第一节:完成句子 阅读下列各小题,根据括号内的汉语提示,用句末括号内的英语单词完成句子。 1.I'm afraid I can't attend your birthday party at 5 P.M.next Monday.I (已 乘飞机) to London long before then. (fly) 2.The technology is reported ____ (应用到)architecture in other countries for a long time, but it was not introduced into China until two years ago. (apply) 3.He escaped ____ (丧生) in the explosion because he had not gone to work. (kill) 4.So ____ (天气好) that all of us want to go on an outing. (day) 5.It was only when the accident took place ____ (他才意识到) the importance of careful driving. (realize) 6.Jenny has been criticized by the teacher for using the cellphone in class. I would

rather you (没借) it to her. (lend) 7.One more step backward, ____ (你会掉进) the pool. (fall) 8.English, as well as all other subjects, ___ (很重要) .So we must learn it well to be more competent. (importance) 9.I am proud of what I did.But I was just helping to do (他本该做的)(do) . 10.Last week, only two people came to look at the house. (两个都不想) to buy it. (want) 1.will/shall have flown 2.to have been applied to 3.being killed 4.fine/good/nice a day is it 5.that he realized 6.hadn’t lent 7.and you will fall into 8.is of great/vital importance 9.what he should/ought to have done 10.neither of whom wanted/ and neither of them wanted/ neither of them wanting

湖北省 2013 高考英语二轮(完成句子+书面表达)专题训练(5)及 答案
湖北省 2013 高考英语二轮复习书面表达专题训练: 完成句子+短文写作(5) 第一节:完成句子 阅读下列各小题,根据括号内的汉语提示,用句末括号内的英语单词完成句子。 1.I __________________________(将不胜感激) if you can change your plan a little bit to make it more workable. (appreciate) 2 . ___________________________ ( 时 间 允 许 的 话 ) , I will come over to see you two. (permit) 3.Please don’t ___________________(生气)if you don’t get a good treatment here. (offence) 4 . Farm produce prices in China fell in the week ending Oct . 16 __________________________(和上一周比较)(compare) . 5 All the bodies discovered had gunshot wounds ____________________________________ (手被绑在身后)(with) . 6.If you ______________________ (吃些药) last night, you would feel better now. (take) 7 . It is high time that we ____________________ ( 专 注 ) our studies. (concentrate) 8.________________________ (不愿等待) at home, we would go to meet him at the airport. (rather) 9. to the husband’s heavy load of work, the couple have decided _________________ Due

(推迟要小孩)(postpone) . 10.I am fond of reading novels, but I dislike online reading.___________________ (我妹妹也是这样)(same) . 1.will/ would appreciate it 2.Time permitting/ If time permits 3.take offence 4.compared to/with the previous week 5.with their hands tied behind back 6.had taken some medicine 7.concentrated on/ should concentrate on 8.Rather than wait / waiting 9.to postpone having their baby 10.It is the same with my sister

湖北省 2013 高考英语二轮(完成句子+书面表达)专题训练(6)及 答案
湖北省 2013 高考英语二轮复习书面表达专题训练: 完成句子+短文写作(7) 第一节:完成句子 阅读下列各小题,根据括号内的汉语提示,用句末括号内的英语单词完成句子。 1. Seldom (他们玩)computer games ever since they entered this school to study for the college entrance examinations.(play) 2. I believe he (肯定难过)this unexpected end to his expedition, but he did not waste time on regrets.(mourn) 3. Some students whispered in the back of the classroom, (使 得教师很恼火) 。(annoy) 4. (遭到斥责)for opposing the suggestion, I kept silent for the rest of the meeting.(scold) 5. (假若)you were in my position, what would you do?(suppose) 6. (由你决定)whether to accept the present or not.(up to) 7. You may find you have more than one strong learning style, (这 是一种意外的收获)because being able to learn in more than one style increases your chances of finding activities that suit you.(bonus) 8. They insisted that all workers (分得)an apartment in the new building.(allocate) 9. Such knowledge is still useful (当应用)to similar situations in other countries.(when) 10. We wrote a letter of thanks to (凡是帮助过我们的人).(whoever) 1.have they played. 2. must have mourned 3. annoying the teacher

4. Having been scolded 5. Suppose 6. It’s up to you. 7. which is a bonus. 8. (should) be allocated 9. when (it is ) applied 10. whoever had helped us.

湖北省 2013 高考英语二轮(完成句子+书面表达)专题训练(7)及 答案
湖北省 2013 高考英语二轮复习书面表达专题训练: 完成句子+短文写作(11) 第一节 完成句子 根据每小题括号内的汉语提示,以及句末括号内的英语单词完成句子。 1. The _____________ (越不紧张) the learners, the better their language acquisition. (anxious) 2. Jane’s reply to the boss____________(他所做的与?不一致)what he said, makes Mr. Candy extremely angry.(fit) 3. When I came to my senses, I ___________ (发现自己被包扎好)in bed in my room.(wrap) 4. For a politician, there is_________ (没必要去投合)the public’s emotions. (point, appeal) 5. If only I ___________________(能顺道拜访这位英雄一下就好了)the hero then. (drop) 6. I still remember _______________(当时这里曾经是)a quiet village. (when) 7. Mrs. Brown, the secretary of our firm, ___________ (不可能已被解雇了), for she just told me she would come back to work. (fire) 8. It’s _____________( 就 为 保 护 水 资 源 ) scientists call off the construction programme.(sake) 9. The new street is 10 miles long, almost __________ (三倍长)what it used to be. (length) 10. __________(我们经历了多么恶劣的天气啊)during the 2008 Spring Festival! (experience) 1. less anxious 2. that what he said doesn’t fit in with 3. found myself wrapped up 4. no point (in) appealing to 5. could have dropped in on 6. when it / this used to be 7. couldn’t have been fired 8. for the sake of protecting the water resources that 9. three times the length of

10. What bad/terrible/awful weather we experienced

湖北省 2013 高考英语二轮(完成句子+书面表达)专题训练(8)及 答案
湖北省 2013 高考英语二轮复习书面表达专题训练: 完成句子+短文写作(15) 第一节:完成句子 阅读下列各小题,根据括号内的汉语提示,用句末括号内的英语单词完成句子。 1. It was 8 o’clock at night _________________________ (我们到达) what seemingly used to be a village school. (arrive) 2. He started working for this company when he left college, and _________________________ (一直待在这里) ever since.(stay) 3. When preparing for exams, perseverance and efficiency are _________________________ (所需要的) to achieve good grades. (take) 4.With the presidents of Tunisia (突尼斯) and Egypt forced to step down, more leaders have realized it is high time they _________________________ (重视) to economy and political freedom. (attach) 5.Generally, we enjoy our friends’ company, but there are occasions when we hope _________________________ (不受打扰) for a while. (leave) 6. With a beautiful view of the East Lake and within easy reach of public facilities, those apartments _________________________ (卖完了)in a week.(sell) 7. You are definitely a seasoned traveler. So can you suggest _________________________ (给你印象最深的三个地方)? (impressive) 8. _________________________ (沉溺于) computer games will, to a greater or lesser degree, affect a school student’s health as well as study. (addict) 9. The Korean singing star, _________________________(你最喜欢他的声音), is going to release a new album. (like) 10. You _________________________ (不必带) so much cash with you —— it nearly got stolen. (take) 1. when we arrived at 2. has stayed here 3. what it takes/the qualities that it takes 4. attached importance/significance / should attach importance/significance 5. to be left alone/to leave ourselves alone 6. were sold out been sold out 7. the three most impressive places / three of the most impressive places/ three places that are the most impressive 8. Being addicted to 9. whose voice you like the best/most 10. need not have taken

湖北省 2013 高考英语二轮(完成句子+书面表达)专题训练(9)及

湖北省 2013 高考英语二轮复习书面表达专题训练: 完成句子+短文写作(17) 第一节:完成句子 阅读下列各小题,根据括号内的汉语提示,用句末括号内的英语单词完成句子。 1. ---Why did you go back upstairs? I thought I____________________________(忘了关窗户). (leave) 2. Yesterday my cousin _______________________(遭遇到扒手掏腰包了) on his way to school. (pick) 3. Mike __________________(肯 定 不在 打扫 )the classroom now. I saw him playing basketball on the playground a moment ago. (clean) 4. It ______________________________( 直 到 二 战 结 束 ) that he returned home. (until) 5. ______________________(任何放火烧??的人) the forest should be punished. (set) 6. Had I known that air conditioners cause so much pollution, I __________________(就 不会买) one. (buy) 7. _______________________(多么悲惨的消息) that the three college students lost their young life when trying to rescue the two drowning children on October 24,2009! (sad) 8. The more we get together, ____________________(我们就越高兴). (happy) 9. Seldom ______________ (他们玩) computer games ever since they entered this school to study for the college entrance examination. (play) 10. _______________________( 专 注 于 这 本 有 趣 的 小 说 ), he didn’t hear what was happening outside the house. (absorb) 1. had left the window(s) open 2. had his pocket picked 3. can’t be cleaning 4. was not until the Second World War /World War Two was over/ended 5. Whoever /Anyone who sets fire to 6. wouldn’t have bought 7. What sad news it was 8. the happier we are 9. have they played 10. Absorbed in the interesting novel

湖北省 2013 高考英语二轮(完成句子+书面表达)专题训练(10)及 答案
湖北省 2013 高考英语二轮复习书面表达专题训练: 完成句子+短文写作(21)

第一节:完成句子 阅读下列各小题,根据括号内的汉语提示,用句末括号内的英语单词完成句子。 1. (更糟糕的是),when we stepped deep into the forest, we lost our way. (make) 2.It is clear that caged animals (已经习惯了生活)with humans. (accustomed) 3. (如果消防队员没到)in time, the factory would not have been saved. (suppose) 4.In area, Australia is approximately the same size as the USA, which, however, has (14 倍的人)as Australia.(many) 5.It was the computer which broke down halfway (该责怪)for the loss of all my files.(blame) 6. (被解雇)by one company doesn’t necessarily mean that you have on way out to support yourself.(lay) 7 . I was on the highway when a car passed me followed by a police car. It (肯定一直在)driving at least 150 miles per hour.(must) 8.A good advertisement often uses words to (人们赋予了)positive meanings.(attach) 9.The young man was sitting under the tree with (他们的眼睛看着) the apple.(fix) 10. until the teacher explained it again Not (我们才理解) sentence. the (sense) 1.To make matters worse 2.have been accustomed to living. 3.Suppose / supposing the firefighters hadn’t arrived 4.14 times as many people 5.that was to blame 6. That you are laid off / Being laid off 7.must have been 8.which people attach 9. his eyes fixed on / upon 10.did we make sense of

湖北省 2013 高考英语二轮(完成句子+书面表达)专题训练(11)及 答案
湖北省 2013 高考英语二轮复习书面表达专题训练: 完成句子+短文写作(23) 第一节:完成句子 阅读下列各小题,根据括号内的汉语提示,用句末括号内的英语单词完成句子。 1. Living with cancer makes me realize _____________ (生命多么宝贵). (precious) 2. She meant to change her job, but it _____________ (并非意味着放弃) her dream.

(give) 3. This kind of kite made of silk _____________ (不容易撕破), so don’t worry about it.(tear) 4. Fruit and vegetables are grown in areas _____________(有充足的水的地方). (be) 5. —I didn’t pass the monthly exam. —_____________ (努力学习)next time, and you will succeed. (study) 6. He says he has never been to England; _____________ (他也没去过) the United states. (nor) 7. A healthy diet should include a variety of food, _____________(大部分富含) nutrients.(rich) 8. A perfect gift with many flowers _____________ (已送给) her, which makes her so happy. (send) 9. The program first _____________ (他提出的) , I think, is practical. (put) 10. But for the warning message, more lives _____________ (会失去)in the flood. (lose) 1. how precious life is 2. didn’t mean giving up 3. doesn’t tear easily 4. where there is enough / adequate water 5. Study hard 6. nor has he been to 7. most of which is rich in / most rich in 8. has been sent to 9. put forward by him 10. would have been lost

湖北省 2013 高考英语二轮(完成句子+书面表达)专题训练(13)及 答案
湖北省 2013 高考英语二轮复习书面表达专题训练: 完成句子+短文写作(31) 第一节:完成句子 阅读下列各小题,根据括号内的汉语提示,用句末括号内的英语单词完成句子。 1.——Has Li Lei finished his work today? ——I have no idea, but he ___________________(做实验) when I saw him this morning.(conduct) 2.——They aren’t quiet, are they? ——No. They are accustomed ___________________(不说话) at meals.(talk) 3.From the distance ___________________(来了一个士兵) who was riding a horse. (come) 4.It is a rule in our school that no books ___________________(带出)unless you have a library card. (take) 5.The news spread quickly through the village ___________________(战争已结束), making villagers wild with joy. (end)

6.The local Tibetans laughed at the strange bottles containing ___________________ (他们称之为) “English air”. (refer) 7 . Misunderstandings arising from lack of social communication , unless __________________(处理恰当) ,may lead to serious problems.(handle) 8.——I felt it very difficult to carry on the work all by myself. ——I could have helped you, but you ___________________(没有要求我). (ask) 9 . Turesson’s findings show that habitat, such as soil conditions, ___________________(同等重要)to the output of crops. (significance) 10 . Willie has complained to the sales manager about the PC he bought ___________________(其屏幕爆炸)for no reason yesterday. (explode) 1. was conducting the experiment 2. to not talking 3. came a soldier 4. should be taken out 5. that the war had ended 6. what they referred to as 7. handled properly 8. didn’t ask me to 9. is of equal significance 10. whose screen exploded

湖北省 2013 高考英语二轮(完成句子+书面表达)专题训练(14)及 答案
湖北省 2013 高考英语二轮复习书面表达专题训练: 完成句子+短文写作(33) 第一节:完成句子 阅读下列各小题,根据括号内的汉语提示,用句末括号内的英语单词完成句子。 1. —He says he is still reading The Old Man and the Sea —He can’t __________ (还在读那本书). I gave it to him ages ago and it’s quite a short book. (read) 2. Helen had to shout to make __________ (人们听到她的话) above the music at yesterday’s party. (herself) 3. Every possible means __________ (已用来) to prevent the air pollution, but the sky is still not clear. (use) 4. The boy couldn’t give the teacher a good reason for __________ (他上学 迟到). (be) 5. From the distance __________ (来了一个士兵) who was riding a horse. (come) 6. I’m sure you would rather she __________ (去上学) bus every day, wouldn’t by you? (go) 7. __________ (你待在那儿越久), the more you will like the place. (stay) . 8. __________ (如果你打开电视) and you will often see advertisements showing happy families. (turn)

9. Your advice __________ (她等待)till next week is unreasonable, so she is wise not to take it. (wait) 10. I was still sleeping __________ (火灾发生了), and then it spread quickly. (break) 1. be (still) reading it (now) 2. herself heard 3. has been used 4. his/him being late for school 5. came a soldier 6. went to school 7. The longer you stay there 8. Turn on the television/TV 或 Turn the television/TV on 9. that she (should) wait 10. when the fire broke out

湖北省 2013 高考英语二轮(完成句子+书面表达)专题训练(15)及 答案
湖北省 2013 高考英语二轮复习书面表达专题训练: 完成句子+短文写作(35) 第一节:完成句子 阅读下列各小题,根据括号内的汉语提示,用句末括号内的英语单词完成句子。 1. Don’t bother to look for my old dictionary, Jason --- it ____________ (出现) some day. (turn) 2. I can’t tell where Mary is, but she _______________ (可能去了) to meet her classmates, for they want to go to Yunnan to work as volunteers. (go) 3. It was on the shelf ____________________ (我放鞋子的地方) that I found my car keys. How careless I was! (put) 4. Hardly _____________________ (我们宣布仪式) open when the rain began to pour down. (declare) 5. In the big fire the woman saved a little boy but lost her son. When asked if she regretted _______________ (没有救) her son, she said she made the right choice. (save) 6. Hello! Is that ABC company? Could I speak to ___________________ (负责??的 人) the International Sales,please? (whoever) 7. He was absent again, which ________________ (使得我们困难) to carry on with the work. (make) 8. As is reported, Chen Guangbiao, known as Chief Charitarian in China (“中国首 善”),______________ (捐献了) billions to helping people in disaster-stricken areas these years. (contribute) 9. ________________ (在水少的地方), it is hard or even impossible to develop good farming. (where)

10. When Xu Benyu graduated from college in 2003, he chose to teach in a mountainous area of Gui Zhou province when he ________________________ (本可以享受) an easy city life. (enjoy) 1. will turn up 2. may / might have gone 3. where I put my shoes 4. had we declared the ceremony 5. not saving / not having saved 6. whoever is in charge of 8. has contributed 9. Where there is little water 7. made it difficult for us 10. could have enjoyed

湖北省 2013 高考英语二轮(完成句子+书面表达)专题训练(16)及 答案
湖北省 2013 高考英语二轮复习书面表达专题训练: 完成句子+短文写作(6) 第一节:完成句子 阅读下列各小题,根据括号内的汉语提示,用句末括号内的英语单词完成句子。 1 . The 26 th Shenzhen Summer Universiade was grandly opened on August 12 th.___________ (最吸引我们的) was the door to the world formed by the 365 electronic giant LED screen. (appeal) 2.—Have you seen the film Under the Hawthorn Tree? —Of course, I have.It was in our village that __________(拍摄的)(make) . 3.Not until I turned on TV __ (我知道) that the Chinese ship was rescued by the European Union Task Force. 4.Advertisements have become part of everyday life so it is important that we educate ourselves about them ___________ (避免受愚弄)by them. (avoid) . 5.I ___________ (多亏了我的父母) that I went through the hard time after I lost my job.Everything couldn’t have been going so smoothly without them. (owe) 6. It’s important for the figures (更新) regularly. (update) 7.________ (全心投入)your job and finally you will succeed. (devote) 8.The secretary forgot to type her business letter, _____________(集中注意力去 阅读)an interesting report. (focus) 9.He made a commitment that he would spend as much time as he could __________ (教这位调皮的孩子)(teach) . 10.However, Australia has a federal government ____________(负责) matters that affect people all over the country such as defence, foreign policy and taxation. (responsible) 1.What appealed to us most 2.it was made devoted to

3.did I know reading 4.to avoid being fooled 5.owe(d) it to my parents 6.to be updated 7.Devote yourself to / Be 8.focusing her attention on 9.teaching this naughty child 10. (that/which is) responsible for

湖北省 2013 高考英语二轮(完成句子+书面表达)专题训练(17)及 答案
湖北省 2013 高考英语二轮复习书面表达专题训练: 完成句子+短文写作(8) 第一节:完成句子 根据括号内英文单词提示完成下列句子。 1. When his mother came home from work, he was lying on the sofa, _________. (absorb) 母亲下班回家的时候,他正躺在沙发上专心致志地看书。 2. He has been suspected of taking government funds for himself and _________________ by the police. (investigate) 他已被怀疑挪用政府资金,正在接受警方调查。 3. The outdoor training is an exercise ______________________ build teenagers’ confidence. (design) 户外训练是旨在增强青少年自信心的一种运动。 4. I really admire her because she _____________________ those kids on her own. (bring) 我的确佩服她,因为她全靠自己把那些孩子抚养大了。 5. We have to admit that adopting this technique is painful, but patients _______. (benefit) 我们得承认采用这项技术会有点痛,但会对病人有益。 6._____________ different languages and cultures does a lot of good to children. (expose) 接触不同的语言和文化对孩子们大有裨益。 7. It is surprising that the young man ____________________ in a big company after graduation. (employ) 毕业后那个年轻人竟然在一家大型公司就职了,真是令人讶异。 8._____________ whether or not he will be elected as mayor in two years’ time. (remain) 两年后他是否当选为市长仍不得而知。 9.______________________ this new policy will act as a brake on inflation we are faced with? (possibility) 这项新的政策有可能会抑制我们面临的通货膨胀吗? 10.I think that it is I rather than my sister that _________________what happened.

(blame) 我认为出了事不能怪姐姐而应该怪我。 完成句子 1.( and was )absorbed in a (his) book 2. is being investigated 3. that (which) is designed to/designed to 4. has brought up 5. can/may/will benefit from it 6. Being exposed to/Exposing themselves to 7. should have been employed/should have got employed 8. It remains to be seen 9. Is there any possibility that 10. am to blame for

湖北省 2013 高考英语二轮(完成句子+书面表达)专题训练(18)及 答案
湖北省 2013 高考英语二轮复习书面表达专题训练: 完成句子+短文写作(12) 第一节:完成句子 阅读下列各小题,根据括号内的汉语提示,用句末括号内的英语单词完成句子。 1.You’d better take a sweater with you (以防天气变冷)(get) . 2.Water pollution is a big problem and 20℅ of the people on earth (喝 不到) clean drinking water.(access) 3.A major problem arose at the meeting _____________(要花多少钱) to complete the whole project. (cost) 4._____________ (他一到达) when he received an important letter from his former classmate. (Hardly) 5.My daughter was badly hurt in the accident.I really regretted __________ (没 有开车去接她) from school yesterday. (pick) 6.A number of children (父母死去了的) in the earthquake were sent to live with families in other cities. (kill) 7.It is said that those who are stressed or working overtime (更 有可能) put on weight. (likely) 8.--I’m sorry.I __________ (我不该向你大吼) the other day. --Forget it.I was a bit out of control myself too. (shout) 9.Tomorrow would be Christmas Day.Della had only $1.87 (用它去 给吉姆买) a present. (which) 10.--I’ve read another book this week. --Well, maybe it is not how much you read but what you read ________ (是重 要的)(count) .

1.in case it gets cold (it should get cold) 2.don’t have access to (have no access to ) 3.how much it would cost 3.Hardly had he arrived 5.not having picked her up (not picking her up) 6.whose parents had been killed 7.are more likely to 8.shouldn’t have shouted at you 9.with which to buy Jim (with which she would buy Jim) 10.that counts

湖北省 2013 高考英语二轮(完成句子+书面表达)专题训练(19)及 答案

湖北省 2013 高考英语二轮复习书面表达专题训练: 完成句子+短文写作(16) 第一节:完成句子 阅读下列各小题,根据括号内的汉语提示,用句末括号内的英语单词完成句子。 1. So _______________________ (地震发生得如此突然) that no one managed to escape from their collapsing houses. (occur) 2. _______________________ ( 天 气 真 好 ) it is! Let’s go for an outing today. (weather) 3. It is said that the new model car _______________________ (快两倍) than the old one. (run) 4. It was not until the baby girl was sound asleep _______________________ (父母 才有时间) to deal with their personal affairs. (have) 5. _______________________ (无论我怎么努力), my parents never seem to be satisfied with my work. (try) 6. By the time the police conclude the investigation, the truth of the murder _____________________ (会水落石出). (light) 7. The point I want to make is _______________________ (做一名志愿者) is rewarding, for it not only helps others, but also opens up opportunities for young people. (be) 8. I am occupied now. I’d rather the meeting _______________________ (明天开). (hold) 9. _______________________ (得知所发生的), the man fell in deep thought, staring vacantly into space. (inform) 10. The plane may be several hours late, _______________________ (那样的话) there’s no point in our waiting. (case) 1. suddenly/ abruptly did the earthquake occur 2. What fine/ wonderful weather 3. runs/ can run twice/ two times faster/ more quickly

4. that her parents had (the)time 5. No matter how hard I try/ However hard I try 6. will have come to light/ will have been brought to light 7. that being a volunteer/ that to be a volunteer 8. was held tomorrow 9. (When he was) Informed of/ about what/ the thing that (had) happened 10. in which case/and in this case

湖北省 2013 高考英语二轮(完成句子+书面表达)专题训练(20)及 答案
湖北省 2013 高考英语二轮复习书面表达专题训练: 完成句子+短文写作(18) 第一节 完成句子 阅读下列各小题,根据括号内的汉语提示,用句末括号内的英语单词完成句子。 1. _______________________(禁止吸烟) in many public places.(forbid) 2. This is the first time that my teacher ______________________(批评我) in public. (criticize) 3. The gas _______________(一定用光了), for the fire went out of itself.(use) 4. At present e-mail, as well as telephones, ______________(正发挥重大作用) in daily communication. (play) 5. I try to understand ________________(是什么) that prevents so many Chinese from being as happy as one might expect. (it) 6. He is wondering __________________(将需要多少能量) to raise the temperature of oil by 10℃. (take) 7. Do you feel like going out for a change or would you rather we two ___________(吃 晚饭) at home? (have) 8. It __________________(仍然不知道) whether he will appear at the party or not. (remain) 9. He made the suggestion _________________ ( 他 们 所 做 的 工 作 应 该 受 到 表 扬 ). (acknowledge) 10. So ___________________(我感到它是如此之难) to live in an English-speaking country that I determined to learn English well. (feel) 1. Smoking is forbidden 2. has criticized me 3. must have been used up 4. is playing an important part 5. what it is 6. how much energy it will take 7. had dinner\supper 8. remains (to be) unknown 9. that their work should be acknowledged. 10. difficult did I feel it

湖北省 2013 高考英语二轮(完成句子+书面表达)专题训练(21)及 答案
湖北省 2013 高考英语二轮复习书面表达专题训练: 完成句子+短文写作(22) 第一节:完成句子 阅读下列各小题,根据括号内的汉语提示,用句末括号内的英语单词完成句子。 1 . They worked day and night about three days ( 一 切 才 恢 复 ) to normal.(return) 2.I can’t imagine (他们多么激动)when they received these Christmas presents.(how) 3. (如果参加)eco-travel and you will find it will help you understand the importance of nature.(take) 4.Not (知道如何解决)the problem, he turned to his teacher for help. (work) 5.The doctor insisted that the patient (动手术)as soon as possible. (operate) 6. With (一场致命的台风爆发) more than 600 people were listed as either , st dead or missing on August the 21 , 2009 in Taiwan. (break) 7.To every one of us, (被录取)Beijing University is a great honor. (admit) 8.The news spread quickly through the village (战争已结束),making the villagers wild with joy. (end) 9.I’ll pay you a visit tomorrow afternoon if (你方便). (convenient) 10.I would have come for the lecture given by professor Lee the day before yesterday, but I (没受到邀请)(invite). 完成句子: 1.before everything returned 2.how excited they were 3.Take part in 4.knowing how to work out 5. (should) be operated on 6.a deadly/fatal typhoon breaking out 7.being admitted (in)to 8.that the war had ended 9. (it is) convenient to/for you 10.wasn’t invited

湖北省 2013 高考英语二轮(完成句子+书面表达)专题训练(22)及 答案
湖北省 2013 高考英语二轮复习书面表达专题训练:

完成句子+短文写作(24) 第一节:完成句子 阅读下列各小题,根据括号内的汉语提示,用句末括号内的英语单词完成句子。 1.Only after they had performed hundreds of experiments_________________________ (他们成功解决)the problems, (succeed) 2.The secretary forgot to type her business letter, _______________________ (集 中注意力去阅读) an interesting report, (focus) 3.But for the warning message, more lives __________________(会死去)in the flood, (lose) 4.Many people, including some foreigners, __________________(一直被困在机场) because of the 9.0 magnitude earthquakes, (stick) 5.The report reveals that __________________________ (工人们一直面临/被曝露) unacceptably high levels of radiation, (expose) 6._____________________(最吸引我去动物园的是)to that zoo was the the chance to see the panda, (attract) 7.This means that after a while your body ___________________(习惯于香烟有) nicotine in it. (accustom) 8.The first thing_____________________(我注意到的是)was all the vivid colors surrounding me—purples, reds, oranges, yellows, blues and greens, (aware) 9.Children should be taught______________________ (去分辨是非)(distinguish) . 10.However Australia has a federal government _____________________________ (负 责事务) that affect people all over the country such as defence, foreign policy and taxation, (responsible) 完成句子: 1.did they succeed in solving/settling 2.focusing her attention on reading 3.might/would have been lost 4.remained stuck at the airport 5.workers have been exposed to 6.What attracted me most/What made me attracted most 7.becomes/is accustomed to having 8.(that) I became/was aware of 9.to distinguish right from wrong 10.(that/which is) responsible for matters

湖北省 2013 高考英语二轮(完成句子+书面表达)专题训练(23)及 答案
湖北省 2013 高考英语二轮复习书面表达专题训练: 完成句子+短文写作(30) 第一节:完成句子 阅读下列各小题, 根据括号内的汉语提示, 用句末内的英语单词完成句子。 1. A student from America said before she came she had heard many reports about how populous China is, but still __________ (这事超出她的想象). (beyond)

2. You have to put in some extra work at night if you _______________ (不想 落后). (leave) 3. All of us were tired out and in desperate need of water _____________(还 有 300 英里的路程要赶). (with, go) 4. People in China hope to see nuclear technologies _________________ (应用 于越来越多的领域) rather than wars. (apply) 5. We ______________ (已经习惯了看到)stars arrested because of taking drugs. (accustomed) 6. China’s elite troops are having military training for the National Day Parade ____________ (为庆祝 60 周年)of the founding of the PRC. (celebrate) 7. Though ________________ (食物快要吃完了), the men are cheerful and confident. (run) 8. I know nothing about her____________ (除了她是被抚养长大的以外)by her aunt. (except, bring) 9. More and more high school graduates from China ____________ (被录取)key universities overseas nowadays. (admit) 10. Under no circumstances ________________ (应该放弃) your dreams even if everybody goes far away from you. (give) 1. it was beyond her imagination 2. don’t want to be /get left behind 3. with another 300 miles to go 4. applied to more and more areas 5. have been accustomed to seeing 6. to celebrate /in order to celebrate 7. (they are) running out of food 或 their food is running out 8. except that she was brought up 9. are admitted to 10. should you give up

湖北省 2013 高考英语二轮(完成句子+书面表达)专题训练(24)及 答案
湖北省 2013 高考英语二轮复习书面表达专题训练: 完成句子+短文写作(32) 第一节 完成句子 阅读下列各小题,根据括号内的汉语提示,用句末括号内的英语单词完成句子。 1. The situation of unemployment has not been so serious ___________________________ (所期待的). (expect) 2. Tom has been playing basketball on the playground, ___________________________ (脸上全是汗水). (cover) 3. ___________________________ (余下要做的) is an accurate description of the long process of the experiment. (leave) 4. It’s widely accepted that never in history ___________________________ (有过) a more successful opening ceremony than that of the Beijing Olympics. (there) 5. During my last trip my cellphone was left in a hotel accidentally, ______________________ (再也找不到) . (find)

6. He told us that he was very happy ___________________________ (他现在的处境) . (be) 7. Qian Xuesen went to California from 1935 to 1955, ___________________________ (在那时期) he concentrated on the research into jet planes. (period) 8. I have no idea whether the machine can be used again but it __________________________ (在维修) in the morning. (repair) 9. Did you know ___________________________ ( 到 底 怎 么 ) the nuclear explosion occurred in Japan? (it) 10. The air hostess required that___________________________ (我们坐着) until the plane had come to a complete stop. (remain) 第一节 完成句子 1. as expected 2 .his face covered with sweat 3 .What is left to be done 4 .has there been 5 .never to be found again 6. where he was 7. during which period 8. was being repaired 9 .how it was that 10 .we (should) remain seated

湖北省 2013 高考英语二轮(完成句子+书面表达)专题训练(25)及 答案
湖北省 2013 高考英语二轮复习书面表达专题训练: 完成句子+短文写作(34) 第一节 完成句子 阅读下列各小题,根据括号内的汉语提示,用句末括号内的英语单词完成句子。 1. Water, which seems so simple and common, is_______________________(使生命成 为可能的东西) .(make) 2. The Summer Palace _______________________(被参观)by so many tourists that some of the relics are not well protected.(visit) 3. _______________________(多么激动人心的消息啊)it is that China successfully launched Chang' e I,the lunar orbiter! (news) 4. _______________________(考虑到各种情况),the plan John put forward seems to be more practical.(take) 5. The baby was given up for adoption_______________________ (刚出生) (immediately) . 6. It is_______________________(丢失他的新 MP4) makes him look so upset. (lose) 7. You don't have to feel thankful to me, for all I did was_______________________ (说了我该说的)(say) . 8. A healthy diet should include a variety of food, _______________________(大 部分富含)nutrients.(rich)

9. Up into the sky _______________________(淡蓝色的烟升起)just now. (go) 10. Xu Sanduo’s wonderful performance has inspired many people to believe that success and happiness in life_______________________(人人伸手可及) .(reach) 1.what makes life possible/ something that makes life possible 2. has been visited 3.What exciting news 4. Everything taken into consideration/ Taking everything into consideration 5. immediately after birth/ immediately it was born 6.losing his new MP4 that 7.(to) ,say what I should/ought to 8.most of which is rich in 9.went some light blue smoke 10. are within everyone’s reach 或 are within the reach of everyone

湖北省 2013 高考英语二轮(完成句子+书面表达)专题训练(26)及 答案
湖北省 2013 高考英语二轮复习书面表达专题训练: 完成句子+短文写作(36) 第一节:完成句子 阅读下列各小题,根据括号内的汉语提示,用句末括号内的英语单词完成句子。 1.You (最好不要生气)with Tom;After all,he is a child. (better) 2.I’ll go back to the place (我养大的)and live there forever. (bring) 3. (看见地上覆盖着)thick snow,the children rushed out,jumping up and down. (cover) 4.Had it not been for their arriving in time,many more people (会 受伤)(injure) . 5. (不管发生什么) ,We have to get there before sunrise. (whatever) 6.Could you tell me (在哪里)you found the missing boy. (it) 7.Not only (我们要努力学习) ,We should also put what we have learnt to good use. (study) 8.The local government is trying to (使大众意识到)the importance of protecting environment. (aware) 9.It doesn’t make any sense to me (他是否参加)the meeting tomorrow. (attend) 10 . Mathematical gift , musical ability or a way with words have come (被认为是)natural talents or,biologically speaking,in our genes. (think) 第一节:完成句子 1. had better not be/get angry 2. where I was brought up 3. seeing the ground covered with/by

4. would have been injured 5. whatever happens 6. where it was that 7.should we study hard 8. make the public aware of 9. whether he will attend 10. to be thought of as


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