小初高学习+试卷+教案+习题 Unit 8 教学 Is there a post office near here 第一课时 Section A(1a-2d) 课题 【知识目标】 Important words: post,office,police,hotel,restaurant,bank,hospital,street,pay,near,across,front,behin d,town,around Important phrases: post office,police station,pay phone,across from,in front of,next to,between...and... Important sentences: 教学 1.Is there a post office near here? 目标 2.Where’s Center Street? 3.Hi,excuse me. 4.How can I help you? 【能力目标】 能正确运用方位介词及 there be 句型。 【情感目标】 培养学生乐于助人的高尚品德。 教学 1.there be 句型的使用。 重难 2.方位介词的使用。 点 教学过程 ◆Step 1 Leading 1.Teacher shows a picture of an area.(见课件) 2.Students read the words after the teacher. ◆Step 2 Work on 1a 1.Ask students to match the words with the places in the picture in 1a. 2.Teacher shows a map and asks:Is there a post office near here?(见课件) 3.Ask students to ask and answer in pairs. 小初高学习+试卷+教案+习题 小初高学习+试卷+教案+习题 4.Ask students to show their conversations in front of the class. ◆Step 3 Listening 1b 1.Play the recorder a nd let students circle the places they hear in 1a. 2.Check the answers:There are...(见课件) ◆Step 4 Work on 1c Practice the conversation with your partner.Then ask and answer q uestions about the other places in 1a. A:Is there a hospital near here? B:Yes,there is.It’s on Bridge Street. ◆Step 5 Work on 2a 1.Ask students to match the sentences with the pictures in 2a.Write each number in the box.(见 课件) 2.Check the answers.Students read the sentences and say the numbers.(见课件) ◆Step 6 Listening 2b 1.Ask students to listen and fill in the blanks with the wor ds in the box in 2b. 2.Ch eck the answers by reading the sentences. ◆Step 7 Work on 2c Students ask and answer questions about the places in 1a on page 43. ◆Step 8 Role-p lay the conversation 1.Ask students to read the conversation first. 2.Let students answer the questions.(见课件) 3.Check the answers. 教学过程 ◆St ep 9 Homework Learn the conversation in 2d by heart. 板书设计 Section A(1a-2d) 小初高学习+试卷+教案+习题 小初高学习+试卷+教案+习题 重点短语 1.across from 2.in front of 3.next to 4.between...and... 重点句型 1.Is there a post office near here? 2.Where’s Center Street? 3.Hi,excuse me. 4.How can I help you ? 课堂练习 根据汉语意思完成句子 1.附近有一家超市吗? a supermarket near here? 2.我是新来此校的。 I in the school. 3.它离这儿不远。 It’s not here. 4.警察局在饭店和医院之间。 The police station is the restaurant 5.动物园在大桥 街上。 The is Bridge Street. the hospital. 6.付费电话在哪里? Where the phones? 7. 银行在邮局的后面。 The Keys:1.Is there 2.am new is the post office. 3.far from 4.between;and 5.zoo;on 6.are;pay 7.bank;behind 教学反思 小初高学