Module 5 Unit 3

Module 5 Unit 3 短语句型背诵表 1. on the one hand; on the other (hand) 一方面;而一方面(表示矛盾或转折关系) for one thing; for another 一则…;再则…(表示并列关系) 2. point out sth / that 从句 指出 3. in general 一般来说, 总体而言 4. toy / play with sth / sb 玩弄,把玩,摆弄某物;戏弄某人(的感情) (尤指男女感情);非 严肃地考虑某事情 The child just toyed / played with her food. She didn’t eat a mouthful.这孩子当时只是玩弄着食 物。她一口都没吃。 He toyed with one of the buttons on his jacket as he was speaking. 他说话时把玩着夹克上的一 粒扣子。 Don’t toy / play with her (feelings). 不要玩弄她(的感情)。 We just toyed / played with the idea of moving to Changsha. 我们当时就是随便想想搬到长沙 去的事(并非严肃的考虑)。 5. be on one’s way to a place 在去某地的路上 on one’s way back / home 在返回/回家的路上 be on one’s way to (doing) sth 将会达到某结果,将会做某事(上面短语的引申义) We are on our way to becoming the world’s most powerful economy. 我们将会成为世界第一经 济强国。 The program is well on its way to success. 这个项目很快就要成功了。 6. the first / second +n. + to do sth/ to be done 第一个/第二个做。 。 。/被。 。 。的人或物 the first Changde man to be tested HIV positive 第一个被检测为爱之病阳性的常德男性 the second man-made object to travel to Mars 第二个飞达火星的人造天体 7. praise sb for (doing) sth 因(做了)某事而赞扬某人 对比:blame sb / sth for (doing) sth 8. be shocked / surprised / amazed / embarrassed / satisfied / pleased / delighted / sorry 等表情 绪的形容词+that 从句表情绪原因 = be shocked…to know / see / hear / find… sth Sarah was shocked to find a paper on her desk saying “Stupid Sarah got a D”. = Sarah was shocked that a paper was on her desk saying… 9. concentrate / focus on (doing) sth 集中精力做某事,专注于某事 concentrate / focus one’s attention / resources /efforts…on (doing) sth 将某人的注意力/资源/努 力等专注于…/主要用来做…
I'm going to concentrate / focus on my writing for a while. 我要专心一会儿写东西。 The company is concentrating (its resources) on developing new products. 这家公司正将其资源主要用于 开发新产品。

10. with the intention / purpose of doing sth 带着做…的意图/目的 11. be anxious / eager to do sth 急切的想做… 类似意义的结构:can’t wait to do sth, be dying to do sth 12. on a personal note = in my opinion 根据个人的观点,就个人而言 13. push ahead with sth 大力推进/义无反顾地进行某事物 The government of the township pushed ahead with the large-scale demolition program regardless of the protest of the citizens. 这个镇政府不顾市民的抗议,强力推进那个大型拆迁项目。 14. benefit sb 使某人受益,有益于某人 benefit from sth 获益于某事物 15. succeed in (doing) sth 在某方面成功,成功的做成某事 16. consequences 后果(要用复数形式!) 17. for sale=available to buy 供出售的,卖的(一般指主人出售其东西) 18. on sale = available to buy in a shop 能够在商店中买到的(英国英语);减价销售的(美国 英语)

19. 人类的表达法:mankind / man (不可数名词,前面不用任何冠词) humans / human beings (可数名词,用复数表示类指,即人这一类生物) the human race (race 为种族之 意,可数名词) 20. be / feel sorry for sb 替某人感到惋惜/遗憾 21. comment on sth / sb= make a comment on / about sth / sb 对某人某物作评论 22. in agreement with sb / sth 和某人意见一致,赞同某事 23. after all 毕竟; (尽管前面有些问题或疑虑) 还是要 I do like her. After all, she is my sister. 我真的喜欢她。毕竟他是我妹妹。 The rain has stopped, so the game will take place after all. 雨停了,所以比赛还是要进行。 24. moral idea 道德观念 25. come across sth 偶然发现 / 遇到某事物 26. (have) the right to do sth(有)做某事的权利 / 理由(还是来自于权利的含义) You have every right to feel betrayed. 你绝对有理由觉得被背叛了。 27. make it a crime to do sth = make it illegal to do sth 使做某事非法(成为一项犯罪) 28. take away one’s licence 吊销某人的执照/许可证 29. allow sb to do sth = make it possible for sb to do sth 使得某人能够做某事,实现某人做某 事 Cloning allows us to keep alive the good qualities of these animals. 克隆可以让我们 保留这些动物的好的特色。Mastery of English and Chinese makes it possible for us to communicate with two thirds of the world’s population. 掌握英语和汉语使我们能够同世 界上三分之二的人进行交流。 30. in favor of sb / sth 有利于某人/某物,支持某人/某物 I voted in favor of the housing development. 我投票支持这个房产开发项目。 31. in one’s favor 对某人有利 32. from the point of view of sb = in one’s opinion 依照某人的看法,根据某人的观点 From my point of view, everything should be included in the list. 依我看,所有项目都要列入表 内。 33. be similar to sth / sb 和…相似 34. figure out sth 想出…,算出…=work out sth 35. It’s (not) worth it. (不)值得(花钱/费力气)。 36. be / get burnt out = be / get won out 筋疲力尽,耗尽体力了,累垮了 37. meet one’s needs 满足某人的需求 38. natural resources / wealth 自然资源/宝藏 39. 1) the effect(s) of A on B (名词短语) A 对 B 的影响 They don’t know the effects of bad food on the human body. 他们不知道变质食品对人体的危害。 2) A have an effect on B A 对 B 有影响 What effect does the medicine have on your skin? 这药对皮肤有什么影响? 40. developed nations / countries 发 达 国 家 developing countries 发 展 中 国 家 = underdeveloped countries 欠发达国家 41. with / without sb / sth+介词短语/副词/非谓语动词短语:表示伴随原因(通常放前面) 或伴随结果(通常放后面) With the environment getting worse, countries begin to face the consequences, for example extreme climate. 随着/由于环境的日益恶化,世界各 国开始面临苦果, 譬如极端气候。 In most cases, couples who can’t get along any more will consider divorcing without their children hurt. 在大多数案例中,那些无法过下去的夫 妻会考虑在孩子不受伤害的情况下离婚。 42. It’s (not) a question / matter of ( sb) (doing) sth 这是一个关于(某人)(做)某事物的问题/事 情 It’s not a question / matter of life and death. 这 不 是 一 个 生 死 的 问 题 。 It’s not a question of the amount of the money. Rather, it’s a matter of trust. 这不是一个钱 的多少的问题。而是一个关于信任的问题

43. You don’t know much about marriage. It’s not simply a matter of a man and a woman living under the same roof but one(=a matter / a question) of them sticking with each other through thick and thin for a whole life. 你对婚姻还不太了解。它不仅仅是两个人住在 一起的问题。而是一件关于他们一生一世同甘共苦的事情。 44. It / This is true with sth / sb. 在某人/某物方面,情况是这样 This may not be true in all cases, but at least it is true with what I’ve seen so far. 可能不是所有情况下都是这样, 但至 少就我目前为止看到的情况而言,都是这样。 Nowhere is this truer than with genetically modified food. 没有别的领域比转基因食品更加 符合这种说法了。People often just want to benefit from a situation without wanting to do their part to improve it. It is in particular true with the Chinese. 人们往往只是想沾点便宜而不想为 改善形势贡献自己的力量。中国人尤其是这样。 Businesses often close late in summer. It is especially true with night-clubs. 夏日的店子都很 晚才关门。尤其夜总会是这样。 45. in nature 天然/自然状态下 46. raise a question 提出问题 47. as to sth / sb = about sth / sb = in regard to sb / sth 关于…的 48. limit sth to (doing) sth 将某物局限在…范围之内/在…方面 Research has been limited to increasing production profits. 研究一直局限在(如何)提高生产利润方面。 I had to limit my speech to ten minutes maximum. 我只好将我的演讲限制在十分钟之内。 This aid program is limited to those who lost their homes in the flood.这项援助项目只针对那些 在洪灾中失去了房屋的人。 49. defend sb / sth against…保护某人某物不受…的侵害 50. open sth up: 1)打开某建筑物或其大门 opens up the school/ the gate of the school 打开 学校(大门)。 2)开放某事物(使之受到更少的限制从而让更多人或组织可以接近或使用) open up higher education. 放开高等教育(即让更多的人可以接受高等教育) 。 3)开拓 / 开辟某事物 open up new markets 开拓新市场 背诵下列句子: 1. While cloning human is illegal in many countries, some scientists are already pushing ahead with research in order to produce a cloned human baby. (P42) 尽管克隆人类在很多国家非 法,有些科学家已经在不遗余力地推动此项研究以便造出一个克隆婴儿。 2. If I had the chance, I would have a cloned baby right now. 要是有机会,我愿意马上要一个 克隆婴儿。(虚拟语气,从句与主句都是对现在进行虚拟) 3. If mankind toys with nature in this way, we may be on our way to producing a Frankenstein’s monster. 如果这样戏弄大自然,我们会造出一个弗兰肯斯坦式的怪物。 4. They have not yet seen the effects of the careless use of the environment like many wealthy nations have. 他们尚未认识到滥用环境的后果,而很多富裕国家已经认识到了。 5. The developed and developing countries of the world need to work together to make sure that people enjoy healthy and happy lives, without the environment around them suffering. 发达 国家和发展中国家需要彼此合作,以确保人们能够享有健康而又幸福的生活,同时有不 让周围的环境受损。 6. It shouldn’t be a question of humans winning and nature losing. 这不应该是一个人类和大 自然之间的零和游戏 / 这不应该是一个人类征服大自然的问题。


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