高中英语必修五 Unit 4

Making the news

Ⅲ. 单项选择,从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选择最佳答案完成句子
1. The thief denied ______ some money from the old lady. A. having stolen B. to steal C. being stolen D. stole

2. If my sister doesn’t go to the cinema tonight, ______. A. nor do I B. same with me C. so will I D. neither shall I

3. I cannot support a policy of which I have never ______. A. accomplished B. approved C. applied D. abandoned

4. The reference book ______ many of the problems we have come across in our study. A. says B. covers C. talks D. refers

5. The guard kept quiet about the accident ______ lose his job. A. so not as to B. so as to not C. so as not to D. not so as to

6. A driver should ______ the road when ______. A. concentrate in; driving C. concentrate on; driving B. concentrate on; drive D. concentrate to; drove

7. He worked very hard in order to ______ a good knowledge of English. A. take B. hold C. catch D. acquire

8. — Why didn’t you come to meet me, Bob? — Sorry, dear. But I really forgot where I was ______ to meet you. A. about B. demanded C. supposed D. /

9. — The government suggests the number of private cars be limited to stop air pollution. — ______, the idea is not very practical. A. Sounds good as it C. As good it sounds B. As it sounds good D. Good as it sounds

10. Modern women with independent incomes are refusing to ______ the traditional idea of marriage nowadays. A. submit to B. contribute to C. devote to D. expose to

11. The young man insisted that he was innocent of the case because he was not ______ it. A. informed of B. accused of C. involved in D. interested in

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12. ______ to hear the good news, the excited pupils threw their schoolbags into the air. A. Delighting B. To be delighted C. Having delighted D. Delighted

13. So amused ______ that they couldn’t help laughing when they saw the headteacher dressed up as Santa Claus on Chrismas Day. A. did the students feel C. the students felt B. had the students felt D. the students had felt

14. The farmers built fences in order to ______ their sheep ______ wolves. A. protect; for B. defend; against C. defend; for D. preserve; of

15. ______ fallen asleep ______ he heard a knock at the door. A. Hardly had he; when C. Scarcely had he; before B. Rarely he had; than D. Hardly had he; than

Ⅳ. 根据提示完成下列倒装句
1. At that time Meng Xiangbin cared little about his own safety though he was in great danger himself. ____________________ about his own safety at that time though he was in great danger himself. 2. We can save the Earth only by changing the way we live. ___________________ the way we live __________ save the Earth. 3. My daughter didn’t begin to do her homework until I came into her study. It was not until ____________ my daughter’s study that ___________ to do her homework. 4. If it had not been for the storm, I would have come to your party last night. _________________ for the storm, I would have come to your party last night. 5. All her close friends and many other guests were present at the wedding. __________________________________ all her close friends and many other guests.

Ⅴ. 根据汉语及重点词语提示将下列句子译成英语
1. 老师要求作业必须及时上交。(demand that …) ____________________________________________________________________________ 2. 一个好记者必须有一种对新闻非常敏锐的“嗅觉” 。(have a good nose for) ____________________________________________________________________________ 3. 十年前他的一个朋友被指控谋杀,后来被判处死刑。(accuse sb of sth) ____________________________________________________________________________
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4. 史密斯先生在这一行干了好多年,知道这一行所有的诀窍。(the trick of the trade) ____________________________________________________________________________ 5. 他渴望成功,所以一心扑在学业上。(eager) ____________________________________________________________________________

Ⅵ. 完形填空
Armed with two over-packed suitcases, we arrived at the airport just in time for my flight. “Well, here we are, the airport,” my 1 said with a sigh. As I watched her unpack my luggage,

I could see the sadness in her eyes. This was not easy on her either. We had both been dreading (担心) this moment for the past week. One last hug and a final goodbye and I would be on my way to a new life 2 , leaving my beloved sister behind.

All my life I had loved airports. To me they were some kind of magic gateway to the world, a place from which to start great holidays and adventures. But today it seemed like a heartless place. As we made our way to the gate we passed through a busload of 4 holiday goers and 5 with tears, 3 and

their screaming children. I looked at my sister and even though her eyes were

she was trying to keep a brave face. “You’d better go or you’ll miss your flight,” she said. “I am just going to walk away and 6 look back,” I said. “That would just be too hard.”

As I held her one last time she whispered, “Don’t worry about me, I’ll be just fine.” “I’ll miss you,” I replied, and with those last words I was off. 7 promised, I did not look back, but by

the time I reached the customs office I was sobbing. “Cheer up, love,” the tall customs officer said with a smile. “It’s not the end of the world, you know.” But to me it was the end of the world, as I had known it. While 8 the plane I was still crying. I did not have the 9 to put my bag in the

overhead locker, so I stuffed(塞) it on the empty seat next to mine. As I settled into my chair, a feeling of from me. Growing up, my sister and I would do everything together. Born barely fifteen months apart we not only looked alike — we were alike. We both had that all things unknown to us. My parents were 12 because that way we could “keep an eye on each other” and of
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overwhelmed(笼罩) me. I felt like my best friend had just been taken away


mix of curiosity and fear of

course report back on what the other one was up to. But now our college days were over and I was off to a foreign country, all I had left were my 13 .

I spent the rest of the flight reading the diary about my sisiter ’s comings and goings. And even though a large ocean when I thought that I had forever. 1. A. mother 2. A. outside 3. A. warm 4. A. excited 5. A. full 6. A. not 7. A. Like 8. A. boarding 9. A. force 10. A. relief 11. A. same 12. A. surprised 13. A. days 14. A. divided 15. A. seen B. sister B. aboard B. cool B. exciting B. filled B. then B. Though B. boarded B. power B. happiness B. different B. excited B. memories B. seperated B. left C. friend C. abroad C.cold C. frustrating C. fulfilled C. later C. For C. aboarded C. energy C. sadness C. apparent C. sad C. relatives C. departed C. lost D. teacher D. elsewhere D. freezing D. frustrated D. fulfil D. hardly D. As D. broading D. right D. relaxation D. similar D. pleased D. friends D. left D. recognized 14 15 us, at some point it felt like she was actually there. It was only my best friend that I realized that she was going to be around

Ⅶ. 阅读理解,根据短文内容选择最佳答案
A The main purpose of a newspaper is to report news. At one time this was the only way people could find what was happening elsewhere. In Britain during the nineteenth century The Thunderer, as The Times is today, was called the only way of discovering the news. There were no telephones, TVs, mobile phones, radios, computers or the Internet. In fact in the nineteenth century the career of a journalist was a very important one. That was why the newspaper was called The Thunderer because it used to fight for issues that it felt were important. It put pressure on the leaders of the government by “thundering” at them to change laws into ones that were considered to be a benefit
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to ordinary people. Since the arrival of electricity all this has changed. There are now telephones, TVs, mobile phones, radios, computers and the Internet from which people can get all or any news they are interested in. So it is no wonder that the percentage of people reading newspapers has fallen in Britain from 59% in 1992 to 45% in 2007. This is very unfotunate because newspapers can fulfil a special role. Readers rely on newspapers to provide detailed background information and analysis, which television and radio newscasts rarely offer. Newspapers not only inform readers that an event happened, but also help readers understand what led up to the event and how it will affect the world around them. But is the situation all gloom(忧愁)and despair? What about the Internet? Many newspapers are seeing the Internet as an opportunity rather than a disadvantage. They have published their newspapers online and sometimes offered their readers the news free. In return they build up reader loyalty(忠诚)and perhaps persuade some to buy the newspaper sometimes. But is this good for printed newspapers? Will they finally be replaced entirely by Internet newspapers? No one can say what will happen in the future. But certainly the most popular printed newspapers in Britain are also those that are most widely read on the Internet. So perhaps the future for journalists is not as serious as it might appear. Whether in print or on the Internet their words are being read and their opinions appreciated. So whatever the medium it seems the newspaper is here to stay. 1. Which of the following can provide readers with details of the events covered? A. Television newscasts. C. Radio programmes. B. Telephones. D. Newspapers.

2. What’s the main reason why fewer people read printed newspapers today than before in Britain? A. People don’t enjoy reading newspapers any more. B. Mobile phones and computers can offer more detailed information. C. The arrival of electricity has brought about many new inventions, from which people can get news. D. A printed newspaper is not the best medium for people to get news nowadays. 3. What can be inferred from the last paragraph according to the writer? A. The role of a newspaper is more important than its form.
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B. An e-newspaper is more important than a printed one. C. A printed newspaper is more important than an e-newspaper. D. The circulation of a newspaper is more important than its form. 4. What can we know about The Thunderer from the passage? A. It was the leading newspaper in Britain in the 19th century. B. It reported everything that happened in the 19th century. C. The Times and The Thunderer were two major newspapers in Britain in the 19th century. D. To the government leaders, it was just like a crash of thunder, urging them to make new laws beneficial to ordinary people. 5. What effect can the Internet have on the printed newspaper? A. The Internet newspaper will totally replace the printed newspaper. B. It’s certain that journalists will be out of work in the near future. C. Many printed newspapers have taken advantage of the Internet to win over more readers. D. Many printed newspapers have found more disadvantages than advantages of the Internet. B As a journalist, a writer aims to collect all of the facts about an event or incident and present them as truthfully and factually as possible. But sometimes leading members of the government or other high-ranking officials don’t want the truth to be told. Journalism can be a risky and sometimes even dangerous profession. Sometimes journalists risk their lives in order to report an important story. At other times, they risk going to jail rather than reveal (透露) one of their sources of information. Unfortunately, many journalists are killed every year just for doing their jobs. Over thirty reporters were killed last year alone. These people asked questions, researched records and reported on the truths they found. The following stories are examples of the dangers journalists face around the world. In the country of Haiti, a radio talk show host was murdered after allowing members of a political opposition party to express their ideas on his radio show. He was killed by a mob of people holding machetes(大砍刀). The editor of a weekly newspaper in Mexico was shot in the head shortly after he reported a story that revealed something corrupt about the federal government. He had reported that local
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politicians were using drug trafficking money to fund their elections. In the Ukraine, a television show host was attacked and beaten with baseball bats by people who didn’t like the content of his TV show. His last show was about government corruption. Good journalists must be brave. Other people might do everything possible to avoid exposing government corruption. But good journalists are driven to make the community more aware of the truth and to fight for freedom. Sometimes, these courageous journalists are successful in bringing about social changes. Other times, in many countries all over the world, journalists who dare to risk doing their job are silenced. But by retelling their stories, we can continue their fight for freedom. 6. A good journalist should have the following qualities except ______. A. being courageous enough B. covering the events factually C. concealing the government corruption D. revealing the private life affairs of a pop star

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7. According to the passage what might NOT happen to a journalist if he tells the truth? A. Being appreciated by his editor-in-chief. B. Being killed. C. Being promoted by the government leaders. D. Being put into jail. 8. What can we infer from the passage? A. Some jouralists can bring about social changes. B. Journalists are often under great pressure when reporting government corruption. C. All jouralists report stories as they really are. D. The radio talk show host in Haiti is a powerful person. 9. Which might be the best title of the passage? A. Journalists’ Fight for News B. Journalism: A Dangerous Job? C. Reveal Some Untold Stories D. What’s the Goal of a Journalist? 10. What’s the function of the examples mentioned in the passage? A. To support the writer ’s opinion that journalism can be a dangerous profession. B. To prove few journalists are courageous enough to do their jobs. C. To reveal a fact that a journalist will be killed if he does not tell the truth. D. To reveal a fact that some journalists are bribed by local politicians.

Ⅷ. 书面表达
每年的 5 月 8 日是世界红十字日,你作为新世纪校刊的小记者,在红十字日来临之际, 对新世纪学校的红十字会组织进行了一次采访活动。 请根据下面表格中的内容, 为你校的英 语园地写一篇采访报道。 时间 地点 采访人 被采访人 采访内容 2010 年 5 月 7 日 新世纪学校红十字会办公室 新世纪校刊的小记者 新世纪学校红十字会办公室主任温馨 1. 红十字会为云南旱灾、玉树地震灾区捐款;

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2. 由红十字会会员组建的青年志愿者开展了赠灾爱心义卖活动; 3. 青年志愿者还走进社区,发动更多的人奉献爱心,宣传了红十字会 精神。 注意:1.词数: 120 左右 2. 参考词汇: 世界红十字日 World Red Cross Day 小记者 teenage reporter 红十字会 Red Cross Society(RCS) 义卖 make a jumble sale _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

高中英语必修五 unit4 参考答案
Ⅲ. 单项选择,从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选择最佳答案完成句子
1. A 解析:deny doing sth 否认做某事。 2. D 解析:前一句所述否定事实也适用于后一句主语时,用 neither/nor 句型;当主句为一般将来 时,if 条件句用一般现在时代替。 3. B 解析:which 引导定语从句,介词 of 提前,根据搭配选 B。approve of the policy 赞同 这一政策。 4. B 解析:cover 在此处表示“包括;涉及” ,相当于 include sth。 5. C 解析:不定式的否定是在不定式符号 to 前加 not。 6. C

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解析: concentrate on 集中注意力; 当主从句主语一致时, 从句可以省略主语和 be 动词, when driving 相当于是 “when he is driving”。 7. D 解析:acquire 意为“(通过努力)获得” ;acquire a good knowledge of English 学好英语。 8. C 解析:be supposed to do 应该做某事。 9. D 解析:as 作“尽管”解释时,常把表语、状语或者谓语动词的一部分提到句首构成部分 倒装。 10. A 解析: submit 除了有 “提交; 呈递” 之意外, 还可表示 “屈服; 顺从” ; 常用结构 submit to sb/sth。 11. C 解析:be informed of 被通知或告知;be accused of 被控告;be involed in 卷入;涉及。根据 句义选 C。 12. D 解析:delighted 高兴的,形容词作状语,相当于 “Because the pupils were delighted to hear the good news”。 13. A 解析:so/such ... that 句型中,so/such 结构位于句首时,主句构成部分倒装。 14. B 解析:defend … against/from 保护??以免于;意思接近于 protect … from。 15. A 解析: 否定副词置于句首要倒装, 句型 “一??就” 有两种表达: Hardly/Scarcely had sb done sth when … 或者 No sooner had sb done sth than …。

Ⅳ. 根据提示完成下列倒装句
1. Little did Meng Xiangbin care 3. I came into; she began 4. Had it not been 2. Only by changing; can we 5. Present at the wedding were

Ⅴ. 根据汉语及重点词语提示将下列句子译成英语
1. The teacher demands that our homework (should) be handed in promptly / in time. 2. A good journalist should have a good nose for the stories. 3. Ten years ago one of his friends was accused of murder and sentenced to death. 4. Mr Smith has done this business for many years and he knows all the tricks of the trade. 5. He puts his heart and soul into study because he is eager to succeed.
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Ⅵ. 完形填空
1. B 解析:根据第二段 “leaving my beloved sister behind” 可知。

2. C 解析:倒数第二段提到了 to a foreign country,故选 C。 3. C 解析:根据上文提到的 sadness,dreading 和后面的 heartless 等决定文章基调的词,可排除 A、B, 选 cold 有“冷漠”(without emotion)之意,符合语境;而 freezing 只能表示客观上 的“冷” 。 4. D 解析:理由同上,这里修饰人,故选 D。 5. B 解析:固定搭配 be filled with/be full of 充满;fulfil 意为“履行;实现” 。 6. A 解析:根据第七空句中的信息 “I did not look back” 可知。 7. D 解析:as 意为“正如” 。 8. A 解析:根据省略原则,主从句主语一致时,可省略从句主语和 be 动词,board 与 I 为主动关 系,故用 -ing 形式。aboard adv./prep. 上(船、飞机、车);broad adj. 宽阔的。 9. C 解析:force 武力;暴力;power 权力;势力;energy 精力;活力。根据句义选 C。

10. C 解析:根据全文的描述可知作者是悲伤的。 11. A 解析:根据前面的 “we were alike” 可知这里在讲姐妹俩的共同点。 12. D 解析:根据语义和生活常理可知应选 D。 13. B 解析:根据下文的 “reading the diary about my sisiter’s comings and goings” 可知是对 sisiter 的留恋和记忆。 14. B 解析:divide 把整体分成部分;separate 把原来联合在一起的人分隔开来;使分离;depart 启程;出发。根据句义选 B。 15. C 解析:根据倒数第四段最后一句或生活常理“失去了才知可贵”和上下文 “she was actually there ” “she was going to be around forever” 可知选 C。

Ⅶ. 阅读理解,根据短文内容选择最佳答案
1. D 解析:细节理解题。根据第二段倒数第二句可知。 2. C 解析:细节理解题。根据第二段第一、二句可知。
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3. A 解析:推断题。根据最后一句 “whatever the medium it seems” 暗指“形式” ,“the newspaper is here to stay” 指报纸将继续存在并发挥作用。 4. D 解析:推断题。根据第一段第三句判断 A 选项错误,根据第一段末句可知 D 选项正确。 5. C 解析: 推断题。 根据最后一段第三句 “Many newspapers are seeing the Internet as an opportunity rather than a disadvantage.”(rather than 而不是)以及后文可知 C 选项正确。 6. C 解析:细节理解题。C 选项意为“隐藏政府的腐败行为” ,这不是一个好记者的品质。 7. C 解析:细节理解和推断题。根据第一段第二句可知 C 选项错误,其他文中都有提及。 8. B 解析:推断题。A 选项在最后一段被显而易见地提出,不能视作 infer;C 选项过于绝对;D 选项与文义不符;根据全文可知 B 选项正确。 9. B 解析:考查文章标题。全文讲述记者这一份工作以及一个好记者可能面临的危险,故 B 选 项最能概括文义。 10. A 解析:所举例子是为表现文章主旨服务的,故选 A。

Ⅷ. 书面表达
参考范文: I, as a teenage reporter, paid a visit to the Red Cross Society of New Century School and had an interview with Wen Xin, head of RCS in her office On May 7th, 2010. At the interview, I asked Miss Wen about what RCS of her school and its members had done to people who suffered from disasters. She told me that so far, 2,000 students in her school have donated about 60,000 yuan to the drought-stricken areas in Yunnan Province and the earthquake-hit area in Yushu County. In addition, young volunteers from RCS made a jumble sale in People’s Square and also collected some money. They even went into some communities, calling on more people to show their love. I was deeply impressed by what they had done. Their aid is bound to make a great difference!

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