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Good morning guys, Before I start my presentation, I would like to share a little story about me with you guys, which has to do with GOD. I remember there was one day when we were driving back to Newberg after class. Angela said she’s allergic to almost everything on earth. I asked her what’s the meaning of her life and she replied seriously: Jesus. And I made a huge mistake at that time by saying NO way! Jesus makes you suffer.I mean no offense to Jesus, or god though, I just felt sorry for her.But then, our captain Daniel changed his voice and had a really harsh conversation with me about how Jesus sacrificed for human beings and he shall not be the one to blame. ( it’s god, I suggest.) Sorry Daniel, shouldn’t have said that. From my knowledge of the Christianity culture, this truth is held self-evident: that all men are created guilty. It is the seven evil original sins that make us suffer in this life. It seems that penalty is doomed. Even so, there are still individuals that spent their entire lives, taking great efforts to rescue people’s lives, helping the poor and making this world a better place. Mother Teresa is one of these angels. Background about this fascinating woman. Born: 27 August 1910 Died: 5 September 1997 Birthplace: Macedonia In 1928 she joined theLady of Lareto, a Catholic charity in India. A story about her: One day, when she was walking on the street, she saw a kid suffering from bleeding wounds. So she came and volunteered to help the kid. When she was healing him, the kid begged her for food, but she was not rich at that time so she could only afford to treat him yet had no money for food. Then she came with the kid to his house and saw two more kids lying on the ground, starving to death. She realized that the boy was begging her for his friends. She wondered why poor people have this very humanity and mercy in their hearts even when they themselves were in pain. She was deeply moved by what the boy did and tried her best to help them survive. From that moment, she realized that god had a plan, and she knew that was her responsibility and duty to help the poor and vulnerable people in this world. That’s why she started the Missionaries of Charity in 1950 and devoted to helping the sick and poor since then.

When it comes to leadership, mother taught me a lesson. Oftentimes, when talk about leadership, some think too much about the skills level of it, yet ignore the fact that knowing why and what is more important than how to do things. She does not necessarily need to lead, people follow her because they know they are doing the right thing. It is the sense of humanity and generosity that enlightened her life and guided her behaviors as a leader. People that work for her charity branches in 100 cities around the world share the same value with her, they feel the call of God and sincerely believe in mother Teresa as a person.

Mother Teresa is not a born leader, but she’s doomed to be a great leader because of the kindness and concern of people. That very character made her a worldwide symbol of charity. In 1979 Mother Teresa was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace, and in 1985 she was awarded the Medal of Freedom from the United States. She deserves it. Impact My biggest takeaway from Teresa is that the heart to give is the most valuable nature of a leader. She said, if you find peace and tranquility, they will jealous, anyways, you gotta be happy; If you do goods today, they will forget tomorrow, But still, you gotta do it; even if you give the best you can to this world, that’s never enough, So what, you gotta give. That’s the spirit of leadership, that’s what a true leader should stand for. I supported the US military and gave away packages, I cooked for children in remote areas in China, I helped build a small elementary school when I was volunteering in Tibet years ago. I received thanks notes from the students and I felt that’s what I will keep doing in the future. I learned that no matter you are a christian or not, there is something in heart that keeps you going and giving back to the community. Thanks to mother Teresa.

By the end of this presentation, please allow me to do a short pray. Nicole can judge me on that. Dear lord, Thank you so much for offering me this opportunity to share my idol with the class. Thank you for sending mother Teresa and people like her to this earth as a great leader and life saver. Life is painful, forever and always. But there gotta be hope and love in our hearts that encourage us in this life and lead us to a brighter future. I feel sorry for the pain and struggle someone was or is encountered with, I feel sorry for all the disasters and painful moments someone is facing, I feel guilty that I didn’t do enough for those who are suffering right in front of my eyes. Wish there be peace and harmony on this beautiful planet, Wish everyone becomes a leader in some fields, with humanity, generosity and love. In the name of lord, AMAN. Thank you so much!


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