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I. Analysis of the text:
This text mainly introduces how Americans love their pets and pet is a part of their lives. It is suitable to practise the ability of reading comprehension. Besides, we can use it as a subject to improve oral English.

II. Teaching aims
1. Knowledge aims: to understand the whole text and grasp the following words and expressions (have an eye for, lead a……life, eager to, have sth done, there lies……). 2. Ability aims: to grasp the skills of reading; to improve the ability of reading comprehension; to learn sth about American culture. 3. Moral aims: to educate students to love animals and nature.

III. Difficult and important points
1. Teaching important points: to understand the whole text, grasp skills of reading and improve the ability of reading comprehension. 2. Teaching difficult points: to express their own opinions in English.

IV. Studying method
Learn how to read, how to use reading skills, how to solve problems by themselves.

V. Teaching methods
Use the following steps: leading-in——fast reading——careful reading— —discussing Students-oriented method

Analysis of the text:
This reading material is mainly about Americans and their pets. It describes how the Americans treat their pets and why they enjoy having pets around.

Teaching aims:
Knowledge aims: To enable the students to know the American way of treating pets. Ability aims: To improve the students’ reading skills. Emotional aims: To help the students develop a right attitude towards pets and learn to treat them kindly.

Difficult and important points:
Help the students know how Americans treat their pets. Encourage the students to take part in the discussion. By discussion, let them know what they should do to protect the animals.

Analysis of the students:
Students are lack of vocabulary, so they have some difficulties in reading English material. They are afraid of expressing themselves and communicating with others in English. Some students are not active in English class.

Teaching theory and methods:
Students-oriented method. Motivate the students’ interest in learning English.

教 析材 分

教学理念 教学目标 教学的重点、难点

本篇文章的中心话题是“电讯家庭办公”,是一篇 说明文。随着交通拥挤,空间费用上涨,劳动力的缩减



二. 教学重点、难点
? 教学重点: ? 提高阅读能力,解决难句造成的困难,提高 提取信息和分析信息的能力,整体理解文章。

? 教学难点: ? 调动学生积极性,培养组织语言和运用语言 的能力。

(一)认知水平和认知心理 学生年龄在16-18岁之间,对新事物求知欲强,电 讯家庭办公是一种思维创新,它改变了人们的生活方 式,能够吸引学生的注意。

学生已经积累了一定的词汇和语法知识,对整篇文章 有基本理解的能力。但因为词汇量有限,基础薄弱, 对文章中的长难句子理解仍有困难。

四, 教学理念
本节课我进行整体阅读教学,运用学案式教学、 “任务型”活动和多媒体辅助教学等各种方法组织指



1. 知识与能力目标: ①掌握快速阅读的方法,理解篇章结构,学会根据上下文猜测单词、 短语的含义。 ②用简单易懂的方式,启发学生去组织语言、运用语言。 2. 过程与方法目标: ①培养学生筛选信息的能力及独立阅读的能力,通过自主学习、协 作学习来获取信息和处理信息的能力。 ②培养学生的质疑意识,提高学生分析问题和解决问题的能力。 3. 情感价值观: 通过本节课的学习,激发学生的想象力,与时代发展同步,敢于去 想,去创造未来。

? ①演示法: ? 展示视频、图片、课件等给学生看,以直观的 效果激发学生的学习兴趣。 ? ②任务驱动教学法: ? 将所要学习的新知识隐含在各类问题之中,学 生通过对所提的任务进行思考,并在老师的指 导和帮助下找出问题的答案。


? ①自主探究法: ? 学生通过展示的材料,可以发挥其应有的学习潜能, 自主学习。 ? ②演绎归纳法 ? 对设计的问题,通过任务型活动,进行跳读,细读, 讨论,归纳等方法了解文章。


实验中学英语教研室 白洋


Reading :Telecommuting
Lead-in (5 m) Language Input show a film and free talk
Introduce words Aim: arouse interest bring in topic Aim: get a general idea skimming summing up Aim: better understand scanning words guessing Aim: further understand speaking moral education review to get feedback Aim: arouse interest get Ss to relax

Fast reading(5m) find out topic sentence sum up main idea
Careful reading(15m) T or F questions word guessing sentence replacing Post reading (15m) blank filling and retelling discuss and summary finish a task to get a present write a short passage to apply what is learned and linking words

Language Output

Play a game: (4m)

Homework (1m)

Aim: apply knowledge to practice improve writing

VI. Teaching procedures

Step one: Leading-in Step two: While reading Task 1: fast reading Task 2: careful reading Step three:Post reading Step four:After reading discussion Step five: Assignments

Step 1. Leading in (5 m)
Part 1: show a video and free talk (whole-class work)(2m)

one solution:

Brainstorm:think of at least three solutions to slove heavy traffic problem in cities.
Aim: Arouse interest and bring in topic

Step two: While reading

Task 1. fast reading


Part 1:Match the main idea of each paragraph. (individual and whole-class) (3m)


A.telecommuting B.not practical C.disadvantages

Para.3 Para.4



Aim: Train the ability of skimming ,
Get a brief idea of the passage.

Part 2: Which of the following best expressed the ideas of the passage (whole-class)
? A. This passage is mainly about Nancy,who works at home to avoid heavy traffic. ? B. It tells us that telecommuting is of great help and can soon be applied to everyone.

? C. This passage is mainly about telecommuting
which is one the most efficient way to solve heavy traffic problem,but it also has its advantages and disadvantages .

Aim: Train the ability of summing up the main idea.

Task 2. careful reading (15m)

1.What's the problems caused by heavy traffic ? People who were caught by heavy traffic may , she can ,

2.What work can Nancy/telecommuter do at home?

Aim: help Ss seek for required information

Para.2 Para.2-3 (3m)
1.What are the factors that lead to the growth of telecommuting?
heavy traffic high cost of office space
reduced work foces lifestyle needs

2.Replace the following sentences

Aim: help Ss understand difficult sentences

Personal computers,networking,videoconferencin Telecommuting requires quick and efficient comfax machines,email,and all kinds of phone lines munication,such as laptop,internet,videoconferencin the fast and communication fax provide machines,email and timesaving various phone lines. required for telecommuting.

(6m) 2 (individual work and whole-class cooperation)

advantages disadvantages


group A
group B

who is faster?

Aim: Relax Ss and arouse interest in English

choose the right answer
which of the following is not the reason that

telecommuting is impossible to be widely used?

A. Jobs and individuals must be suitable B. It costs a lot of money and the skill is
difficult to learn.

C.Technological improvements are
important. D. staff must be able to manage telecommuters
Aim: help Ss seek for required information

Aim: .Post Help student understand difficult sentences Step3 reading (15m) Task 1.Translation (5m)

In citied all over the United States,workers spend 1. 在美国的许多城市,工人们去数英里以外的办公室上班 several hours a day in cars crawling along in traffic to 每天却花好几个小时的时间,路上的汽车就像蜗牛在爬。 get to offices many miles from home. 2. AA 2. 南希是一名在家通过电话和电脑与同事联系的远距离工 2.Nancy is a telecommuter,someone who works some or 作者,她大部分甚至所有的时间都在家里工作。 all of the time at home.

3.Heavy traffic ,high cost of office space,reduced work 3. 公路交通的拥挤,办公室空间的高额费用 ,劳动大军的 forces,and lifestyle needs — all these factors lead to the 缩减以及生活方式的需要——所有这些因素促成了电讯 growth of telecommuting. 家庭办公人数的增加。 AA
4. The company decided to increase the number of 公司决定把电讯家庭办公人数增加三倍 。 AA telecommuters by 300%. 。AA 5. missed being able to work together with 5.Programmers 程序员都想念能和其他人在一起工作的感觉,同时大 others,and everyone reported they were interrupted at 家都感到在家办公更是经常被打扰。

Task 2:

Text Retelling

In cities all over the United States, workers spend several hours a day in cars crawling along in traffic to get to offices many miles from home. They experience stress ,waste time,and pay a lot for gas,car maintenance,and parking. Nancy Alley doesn't. She stays at home in her pajama with a pile ofdocument ,talking with managers over the phone and faxing inpaperwork. Instead of walking down the hall to chat with manager, she emails them. Nancy is a telecommuter, someone who works some or all of the time at home. Heavy traffic, the high cost of office space,reduced , workforce and manager factors telecommuting technology needs, -all these contribute to the growth of . What makes it possible is .

Text Retelling
Telecommuting, however,is not without its problems . Programmers missed being able to work together , and everyone reported they were interrupted at home more often. Telecommuting can't be universally used . Jobs and individuals must be suitable ,and staff must be able to manage telecommuters. In addition technological , improvements,such as high speed modems,are both important and necessary.

Aim: apply knowledge to practice improve writing

Step four: After reading discussion

Suppose you are a teacher,which office do you prefer?

give your reasons. list at least one benefit and disadvantage of each one.. Aim: practice speaking and make use of the newly learned knowledge.

Step 5. (1m)

1.Read the text fluently and pay attention to the usages of the new words and expressions. 2. Surf the Internet and try to get more about the telecommuting .


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