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? 四关 1. 引导词关 如果从句是陈述句,引导词用 that(that 在口语或非正式文体中常省略) ; 如果从句是一般疑问句,引导词用 if/whether; 如果从句是特殊疑问句,引导词用由疑问词转换而来的疑问代词/副词。 如果是祈使句,采用 tell/ask sb (not ) to do sth 句型。 2. 语序关 ①陈述句变为宾语从句,语序不变,即仍用陈述语序。如: He is an honest boy. The teacher said. →The teacher said(that)he was an honest boy. ②一般疑问句和特殊疑问句变为宾语从句,语序变为陈述语序。如: Does he work hard?I wonder. → I wonder if/whether he works hard. When did he leave?I don’t know. →I don’t know when he left. 3. 时态关 ①如果主句是现在的时态,从句的时态可根据实际情况而定。如: I have heard(that)he will come back next week. ②如果主句是过去的某种时态,那么从句的时态一定要用过去的某种时态。 如: He said(that)there were no classes yesterday. ★ 注意:如果宾语从句表述的是客观真理、自然现象等时,不管主句是什 么时态,从句都要用一般现在时。如:He said that light travels much faster than sound. 4. 人称关。注意人称要一致。 真题演练 一.单项选择 2008 年(49).--What did your teacher say to you? --He said . A.I was good at math B.what do I like C.where do I live could I read it 2009年(50).—You can use MSN to talk with Kevin on the Internet. 一I know.But can you tell me ________? A.what I can use it can I use it C.why can I use it D.when I can use it 2010 年(55). —Excuse me. Could you tell me________? —Yes. There's a post office over there. Can you see it? A. where can I buy some stamps B. how can I get to the museum C. where I can buy some stamps D. how I can get to the museum 2011 年(55) .— Julie, do you know ________ yesterday afternoon? — By bus, I guess. A. When Mr Green will get to Quancheng Square B. When will Mr Green get to Quancheng Square C. how Mr Green got to Quancheng Square D. how did Mr Green get to Quancheng Square

2012 年(55. )—I'm doing a survey. Could you tell me ___________. —Sure. I usually go to work at 7:00 am. A. why you go to work B. how you go to work C. when you go to work D. who you go to work with[来 2013 年(55). —Could you please tell me _________________? —Yes. There is one on Center Street. A. where can I buy some stamps B. when you will take your vacation C. when was the telephone invented D. if there are any good restaurants around here 2014 年. —Excuse me. I wonder ____________. —Turn left. There’s a supermarket next to the park. A. when I can leave B. where I can get some snacks C. how can I play chess D. who did you travel with 二.句型转换:(改写句子,句意不变) 98.The reporter asked the girl.“Do you enjoy your volunteer work on weekends?” The reporter asked the girl she her volunteer work on weekends. 98.My friend asked me.“Do you help your parents with the housework on weekdays?” My friend asked me __________I __________ my parents with the housework on weekdays. 98. The foreign teacher asked me,"Do you have a lot of homework to do during the holiday?” The foreign teacher asked me I a lot of homework to do during the holiday. 98. My friend asked me ,“ Can you make fruit salad?” My friend asked me _________ I _________ make fruit salad. 98.“When do you hold your school art exhibition?” the reporter asked me. The reporter asked me _________we _________ our school art exhibition. 98. “What do you sell online?” I asked the young boy. I asked the young boy ___________ he __________ online. 98. "Where were you born?" the teacher asked me. The teacher asked me____________ I ____________born. 1.【2014 黄冈】—So, can you tell me ____________ here today? —Well, I was walking down Centre Street when a UFO landed. A. what did you see B. what you saw C. when did you see it D. when you saw 2.【2014 连云港】—Jack, could you tell me ______________ for travelling this summer? —We plan to go and see the beautiful sea in Hainan. A. where your family will go B. how will your family go C. how your family will go D. where will your family go

3.【2014 年临沂】—Dad, can you tell me ___________ to the amusement park? —The day after tomorrow. A. when we are going B. when we went C. when are we going D. when did we go 4.【2014 长沙】—Excuse me, could you please tell me _____________? —Sure. It’s about ten minutes’ walk. A. how long it takes to go to the zoo B. how far it is from here to the zoo C. how far is it from here to the zoo 5. 【2014 河北】 I have some tickets for the basketball match. I wonder ____________. A. where you buy the tickets B. why you like to go there C. if you’d like to come along D. when you watch the match 6.【2014 达州】—We have no idea _____________. —It’s heard that he is Mr. Green’s son. A. where he comes from B. if does he live here C. who he is D. who is he 7.【2014 河南】—Excuse me, can you tell me ____________? —Sorry, I don’t know. You can go to the information desk. A. that there is a train B. when the train leaves C. which train can I take D. where does the train go 8.【20 14 陕西】—Mum, summer holiday is coming. I wonder______________. —How about Qinling Wild Zoo? A. where can we go B. where we can go C. how we can go D. how we can go 9.【2014 黔西南州】—Could you tell me ____________? —You can take the No. 1 bus. A. how can we g et to Xingyi Airport B. how we can get to Xingyi Airport C. how do we get to Xingyi Airport D. how we got to Xingyi Airport 10.【2014 北京】—Do you know __________ the meeting? —Tomorrow morning. A. when they had B. when they are going to have C. when did they have D . when are they going to have 11.【2014 南京】—David, could you tell me ___________? —Every four years. A. when the 2014 World Cup will finish B. how often the World Cup takes place C. how many teams take part in the World Cup D. who may score the most goals in the World Cup 12.【2014 鄂州】—Can you tell me ____________? —In three days. A. when will they go to the Science Museum B. how long they have been in New York

C. how soon they will go to see the children left at home D. what time will they attend the meeting 13.【2014 扬州】—Could you tell me ____________? —In August, 2014. A. where will the Youth Olympic Games take place B. when will the Youth Olympic Games take place C. where the Youth Olympic Games will take place D. when the Youth Olympic Games will take place 14.【2014 昆明】—Excuse me, could you please tell me ________? —Yes, there is a history museum. A. how often do you go to the history museum B. are there any good museums in Kunming C. how long it takes to get to the history museum D. if there are any good museums in Kunming 15.【2014 安徽】—It’s so late. Why not write the report tomorrow? —But I don’t know ____________ I can do it if not now. A. why B. when C. how D. where 16.【2014 东营】—Excuse me, could you tell me ___________? —Go along this street until you see some buildings with golden roofs. A. how I can go to Tianning Temple (天宁寺) B. how often you go to Tianning Temple C. how soon you will go to Tianning Temple D. how many times you have been to Tianning Temple 17.【2014 苏州】—I don’t understand _____________. —I’m sorry. But I was doing my homework. A. why you didn’t watch the football match B. why didn’t you watch the football match C. why you don’t watch the football match D. why don’t you watch the football match 18.【2014 天津】—Could you tell me __________ yuanxiao in china? —Usually at Lantern Festival. A. when do people eat B. how do people eat C. when people eat D. how people ear 19. 【2014 杭州】 It’s hard to believe________ the way out of the forest without the help of the local guide. A. what they were able to find B. what were they able to find C. how they were able to find D. how were they able to find 20.【2014 济宁】—Could you tell me ____________? —At 9:20 tomorrow morning. A. what time you arrived B. who you are coming with C. when will you be here D. what time you are arriving 21.【2014 威海】You didn’t know ___________ I wanted to see you. It’s a year since I last saw you. A. how often B. how long C. how much D. how far

参考答案 济南中考真题演练 一.单项选择 2008 选 A 2009 选 D 2011 选 C 2012 选 C 二.句型转换: 2008 年 if enjoyed 2009 年 if jelped 2010 年 if had 2011 年 if could 2012 年 when held 2013 年 what sold 2014 年 where was 2014 年全国中考英语试题 1.BAABC 6. CBBBB 11. BCDDB

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