(山东)《龙门亮剑》2011高三英语一轮 Unit2 English around the world课时作业详细解析 新人教版必修1

课时作业( 课时作业(一) Friendship
Ⅰ.单项填空 1.—Hello,is that John? —________a moment.He is coming. A.Hold on B.Hold up C.Hold on to D.Waiting 2.She requested me________to her home the next day. A.going B.to go C.to going D.go 3.—Have you seen a red pen on the desk? —Sorry.There is________pen here. A.not such B.such no C.no such a D.no such 4.His command was that we________immediately. A.started off B.had started off C.start off D.would start off 5.—Ten yuan a pair?I think it’s a bit expensive. —If you buy two pairs,the price for each will________to eight yuan. A.come down B.take down C.come up D.take up 6.Mr Johnson________Jenny from the picture the moment he saw it. A.realized B.learned C.recognized D.understood 7.—How can I take the medicine,sir? —Just follow the________on the bottle. A.information B.directions C.explanations D.introduction 8 . A lot of countries have gained excellent achievements in space technology—China,________. A.such as B.for example C.namely D.and so on 9.My school is more than ten________away from my home,so I have to go to school by bike. A.blocks B.houses C.streets D.roads 10. recent stories in this magazine, The ________one of yours, have been________in the list of the best ones. A.including;including B.included;including C.including;included D.included;included 11.You can’t do________your friends ask you to do.You’d better think first. A.everything B.anything C.something D.nothing 12.Jaures is an honest man.I say it,________I have opposed him. A.as if B.now that
用心 爱心 专心 1

C.even though D.if so 13.Your story is perfect;I’ve never heard________before. A.the better one B.the best one C.a better one D.a good one 14.—John is such a stupid guy that he failed every exam. —Sorry,I won’t agree.He is________than stupid. A.lazier B.no lazier C.more lazy D.lazier rather 15.Now that I know________,I understand why they needed so much money. A.what a hard life they lived B.they led what a hard life C.what they lived a hard life D.how hard a life did they lead Ⅱ.翻译句子 16.她讲的话是他所不能理解的。(more than) ________________________________________________________________________ 17.我们必须好好利用我们有限的时间和金钱。(make use of) ________________________________________________________________________ 18.信不信由你,我们学校离车站很近。(close to) ________________________________________________________________________ 19.由于生病,她没有参加我们的会议。(because of) ________________________________________________________________________ 20.他的小说是以他在巴黎的工作经历为基础的。(be based on) ________________________________________________________________________ Ⅲ.阅读理解 For many people in the United States,Arab-Americans are an invisible part of the population.Though Arab - Americans as a community have made significant contributions to American society in fields ranging from literature to politics to medicine,many Americans know very little about Americans of Arab descent. Arab history in the United States goes back to the late 1800s when large numbers of Arab immigrants first began making their journey to a land known simply as“Amreeka”. Historians generally describe Arab immigration to America in two waves.The first wave took place between 1860 and 1924.The first wave consisted of Lebanese and Syrian,and some Egyptian immigrants.These new immigrants,who were predominantly Christian,came to America in pursuit of better opportunities.Even the doomed Titanic,which set sail for America in 1912,had about a hundred Arab passengers abroad.The majority of Arab Americans today are descendents of the first wave of immigrants;they are the third or more generation now in America. The second wave of immigrants followed after the Second World War,sparked by political unrest (政治动乱) in the Middle East.This second wave of immigrants consists of mainly Arab Muslims and continues to this day. Arab-Americans make up 3 million of the population in the United States, according to demographers (人口统计学家).And contrary to popular belief,64 percent
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of them are American-born.82 percent of Ar-ab-Americans are US citizens. Arab - Americans surpass the national average in both education and income.Education is important among Arab-Americans;82 percent have high school diplomas,36 percent have bachelor’s degrees or higher,and 15 percent have graduate degrees.The average income among Arab-Americans is about 39,580 US dollars,which is higher than the US average. 21. We can know from the first paragraph that________. A.Arab-Americans are invisible in the United States B.Arab-Americans have made significant contributions to American society only in literature C.there are 3 million Arab-Americans in the United States D.many Americans don’t know much about Americans of Arab descent 22. The Arab immigration is said to begin________. A.as early as the late 18th century B.as early as the early 19th century C.as early as the late 19th century D.after the Second World War 23. Which of the following statements about the Arab immigration to America is TRUE? A.Demographers usually think there are two waves. B.The first wave began in 1924. C.The second wave continues to today. D.The second wave was sparked by the Second World War. 24. Immigrants of the first wave came to America to________. A.escape from the political unrest B.look for better opportunities C.make contributions to American society D.make a journey to America 25. What’s the main idea of the last paragraph? A.Arab-Americans surpass the national average in both education and income. B.Education is important among Arab-Americans. C.36 percent of the Arab-Americans have bachelor’s degrees. D.Arab-Americans’average income is about 39,580 US dollars. Ⅳ.阅读表达 (2010 年烟台检测) Most people agree that the direct American personality is a virtue,but it , sometimes surprises foreigners.In_many_cultures respect_for_older_people_or_those_in_positions_of_authority_keeps_others_from_e xpressing_their_true_feelings.But in the US , children often argue with their parents , students may disagree with their teachers , and citizens may express opposition to the actions of the government.If the soup has a fly in it or the meat is too tough to chew,the diner can complain to the waiter.If the boss makes a mistake, an employee will politely point it out. Some straight talks about the American character must include the admission that
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Americans have their faults.The extremely competitive nature of Americans is probably their worst fault.Although sometimes it may promote excellence by encouraging individuals and businesses to try to do their best,the desire to get ahead of others sometimes causes people to do things that are unkind and even dishonest.Also , Americans admire what is practical , fast , efficient , and fresh.Sometimes they fail to understand and appreciate practices that have greater respect for more traditional and more leisurely ways of doing things.On the other hand,people from other cultures may dislike the practical,challenging American lifestyle. Despite culture differences,most foreigners give Americans credit for their virtues.Americans are generally viewed as friendly and energetic.Most newcomers to the US like Americans,and the feeling is usually mutual (相互的).Perhaps the greatest American virtue is a deep interest in new ideas and new people.In a nation of immigrants,the foreigner does not remain an outsider for long. 26.What American virtues can we learn from the passage?(List three within 10 words.) ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 27 . For what purpose does the writer give us some examples in the first paragraph?(Please answer within 10 words.) ________________________________________________________________________ 28.What does the writer mainly talk about in Paragraph 2?(Please answer within 10 words.) ________________________________________________________________________ 29.Which sentence in the passage is the closest in meaning to the following one? Most immigrants think highly of the American virtues although they are different in culture. ________________________________________________________________________ 30.Translate the underlined sentence in the first paragraph into Chinese. ________________________________________________________________________

Ⅰ.单项填空 1.A hold on 在此为“稍等一会儿”之意;hold up 阻挡;耽搁;hold on to 紧紧抓 住,坚持;wait 等待,在此应用动词原形。 2.B request sb.to do sth.请求某人干某事,为固定句式。把题干中的 me 改成 I 就选 B。 3.D no 在此为形容词,相当于 not a/any,单独使用时应放于 such 之前;A 项 such 后应加 a,C 项中 a 应去掉。 4.C command 的表语从句中谓语动词应该使用虚拟语气,由(should) do 构成,故 C 项为正确选项。 5.A come down 在此表示“(价格)下降”,符合句意,其余三项用在此处均不符合句 意。
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6.C recognize 认出。realize 认识到,意识到;learn 得知,获悉;understand 明 白,理解。 7.B directions 指“用法说明”。 8.B 由句意可知,此处是举例说明,应用 for example。such as 用来列举事物,一 般不单独放句末;namely 即,也就是;and so on 等等,均不符合题意。 9.A block 表“街区”的意思。 10.C 11.A not...everything 表部分否定。 12.C even though 尽管,引导让步状语从句;as if 好像;now that 既然;if so 如果这样。 13.C never...better...和 best...ever...是最高级的两种表示法。I’ve never heard a better one before.意为“这是我听过的最好的故事”。 14.C 考查形容词。句意为:——约翰是如此愚笨的学生以至于每次考试都不及格。 ——我不完全赞同,与其说他愚笨倒不如说他懒惰。句式 more+adj./n.+than+adj./n. 表示“与其说……倒不如说……”。 15.A 此题考查宾语从句的语序。a hard life 为名词短语,故用 what 修饰,what 是引导词,故要放在从句的前面,因为是宾语从句,要用陈述语序,故选 A 项。 Ⅱ.翻译句子 16.What she said is more than he can understand. 17.We must make good use of our limited time and money. 18.Believe it or not,our school is close to the bus station. 19.She didn’t attend our meeting because of her illness. 20.His novel was based on his working experience in Paris. Ⅲ.阅读理解 21. 细节理解题。 D 根据“many Americans know very little about Americans of Arab descent”可知答案。 22.C 细节理解题。根据第二段的第一句“Arab history in the United States goes back to the late 1800s”可知答案,从第三段的第二句“The first wave took place between 1860 and 1924.”也可知答案。 23.C 细节理解题。根据第四段中的“This second wave of immigrants consists of mainly Arab Muslims and continues to this day.”可知答案为 C。 24. 细节理解题。 B 根据第三段中的“These new immigrants, were predominantly who Christian,came to America in pursuit of better opportunities”可知答案为 B。 25.A 主旨大意题。阅读最后一段可知,这段的主题句就是该段的第一句。 Ⅳ.阅读表达 26.friendly;adaptable;kind-hearted;direct;curious 27.To show the direct American personality. 28.Americans have their faults./The extremely competitive nature of Americans 29. Despite culture differences, most foreigners give Americans credit for their virtues. 30.在许多文化中,出于对长者或权威人士的尊敬,人们往往不表达自己的真实感受。







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