2011《龙门亮剑》高三一轮(人教.山东)英语必修1 Unit3 Travel journal 课时作业(详细解析)

课时作业(三 课时作业 三) Travel journal
Ⅰ.单项填空 1.—Does your wife like tea? —Well,she doesn’t really________tea;she likes coffee better. A.care for B.care C.care about D.care of 2.I can recognize his voice because it is familiar________me. A.with B.to C.for D.by 3.There seems something wrong with my bike.I would like to get it ________. A.repair B.to repair C.repairing D.repaired 4.Once he has decided to do something,he’ll never give up______. A.no matter how it is hard B.however is it hard C.no matter how hard it is D.however hard is it 5.Because of the bad weather,the building work was already behind________. A.situation B.speed C.service D.schedule 6.To write a good article you must first________your ideas very carefully. A.organize B.settle C.report D.speak 7.—Hurry up!The plane is about to take off. —OK.________. A.I’m coming B.I come C.I’ve come D.I came 8.They decided to________holding the sports meet due to the bad weather. A.put away B.put down C.put up D.put off 9.Seeing that he was so seriously ill,I insisted that he________to hospital at once. A.was sent B.be sent C.will be sent D.had been sent 10.—How do you like the curtains? —Well,I’m afraid they don’t________very well with the wallpaper. A.go B.match C.suit D.fit 11.I tried my best to________him into changing his present job,but he refused to listen to me. A.suggest B.imply C.persuade D.insist 12.—Peter,what on earth do you have________?I really don’t know what you are thinking. —Nothing serious,just some common problems about maths. A.to mind B.in your opinion

C.in mind D.on your head 13.There was a dramatic change in his________towards handicapped people since he got to know more about their lives. A.altitude B.attitude C.impression D.imagination 14.—Is your son still practicing the piano? —No,he has________.He never sticks to anything. A.given it in B.given it up C.given it away D.given it off 15. company may________its products by means of newspapers, A magazines and television. A.list B.transport C.communicate D.advertise Ⅱ.翻译句子 16.学生们很想知道考试结果。(can hardly wait) ________________________________________________________________________ 17.一旦染上坏习惯,你就很难改掉。(once) ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 18.是他在国外时所受的教育使他成为一名如此优秀的管理者。(It is...that...) ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 19.尽管还是秋季,但西藏早已经下雪。(although) ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 20.我戒烟 3 年了。(It is...since) ________________________________________________________________________ Ⅲ.完形填空 Lulu is a brave pet in our shelter. As you know,there are a lot of forest fires during the summer season.Many forests are badly__21__by fire each year.Not far from our shelter,a forest caught fire during this hot summer.We were in a heatwave which had been__22__for three days.Lulu rushed towards the forest where flames sent out a terrible__23__.I no longer had any hope that Lulu would come__24__to the shelter.In fact,I was 21.A.damaged B.injured C.wounded D.hurt 22.A. taking on B.coming on C.going on D.keeping on 23.A.heat B.energy C.fever D.burn 24.A.by B.round C.up D.back 25.A.return B.honour C.death D.action 26.A. warned B.informed

waiting for the firemen to announce his__25__in the forest, when suddenly,a fireman burst into my shelter and__26__me that my dog Lulu had__27__to save four kittens who were trapped by the flames.According to the fireman,Lulu seized

the kittens,one by one moving them to a__28__place.I immediately accompanied the fireman to the forest to__29__the rescued kittens.When we arrived at the__30__of the incident,we found Lulu was not__31__.Then we heard the__32__of a dog came from the forest barking furiously.I__33__it was my dog Lulu.The fireman followed the tracks of the dog until we found him barking__34__by the side of an injured fireman who was lying on the ground and desperately __35__rescue.Thanks to Lulu,four kittens and a fireman were saved. That day,I was very __36__of Lulu for his two heroic__37__toward the kittens and the fireman.Lulu showed much compassion (同情) for both animals__38__him and for a human being who was trying to__39__the fire with his colleagues. This true story of genuine love and compassion shows us that pets are loving,__40__and compassionate.We should love and protect them.One day they could do us a good turn.

C.communicated D.gave 27.A.tried B.wanted C.managed D.failed 28.A.safe B.cool C.lonely D.beautiful 29.A.pick out B.pick up C.bring on D.bring up 30.A.scene B.position C.situation D.view 31.A.here B.out C.in D.there 32.A.voice B.noise C.accent D.sound 33.A.acknowledged B.recognized C.heard D.listened 34.A.heavily B.strongly C.loudly D.happily 35.A.waiting for B.waiting on C.asking for D.looking for 36.A.surprised B.satisfied C.shamed D.proud 37.A.things B.actions C.dos D.reactions 38.A.as B.like C.for D.to 39.A.put off B.put away C.put up D.put out 40.A.careful B.careless C.caring D.carefree

Ⅳ.阅读理解 President Barack Obama put his political worries to one side and followed the traditional American call to “Go West” as he,his wife and daughters visited the Grand Canyon. With his wife Michelle,daughters Sasha and Malia and his White House retinue (随从),Mr Obama struck out into the wilderness on the third day of a four-day tour through western mountain states,aiming at defending his health care reform bid.

Mr Obama’s work-hard,play-hard tour mixed trips to some of America’s most splendid beauty spots with the serious business of resisting Republicans’attacks on his health care plan.He held two town hall (市政厅) meetings on the issue in Montana and Colorado on Friday and Saturday. Mr Obama,the first “city president” in decades,has spent his adult life in New York, Boston, Chicago and, now, Washington.His favourite athletic activities include basketball, golf, and bodysurfing.He usually does his everyday exercise in the gym.Fishing and hunting are not part of his typical favourite sports items. But late on Friday, president tried his hand at fly-fishing, the fulfilling an often-stated goal from the campaign trail. “Every time we went to Montana,he said,‘I’m going to come back here and learn how to fly-fish,’” said Robert Gibbs,Mr Obama’s spokesman. “He was curious to do that and finally got a chance...However,he was a bit depressed because he didn’t get to hold one of the fish,”Mr Gibbs admitted. “Michelle Obama and her two daughters, meanwhile, spent Saturday on whitewater rafting in the shadow of Montana’s craggy (陡峭的) peaks in the rain, I’m told, the hail, said and in ” Mr Gibbs.“Despite the bad weather,they had fun,” he added. 41.During the visit to the West,President Obama himself did the following things except________. A.playing B.fishing C.rafting D.working 42.What are Mr Obama’s favourite sports activities? A.Volleyball,golf and fishing. B.Basketball,bodysurfing and hunting. C.Golf,basketball and bodysurfing. D.Fishing,bodysurfing and basketball. 43.According to the passage,which of the following statements is NOT TRUE? A.Washington is the last city in which Mr Obama spends his adult life up to now. B.Fishing and hunting are not part of his typical favourite sports items. C.President Obama’s visit to the West is to defend his health care reform bid. D.There is nothing to do but learn how to fly-fish with his daughters. 44.According to the passage,who aren’t satisfied with Obama’s health care reform? A.The public. B.Republicans. C.Businessmen. D.The poor. 45.The best title for the passage might be “________”. A.Obama’s worries to health care plan B.Obama’s visit to the West C.Obama’s daughters and wife D.Obama’s four-day tour

课时作业(三)答案卷 课时作业(
Ⅰ.单项填空 1.A care for 喜欢;关心,照料;care about 关心,忧虑,惦念。结合句意,A 为正确 选项。

2.B be familiar to sb.为某人所熟悉。 3.D get sth.后接过去分词,表示这动作是由别人发出,故 D 项是正确的。 4.C no matter how=however 从句,从句用陈述语序,可排除 B,D。how 后紧跟所 修饰的形容词或副词,故选 C。 5. schedule 时间表, D 进度表。 句意为“由于恶劣的天气, 建筑工程已经落下了进度”。 situation 形势;speed 速度;service 服务,三者均不合题意。 6.A organize 组织。句意为“要想写出好文章,首先得认真组织一下自己的想法”。 settle 解决,定居;report 报告;speak 说出。 7.A I’m coming.我就来,属于现在进行时表示将来的用法。 8. put away 收起来; down 放下; up 举起; off 推迟。 D put put put 根据后面的 due to the bad weather 判断,此处意为“推迟举行运动会”。 9.B insist 在此表示“坚决要求”,从句中省略了情态动词 should,这种句式结构为 insist/suggest/demand that sb.(should) do sth.坚持/建议/要求某人干某事。句意为:看到他病 得这么严重,我坚持马上送他去医院。 10.A go well with 为固定搭配,表示“搭配协调”,match 表此意时为及物动词无需 加 with。 11.C 根据空后的 him into changing...判断答案为 C。persuade sb.into doing sth.是固定 搭配,意为“说服某人做某事”。 12.C 从句子的意思“你究竟在想什么?”得出答案 have...in mind。 13.B 此处指对待残疾人的态度,故选 B。altitude 高度。 14.B 根据下文的“他从来对任何事情都坚持不下去”判断,他现在已经放弃了,所 以用 give it up。 15.D 考查动词词义辨析。句意为:一个公司可能会用报纸、杂志和电视来为它的产 品做广告。advertise 做广告,登广告;list 列于表上,记在名单上;transport 运输;运送; communicate 通信;传达。根据题意选 D。 Ⅱ.翻译句子 16.The students can hardly wait to know the result of this exam. 17.Once you get into a bad habit,you will find it hard to get rid of it. 18.It is the education he received when studying abroad that has made him such an excellent manager. 19.Although it was autumn,the snow had already begun to fall in Tibet. 20.It is three years since I smoked. Ⅲ.完形填空 21.A 夏季经常发生森林大火,故每年的大火使许多森林严重受损。damage 损坏, 毁坏,给……造成损失,动作的承受者多为物;injure 使受伤;wound 尤指用刀、枪等伤害 某人;hurt 身体或感情上的伤害。 22.C take on 呈现,承担;come on 跟着来,开始,出台,上演,快点;keep on (+ doing)继续。这里需要一个表示“持续,继续”且相当于不及物动词的词组,只有 go on 符 合要求。 23.A 大火应该产生热。B.energy 能量;C.fever 发烧;D.burn 烧伤,均不符合句意。 24.D 句意为:我不再期望 Lulu 回到收容所。 25.C 根据上文可知我没有指望 Lulu 能够重新回来,故此句意思是:其实,我在等 待着消防人员来告诉我 Lulu 的死讯。 26.B 能够用于“v.+sb.+that 从句”结构的只有 A、B 两项;但 A 项不符合语境,

故选 B。 27. 根据下文可知, C Lulu 成功救出了 4 只小猫, 故用 manage to do (设法做成); to try do 尽力做,试图做(但不强调结果);want to do 想做;fail to do 没做成。 28.A safe 安全的;cool 凉爽的;lonely 寂寞的;beautiful 漂亮的。根据语境选 safe。 29. pick out 挑出; B pick up 接, 拾起; bring on 引起; bring up 抚养。 根据上下文“我” 同消防人员一起去接那四只被 Lulu 救了的小猫。 30.A A.scene 现场,场景;B.position 职位,位置;C.situation 状况,处境,局面, 形势(尤指某时期的);D.view 视野,风景,见解。根据语境选 A。 31.D 根据下文可知我们到达事故现场时 Lulu 并不在那里。 32.D 根据后面的 barking,这里应填表示“声音”的词。A.voice 说话声,嗓音,多 用于人的声音;B.noise 噪音,与语境不符;C.accent 口音。 33.B 句意为:我听出了是我的 Lulu 在叫。acknowledge 承认;recognize 分辨出,认 出(此处为听出);hear 听见;listen 听。 34.C 表示“大声地”叫,应用 loudly。 35. A 根据句意, 该消防员身受重伤, 只能是被动地等待别人来救援。 B.wait on 伺候, 服侍;C.ask for 要求,索要;D.look for 寻找。 36.D 根据语境和搭配应选 proud,be proud of 因……而自豪。 37.B 表示具体的行为用 action;D.reaction 反应。 38.B 这里是表示“像他这样的动物”,所以用 like。 39.D 根据上下文可知消防人员应在灭火。put off 推迟;put away 把……收起来;put up 举起,张贴;put out 扑灭。 40.C 该空前的 loving 有爱心的,后面的 compassionate 有同情心的,这里应填与其 并列的 caring 关心他人的。 Ⅳ.阅读理解 41. 细节理解题。 C 根据第三段中的“Mr Obama’s work-hard, play-hard tour mixed trips to some of America’s most splendid beauty spots...”可知 A 项和 D 项正确。根据第五段 中的“the president tried his hand at fly-fishing...”可知 B 项正确。由第八段中的“Michelle Obama and her two daughters,meanwhile,spent Saturday on whitewater rafting...”不难看出, C 项是米歇尔·奥巴马和她的两个女儿所做的事情。 42 . C 细 节 理 解 题 。 由 文 章 第 四 段 中 的 “His favourite athletic activities include basketball,golf,and bodysurfing.”可知答案为 C。 43. 细节理解题。 D 利用“略读法”快速浏览文章可得出本题答案。 由第四段中的“Mr Obama,the first‘city president’in decades,has spent his adult life in New York,Boston, Chicago and,now,Washington.”和“Fishing and hunting are not part of his typical favourite sports items.”可知 A、B 两项是正确的;C 项可以由第二段最后一句话得知。 44.B 细节理解题。根据文章第三段中的“...with the serious business of resisting Republicans’attacks on his health care plan”可知, 奥巴马在游览美国西部的同时要处理重要 政务,抵制共和党人对其医疗改革计划的攻击。 45.B 标题归纳题。综合全文分析,本文的第一段是全文的核心段,起到提纲挈领的 作用,其他段落都是为第一段服务的。由第一段内容可知 B 项最合适。



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