2011《龙门亮剑》高三一轮(人教.山东)英语必修1 Unit 1 Friendship课时作业(详细解析)



Ⅰ.单项填空 1.There have been several new events________to the program to be held next year. A.add B.to add C.adding D.added 2.—I saw Annie in the market yesterday. —You________her;she is still studying abroad. A.mustn’t see B.couldn’t see C.mustn’t have seen D.couldn’t have seen 3. Tom hasn’t come to work since last Friday.________? A.Might he have an accident B.Could he have an accident C.Might he have had an accident D.Could he have had an accident 4. You shouldn’t always refer to a dictionary.You can________quite well with your reading text without knowing the meaning of some words. A.get over B.get around C.get through D.get along 5.—I don’t suppose that Daisy was able to pass the final exam last term. —________.She’s preparing to take a make-up exam. A.Good luck B.Well,I’m not sure about it C.That’s correct D.No way 6.He was told that it would be at least three months________he could recover and return to work. A.when B.before C.since D.that 7.________crime in this area has increased so much over the last 20 years? A.Why is it that B.Why it is that C.Why was it that D.Why it was that 8.People can’t afford to buy expensive things________the prices of daily goods going up. A.as B.for C.with D.since 9 . I’m Chinese and I do feel________Chinese language is________most beautiful language.What’s your opinion? A.the;a B./;the C.the;/ D./;a 10.I found this rare picture________when I was searching for another picture on the Internet. A.on purpose B.by mistake C.on average D.by chance 11.The CEO was extremely excited about________good things that happened in the company.

A.a heap of B.a mixture of C.a series of D.a set of 12.There was________time________Iraq was one of the strongest countries in the world. A.a;when B.a;that C.the;that D.the;when 13.—Tom said that Mr Johnson was unfair to him. —I really wonder how he________that to the teacher. A.dare to say B.dare sying C.not dare say D.dared say 14.The reporter has written________articles about air pollution hoping to call the attention of all people to the problem. A.a series of B.a great deal of C.a plenty of D.a large amount of 15 . The meeting was concerned________education reforms and many parents , concerned________the future of their children,were present. A.with;for B.with;with C.for;about D.about;with Ⅱ.翻译句子 16.这是我第一次给外国笔友写信。(It is the first time that...) ________________________________________________________________________ ?(in) doing sth. ) 17.我希望你工作中没有困难。(have difficulty? ?with sth. ________________________________________________________________________ 18.我想让你把需要在超市买的东西列个清单。(make a list of...) ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 19.战争爆发后,他们躲进了山里。(hide away) ________________________________________________________________________ 20.他的钱昨天在公共汽车上被人偷走了。(have/get sth.done) ________________________________________________________________________ Ⅲ.完形填空 was__23__the first presidency of the new nation of Israel.He__24__it down with this statement: “I am__25__moved by the offer from our State of Israel (to serve as President),and at once saddened and__26__that I cannot accept it.All my life I have dealt with objective matters, hence (因此) I lack both the__27__aptitude (天 赋) and the experience to deal properly with people and to exercise__28__functions.For these__29__alone I should be unsuited to__30__the duties of that high office...”(The Einstein Scrapbook,Johns Hopkins University Press,2002). B.offered C.permitted D.settled 24. A.shocked B.put C.turned D.broke 25. A.similarly B.especially C.deeply D.willingly 26. A.ashamed B.stressed C.accustomed D.delighted 27. A.worthy B.mental C.natural D.perfect 28. A.normal B.official C.daily D.common 29. A.contents

Dr.Einstein knew plenty about the__31__of the universe,but this wise and insightful man also knew that he__32__the necessary political skill for such a(n)__33__position.Is there really any__34__in knowing our limitations?We should__35__on what we did well and the world will be better. We may or may not__36__it,but we have the capacity to do some things well.In fact,very well.Few of us will ever be__37__,but we can still__38__meaningfully to life.And when we know__39__we can do and decide to do that__40__thing,we just might discover we are happy.

B.reasons C.views D.advantages 30. A.apply B.arrange C.participate D.fulfill 31.A.nature B.judgment C.weakness D.movement 32. A.absorbed B.deserted C.lacked D.guaranteed 33. A.admiring B.demanding C.employing D.supplying 34. A.trust B.luck C.possibility D.shame 35. A.rely B.focus C.look D.take 36. A.recognize B.believe C.master D.declare 37. A.human B.manager C.history D.Einstein 38. A.contribute B.connect C.adjust D.serve 39. A.how B.what C.why D.when 40. A.general B.creative C.particular D.astonishing

Ⅳ.阅读理解 Mayor Boris Johnson Monday outlined plans to make London“the cleanest, greenest city on Earth”by the 2012 Olympics and called for commitments from other world cities at a climate change conference.Leaders of the world’s 40 largest cities are meeting in Seoul this week for a summit on combating global warming — the third to be held since 2005. “What we should do in Seoul is agree that we will stop the endless addiction of mankind to the internal combustion engine (内燃机),”said Johnson.He said at a press conference the world’s cities consume 75 percent of the world’s energy and produce 80 percent of the emissions which cause climate change.“The problem of our planet is an urban problem,”Johnson said. He said the British capital wants to use the Olympics“to drive the greening and the improvement of our city”and noted that London is committed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 60 percent by 2025.

Johnson said the key measure was being taken to solve problems relating to housing and commercial buildings , which accounted for 70 percent of carbon dioxide emissions in London.This involved retrofitting (翻新) — installing lagging — in large numbers of public buildings. Johnson proclaimed himself a“passionate cyclist”and said he would push ahead with cycle superhighways around London. London’s air quality problem,he said,was caused by vehicle emissions from 8,300 worn and used diesel (柴油) buses, which could be replaced by low-carbon vehicles.In addition, there were also 32,000 taxis running on diesel fuel,which could be replaced by electric vehicles. Johnson said there would be a few programs in the next few years to produce a “cleaner, greener” bus for the city.“The age of the diesel bus has got to be over in London.” 41.Which would be the best title for the passage? A.The third summit on global warming B.London plans to make the cleanest and greenest city on Earth by 2012 C.Some measures to deal with pollution D.The problem of our planet appeared 42.Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE according to this passage? A.London’s air quality will be improved in the near future. B.The used buses running on diesel will be replaced by electric vehicles. C.London promises to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 60 percent by 2025. D.Something has been done to solve the problem of carbon dioxide emissions. 43. What does the underlined word mean in the first paragraph? A.Resisting. B.Objecting. C.Agreeing. D.Solving. 44.The topic of the meeting in Seoul might be________. A.climate change B.global warming C.London Olympics in 2012 D.green environment 45.If the passage was continually written,the following might be________. A.measures to end the age of the diesel bus B.measures to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in London C.measures to solve housing and commercial items D.measures to replace the old and used vehicles

Ⅰ.单项填空 1.D 考查 add to 词组的用法。分析句子结构,events 后的部分应为定语,add events to the program 为其主动形式,那么 events 和 add 是动宾关系,过去分词做定语表示被动。A 项不能做定语,B、C 两项均表示主动,故 D 项正确。 2.D 3.D 当对过去发生的或已经完成的事情进行推测时应使用“情态动词+have done” 的形式,C 项中的 may/might 表推测时只能用于否定句或肯定句中,而 can/could 则用于否 定和疑问句中。 4.D 句意为:不要总是查词典,就是有一些词不认识,阅读也能进行。get over 解决; 克服;控制;get around 解决;克服;get through 用完;顺利通过(考试);get along 进展;进

行。 5.C 根据答语中说她正在准备补考,可知选 C。 6.B “It will/would be+时间段+before+句子...”表示“要过多久才……”。该句 意为:他被告知至少要过 3 个月他才能康复回去上班。 7.A 8.C 9. 第一个空后的 Chinese 作定语, A 其前需加冠词, 意为“汉语”, 句中 most beautiful language 是泛指,其中 most 表程度,相当于 very,故第二个空用 a。 10.D 本来是在网上搜寻另外的一幅图片,却意外地发现了这幅珍贵的图片,故应选 D。on purpose 故意地;by chance 碰巧。 11.C 根据语境总裁应是对公司内接连发生的好事感到很高兴。a heap of 一堆;a mixture of……的混合体; series of 修饰接连发生的事情;a set of 指类似的东西一套、 a 一副、 一组等。 12.A 本题考查定语从句。a time 指“一段时期”,是先行词,关系副词用 when。 13.D dare 是情态动词,它的过去式是 dared,后接动词原形。dared 作行为动词时, 要用 dare to do sth.,行为动词有数的变化。 14.A plenty of 前不用冠词。 15. be concerned about/over/for 表示“关心, A 挂念”, concerned with 表示“跟…… be 有关系”。 句意为: “会议跟教育改革有关系, 很多关心孩子前途的父母出席了这次会议。 ” Ⅱ.翻译句子 16.It is the first time that I have written to a foreign pen friend. 17.I hope you won’t have any difficulty with your work. 18.I’d like you to make a list of the things to be bought at the supermarket. 19.They hid away in the mountains after the war broke out. 20.He had his money stolen on the bus yesterday. Ⅲ.完形填空 21.D 根据前文提到的我不能做好所有的事和有许多事情我根本就做不了,再结合空 格前表示转折意义的 But 可知这里应该是指我们每个人都有自己的“天赋(gifts)”。 22.C 然而 Einstein 也曾感到自身的不足。 23.B 此处构成 offer sb.sth.搭配,再结合 25 空后的 by the offer 可知答案。 24.C 从后文可知爱因斯坦拒绝出任以色列总统。turn down 在此处意为“拒绝”。 25.C 尽管他拒绝担任以色列总统,但对此他仍然深受(deeply)感动。 26.A 从 and 前的平行词 saddened 可知只有“惭愧的(ashamed)”符合语境。 27.C 这里指缺少“与生俱来的(natural)”的资质(即天赋),即不适合当总统。 28.B 爱因斯坦认为自己缺乏天赋和经验来行使“官方的(official)”职能。 29.B 这里指拒绝接受总统职位的原因。 30.D 指履行总统的职责。fulfill 意为“完成,履行”。 31.A 作为一个伟大的物理学家,他当然对宇宙的“本质(nature)”十分了解。 32.C 从前文提到的原因和 but 转折可知他“缺少 (lack)”必要的政治上的才能。 33.B 爱因斯坦认为总统是一个“很费心的 (demanding)”职位。 34.D 知道自己的不足真的会令我们感到“羞耻 (shame)”吗? 35.B 知道自己的不足,然后“把精力集中在 (focus on)”自己能做好的事情上。 36.A 指我们可能认识到也可能没有“认识到 (recognize)”这个道理,即上一段最后 两句提到的道理。 37.D 根据上文可知应该是我们很少有人能成为爱因斯坦,但我们仍然能对生活作出

有意义的贡献。 38.A 从上题分析可知,此处 contribute to 意为“对……有贡献”。 39.B 当我们知道自己能做什么……由于宾语从句 we can do 缺少宾语且空格处还引 导宾语从句,故用 what。 40.C 显然我们应该找出自己的长处,做好自己能做的事情。that particular thing 指我 们发现自己能做的那件事。 Ⅳ.阅读理解 41.B 标题归纳题。伦敦计划在 2012 年奥运会前成为“全球最清洁、最环保城市” 是本文的核心。文章开门见山,直奔主题,这是最近三年来高考命题人所青睐的命题方式, 值得考生高度重视。 42. 细节理解题。 B 根据文章倒数第二段中的“8,300 worn and used diesel (柴油) buses, which could be replaced by low-carbon vehicles”可知,B 项不符合文意。 43.A 词义猜测题。由下文“What we should do in Seoul is agree that we will stop the endless addiction of mankind to the internal combustion engine (内燃机)”可知全球 40 个大城市 的市长齐聚首尔,参加第三届抵制全球变暖的峰会。 44.B 细节理解题。根据文章第一段中的“Leaders of the world’s 40 largest cities are meeting in Seoul this week for a summit on combating global warming”可知,首尔会议的主题 是抵制全球变暖。 45.A 推理判断题。文章最后一段的最后一句就是画龙点睛之笔——伦敦市使用柴油 公交车的时代就要结束了。这句话说明了伦敦下一步的目标。因此,若有下文,应是讲实现 这一目标的具体措施。



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