2011《龙门亮剑》高三一轮(人教.山东)英语必修3 Unit 5 课时作业(详细解析)

课时作业 Canada—“The True North” “ ”
Ⅰ.单项填空 1.He can’t answer the question________he got the money. A.what B.that C.how D.where 2.Mrs Taylor has________8-year-old daughter who has________gift for painting—she has won two national prizes. A.a;a B.an;the C.an;a D.the;a 3. ________by his words, the audience clapped now and then until his address came to an all end. A.Impressed B.Impressing C.To be impressed D.Having impressed 4.The influence of automobile extends throughout the economy________the car is so important to American people. A.then B.as C.so D.which 5.—Excuse me,are you traveling by train or meeting someone? —We are________the three o’clock train to Chicago. A.traveling B.waiting C.taking D.setting 6.It was two o’clock before I could finally________to writing the next chapter. A.settle down B.settle on C.settle up D.settle in 7 . I don’t believe that________little children can finish________much work in________short time. A.so;so;so B.such;such;such a C.such;so;such a D.so;so;such a 8.—Would you care for a drink? —No,thanks.I________. A.would rather not B.wouldn’t like to C.would like to D.prefer to have one 9.—The boss said we had only three days to finish the work. —Don’t worry.We have already________two thirds of it. A.got down B.got through C.given in D.given away 10.All passengers________are expected to fasten the seat belts when the plane takes off or lands. A.on the board B.on board C.on boards D.on a board

11.Your uncle seems to be a good driver;________,I wouldn’t dare to travel in his car. A.even so B.even though C.therefore D.so 12.The young man got lost in the city.It seems that he is not familiar with the________. A.troops B.tensions C.surroundings D.suits 13.The cold smile on her face just kept us________. A.at a distance B.in the distance C.in a distance D.at distance 14.I’m________willing to take you and your friends to the railway station in my car. A.more than B.more and more C.more or less D.no more than 15. It’s based on the idea________all people are created equal, ________is accepted by the people. A.that;that B.which;which C.which;when D.that;which Ⅱ.翻译句子 16.就我所知,他将离开两个月。(as far as) ________________________________________________________________________ 17.他有学语言的天赋。(have a gift for) ________________________________________________________________________ 18.我至今还弄不明白他为什么最后一刻改变了主意。(figure out) ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 19.今天下午我们去市中心购物怎么样?(go downtown) ________________________________________________________________________ 20.黄河是中国第二长河。(the second longest) ________________________________________________________________________ Ⅲ.完形填空

After my 21 second graders finished reciting the text,they settled back in their seats.But Duane remained__21__.Duane

21.A.sitting C.standing 22.A.unless

B.crying D.speaking B.though

was a bright and lovable student, __22__his mother, single parent, many problems a had such as drinking.__23__that he might have a bad night,I walked over to him to see what was wrong.As he looked up,I could see the__24__in his dark eyes. “Mrs Brown,aren’t you going to open my present?” he asked__25__.“I put it on your desk.”

C.so 23.A.Wondering C.Finding 24.A.hope C.hurt 25.A.disappointedly C.happily

D.since B.Thinking D.Pointing B.joy D.determination B.angrily D.shyly

Getting back his gift from my desk,he handed it to me.I noticed my gift__26__to be a matchbox.Duane told me that this was really a jewelry box__27__a matchbox.As I opened it, the__28__of two beer caps surprised me.Duane__29__me that they were two silver earrings.He had noticed that I__30__wore earrings and wanted me to have some pretty ones. I was__31__by Duane’s creativity and one thoughtfulness.__32__birth, of my ears was slightly deformed (畸形的).Fearing that wearing earrings might__33__to the ear,I avoided wearing them.But how could I__34__to wear these precious earrings given by this__35__child? As I placed the earrings on my ears, my__36__clapped,and Duane stood proudly beside me. Since then,the matchbox remained on my desk.It__37__me of Duane’s act of kindness and of the lessons he taught me.Although his__38__at home was bad, Duane continued to see the good in life.Although poor,he still wanted to__39__.Whenever I see Duane’s gift on my desk,I feel encouraged.If I am having__40__reaching a student,I’ll try to be like Duane and give that student a piece of my heart.

26.A.happened C.used 27.A.as well as C.except for 28.A.shape C.design 29.A.persuaded C.told 30.A.only C.once 31.A.frightened C.knocked 32.A.Since C.Before 33.A.do harm C.add weight 34.A.refuse C.agree 35.A.generous C.special 36.A.hands C.audience 37.A.convinced C.proved 38.A.performance C.situation 39.A.please C.give 40.A.chance C.intention

B.appeared D.supposed B.more than D.rather than B.color D.sight B.fooled D.encouraged B.often D.never B.touched D.influenced B.Until D.By B.draw attention D.have an effect B.offer D.wait B.honest D.sad B.class D.friends B.reminded D.showed B.experience D.health B.take D.accept B.possibility D.difficulty

Ⅳ.阅读理解 Feeling lonely can make you sick.Doctors have long known that loneliness is associated with heart troubles, viral infections, higher death rates.What they didn’t know is how this feeling and causes illness.A study in the September issue of the online journal Genome Biology suggests that

loneliness actually affects the very core of our bodies—our genes. In a small population of patients,researchers surveyed more than 20,000 genes using DNA skills to compare how the genes of lonely and nonlonely individuals express themselves in molecular (分子) processes and, ultimately, personal health.They found that gene expression is in different at 209 sites in chronically lonely people and that many of those changes fit a pattern of elevated immune activation, inflammation (炎症), depressed response to infection.“We now and have a molecular framework for understanding the relationship between social experience and physical health,”explains the study’s lead author,Steve Cole. The study found that loneliness decreases the response of some body receptors,cutting off the immune control and anti-inflammatory effects of the stress-related hormone that also helps regulate the conversion of carbohydrates (碳水化合物) to energy.The depressed response of the stress-related hormone concurs with the known effects of loneliness and provides a potential target for treatment. “This study—the first to link feelings with gene changes—is in some sense groundbreaking, ”says Emma Adam, associate professor at Northwestern University.“lt fills an in the black box.” According to John Cacioppo,an author of the study and a psychologist from the University of Chicago,the work suggests that loneliness is a warning sign,much like physical pain.“This very process of feeling bad because of disconnection contributes to what it means to be human,”he says.“It makes us care for other people and want to reconnect when we’re disconnected.” 41.From the passage we know lonely people________. A.have higher rates of diseases B.have bad and little genes C.are full of energy D.are quick to the responses of some body receptors 42.According to the passage,which of the following statements is TRUE? A.The lonely people’s gene expression is quite different from the gene pattern of some diseases. B.Researchers and doctors can deal with loneliness by regulating the stress-related hormone. C.Loneliness is a warning sign of physical pain. D.The study of loneliness is of little value at present. 43.The underlined word “it” in the last paragraph refers to________. A.the work B.the process of feeling bad C.loneliness D.to be human 44.Which of the following is the best suggestion to lonely people? A.Go to hospital to have a medical examination once a week. B.Take more social activities. C.Take more physical exercises. D.Ring your friends when you need their help. 45.What’s the best title for the passage? A.Feeling Lonely Can Make You Sick B.A Survey on Loneliness

C.Why Loneliness Is Bad for You

Ⅰ.单项填空 1.D 许多同学知道这是一个同位语从句,在定向思维中认为同位语从句用 that 引导, 事实上同位语从句也可以用 when,where,why 等来引导,不一定只用 that。 2.C 句意为:泰勒太太有一个 8 岁的女儿,她有绘画天赋,已经两次获得了全国大 奖。第一空是在元音之前用 an,第二空用不定冠词 a,构成固定词组 have a gift for。 3.A 根据上下文的语境,impress 与句子中的 audience 之间为动宾关系,故用过去分 词作状语;B、D 两项为主动语态;C 项不定式位于句首表示目的。 4.B 5.C take 此处表示“乘坐”,为及物动词,符合语境。 6.A 句意为:直到两点我才静下来写下一章。settle down to 在此是“专心做……” 之意。 7. so 多用来修饰形容词或副词。 C 如果用 so 修饰名词, 语序多为 so+adj.+a/an+n., 如果 so beautiful a flower。但是当所修饰的名词前出现 many/much/few/little 等表示多少的词 时,则用 so 修饰。此处第一空后出现了 little,但意思是“小的”,故第一空为 such。另外 such 多用来修饰名词,语序为 such a/an+adj.+n.。 8.A 考查交际用语,由 No,thanks 可以看出是拒绝别人的好意,所以答案选 A。 9.B 此题考查动词词组辨析。get down 下来,落下;give in 投降,认输;give away 泄露秘密;get through 完成。如果你的词汇量大,不难做出选择。 10.B on board=aboard 上船/飞机/车等;在船/飞机/车上等。 11.A even so 即使是这样;even though 即使,后面不能加逗号;C、D 不合题意。句 意为:你叔叔看起来是个好司机,即使如此,我还是不敢坐他的车旅行。 12.C 根据前面的句子“那个年轻人在城里迷路了”语意可推断出“他好像对环境不 熟悉。” 13.A keep sb.at a distance 表示“与某人保持疏远”,符合题意。句意为:她脸上的 冷笑让我们保持着距离。 14.A 句意为:我非常愿意用我的车送你和你的朋友们去火车站。more than 在此相当 于副词,意思是:非常,很,可修饰形容词、副词、动词,充当状语。 15.D 第一空用 that 引导同位语从句,解释说明 idea 的内容含义,而第二空用 which 引导非限制性定语从句,表示“这种情况”。 Ⅱ.翻译句子 16.As far as I know,he will be away for two months. 17.He has a gift for learning language. 18.I haven’t figured out why he changed his mind at the last minute. 19.What about going downtown for shopping this afternoon? 20.The Yellow River is the second longest river in China. Ⅲ.完形填空 21. 根据上一句可知其他学生在背完课文后都坐下了, Duane 仍旧站着, C 而 其中 but 是个重要的信息词。 22.B 此处作者想要说明的是 Duane 是个聪明可爱的学生,尽管他的单亲妈妈有很多 问题。 23.B 作者看到 Duane 还站着,以为他昨晚可能遇到什么事情,因此过去询问。此处

只是作者的一种想法而已,故选 B。 24.C 根据下文可知作者没有看 Duane 送的礼物,所以从 Duane 的眼神中可以看出他 受到了伤害。 25.A 此处 disappointedly(失望地)对应上文的 hurt。 26.B 作者此时没有打开礼物,只是看礼物的外表,“好像(appeared)”是个火柴盒。 27.D Duane 告诉作者这是个首饰盒,“而不是”(rather than)火柴盒。as well as 和, more than 超过,except for 除了,均不符合语境。 28.D 作者打开盒子,看到的是两个啤酒瓶盖,这让她很吃惊。短语 the sight of 意思 是“看见……”。 29.C Duane 告诉作者这是两只银耳环。 30. 根据下文提示 I avoided wearing them 可知作者因为天生耳朵有点畸形, D 所以“从 不(never)”戴耳环。 31.B 作者被 Duane 的创造性和考虑周到“打动(touched)”了。 32.A 作者一出生时,一只耳朵就有点畸形。 33.B 作者担心戴上耳环,别人会注意到自己畸形的耳朵。draw attention to 引起…… 的注意;do harm to 对……造成危害;add weight 增加重量;have an effect on 对……有影响。 34.A 学生如此真诚,作者怎么能够“拒绝(refuse)”呢? 35.C 根据上文提示,从 Duane 的家庭背景来看,他是个“特殊的(special)”学生。 generous 慷慨的,honest 诚实的,sad 悲伤的,均不符合语境。 36.B 作者当着全班学生的面把耳环戴上,这时全班的学生都为她鼓掌。 37. 每当作者看到那个火柴盒, B 就会想起 Duane 的善良以及他的行为给作者的启发。 remind sb.of sth.让某人想起某事;convince sb.of sth.让某人相信某事;prove sth.to sb.向某人 证明某事;show sb.sth.向某人展示某物。 38.C 根据第一段的提示可知 Duane 生活在单亲家庭,而且母亲有很多问题,所以他 的“处境(situation)”不是很好。 39.C 尽管贫穷,Duane 还是乐于“给予(give)”。please 取悦;take 索取;accept 接 受。 40.D 每当作者难以触动学生的心灵(即很难和学生沟通)的时候,作者就会像 Duane 那样,让学生感受到自己的一片真诚。have difficulty (in) doing sth.是固定句型。 Ⅳ.阅读理解 41.A 细节理解题。根据文章第一段可知正确答案为 A。 42.B 细节理解题。据第三段的“the stress-related hormone that also helps regulate the conversion of carbohydrates to energy”可知 A 正确。根据倒数第三段“provides a potential target for treatment”及最后一段内容可判断 D 项错误。 根据最后一段“loneliness is a warning sign,much like physical pain”可判断 C 项错误。 43.D 细节理解题。it 为形式主语。 44 . B 推 理 判 断 题 。 根 据 第 二 段 的 “We now have a molecular framework for understanding the relationship between social experience and physical health”可得正确答案。 45.C 标题概括题。A 项虽然为首句,但本文重在说明孤独对人有害的原因,故选 C。



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