2011《龙门亮剑》高三一轮(人教.山东)英语必修3 Unit 3 课时作业(详细解析)

课时作业 The Million Pound Bank-Note -
Ⅰ.单项填空 1.Of all the books on the desk,________is of any use for our study. A.nothing B.no one C.neither D.none 2.I have no________with people who are always complaining of their misfortunes. A.devotion B.belief C.patience D.balance 3.Don’t be angry with him.He made the mistake________. A.in common B.on purpose C.by accident D.in a hurry 4.________the yard,I found it________with lots of fallen leaves. A.Entering into;covering B.Entering;covered C.Entered;covered D.Entering;covering 5.There is much chance________Bill will recover from his injury in time for the race. A.that B.which C.until D.if 6.He was angry with me.________,I didn’t mean to hurt him. A.What’s more B.That is to say C.In other words D.To be honest 7.When he looked up,he suddenly found himself________by a group of teenagers, ________looked at him anxiously. A.to be surrounded;which B.surrounded;who C.be surrounded;who D.having been surrounded;which 8.It’s wise of you to________your father’s advice when you come to any difficulty. A.ask B.seek C.try D.attempt 9.—Are there any English story books for us students in the library? —There are only a few,________. A.if any B.if there C.if some D.if has 10.The tomato juice left a brown________on the front of my jacket. A.spot B.point C.trace D.site 11 . I had just stepped out of the bathroom and was busily drying myself with a towel________I heard the steps. A.while B.when C.since D.after 12. (2009 年成都质检) Women have won equal rights as man.________racial discrimination,

much progress has been made,but there is still much to do. A.As long as B.As to C.But for D.As for 13.The last________of the play was really very moving. A.view B.sight C.scenery D.scene 14.If you have any trouble________the work within the time,please tell me. A.to finish B.finish C.with finishing D.finishing 15.He has behaved in the most extraordinary way;I can’t________his behavior at all. A.result from B.depend on C.watch out D.account for Ⅱ.翻译句子 16.我打开窗子你介意吗?(mind) ________________________________________________________________________ 17.长时间的盯着别人是不礼貌的。(stare at) ________________________________________________________________________ 18.在我们办公室里不准抽烟。(permit) ________________________________________________________________________ 19.你曾跟自己最好的朋友打过赌吗?(make a bet) ________________________________________________________________________ 20.不管是谁最后离开教室,都应该记住走之前关灯。(whoever) ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Ⅲ.完形填空 In prison,holidays are the worst.Birthdays,anniversaries,Thanksgiving, Christmas,even Valentine’ s Day can and be__21__.It’s difficult, painful to be away from those we love—to be__22__of the celebrations and the memory making.Often we feel a little__23__or ignored. My first Thanksgiving in prison,I__24__to eat.My first birthday I spent alternating (交替) between__25__and feeling more sorry for myself than ever before.At Christmas,I wouldn’t even get out of bed.I__26__under the covers to hide the tears. So holidays here are the worst—at least I thought they were__27__I realized a few things.Once I removed all the commercialism (商业活动),I saw what holidays were

21.A.unfortunate C.understandable 22.A.carried out C.left out 23.A.forgotten C.distrusted 24.A.disliked C.failed 25.A.surprise C.anger 26.A.stayed C.hid

B.unbearable D.unbelievable B.cut out D.put out B.cornered D.unheard B.refused D.hated B.excitement D.hunger B.waited D.slept

27.A.until C.unless 28.A.around C.along

B.while D.since B.about D.for

all__28__.They’re__29__we use to take a look at our lives, successes and failures and our to spend quality time with our loved ones. Not being able to spend__30__time with those we__31__is a little tougher—until we realize that they are always with us —in our hearts and minds.And just as they’re with us, are we with them in spirit.The days we can’t spend together physically,we can still take time to remember them__32__by making phone calls, sending cards or letters,which helps both us and our loved ones. Although__33__people can’t make us happy,special places and people might be__34__to the state of mind,and the celebration and love come from__35__.The challenge is to find it there —a state of mind, a positive attitude.It’s__36__to use a holiday as an excuse to be sad or nervous.I’ve been there.Our challenge is to celebrate every day as__37__.Life is a precious__38__,whether we’re in jail or not. I’m__39__a celebration every day this year—a celebration of__40__.

29.A.explanations C.excuses 30.A.spare C.wonderful 31.A.care C.know 32.A.occasionally C.clearly 33.A.all C.some 34.A.thoughtful C.thankful 35.A.nowhere C.outside 36.A.easy C.correct 37.A.perfect C.peaceful 38.A.challenge C.reward 39.A.wishing C.ordering 40.A.freedom C.decision

B.experiences D.attitudes B.extra D.temporary B.respect D.love B.hopefully D.spiritually B.few D.any B.careful D.helpful B.within D.somewhere B.hard D.unfortunate B.usual D.special B.experiment D.gift B.thinking D.planning B.life D.mind

Ⅳ.阅读理解 The Edinburgh (爱丁堡) International Film Festival,after 60 years as one of the city’s cultural focuses in August,will move to June from next year.Artistic director Hannah McGill said the festival needed more breathing space. “There are huge advantages to having all these cultural events in one place and time,” she said.“But there is limited space.It’s_like_when_a_child_has_a_birthday_on_Christmas_Day—it_all_comes_on_top_o f_each_other.” Ms McGill said that the film festival wanted to use extra places to organize events and conferences which Edinburgh is too crowded to provide in August.She spoke of her difficulty,for example,at being unable to hold an exhibition as part of the film festival because of limited space. However,Jon Morgan,director of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival,deprecated the film festival’s move which suggested the city was overburdened in August.“There are still hundreds of spaces that aren’t used,and there is still room for it to expand,” he said. The move to June made sense.It would allow more air between it and the London Film Festival, providing for more distinctive (有特色的) programming.“June will give us the breathing space to expand and create our own identity,allowing us to further develop our position as one of the world’s most innovative (创新的) and challenging annual film events,” she said. The festival organisers thought that the move to June would not reduce audiences,saying film

-lovers would visit Edinburgh in early summer.Ginnie Atkinson,the festival’s managing director,said,“Our audiences are very film-focused.Last year we asked in our market research if they would come if we were the only show in town and they said yes.” 41.The passage intends to tell us that Edinburgh International Film Festival________. A.needs improving B.enjoys great success C.needs more breathing space D.will move to “quieter” June 42.The underlined sentence in the second paragraph suggests that________. A.having two important events in one place and time has many advantages B.having two important events in one place and time will cause pressure C.wonderful things always go hand in hand D.having a birthday on Christmas Day is a lucky thing 43.Which of the following is NOT TRUE according to the passage? A.The Edinburgh International Film Festival is held every other year. B.Jon Morgan thought there was still room for Edinburgh to expand. C.The move can allow Edinburgh to further improve international fame. D.This change won’t reduce the audiences. 44.The underlined word “deprecated” in Paragraph 4 probably means________. A.disagreed to B.approved of C.supported D.held 45.We can infer from the passage that________. A.the move to June will affect the number of people who visit Edinburgh B.the festival is one of the world’s most innovative and challenging annual film events C.the festival has been one of Edinburgh’s cultural focuses for 60 years D.it is generally believed that August is a busy month to the cultural circles in Edinburgh

Ⅰ.单项填空 1.D 本题考查不定代词的基本用法。none 用以指前文的复数名词或代词,意为“一 个也没有”。 2.C 句意为:对于那些总是抱怨他们的不幸的人我没有耐心。devotion 热爱;belief 信任;patience 耐心,忍耐;balance 平衡,天平。 3.C 根据前面的句意应选择表示“偶然,碰巧”的短语,其他选项不符合句意。 4.B 考查分词用法。注意分词的逻辑主语。 5.A that 引导同位语从句,具体说明 chance 的内容。 6. 句意为: D 他生我的气了。 老实说, 我不是有意伤害他的。 根据句意, to be honest 用 来表示使别人相信你的话。 7.B 考查非谓语动词和定语从句。“发现自己被一群十几岁的孩子包围了。”用过 去分词作宾语补足语表示被动,第二处用 who 引导定语从句,修饰 teenagers。 8.B seek one’s advice 意为“征求某人的建议”。A 应为 ask for one’s advice,C、 D 构不成有意义的词组。 9.A any 以及它的合成词一般用于疑问句、否定句和条件句。if any=if there are any English story books。 10.A spot 此处是斑点,污点的意思;point 一般指几何、物理、时空上的一点;trace 痕迹;site 地点。 11.B 句意为:我刚从浴室里出来正用毛巾擦干,这时我听到了脚步声。用 when 构 成 be doing sth....when 句型。 12.D 句意为:妇女已经取得了与男人同等的权利,至于种族歧视,已经取得了很大 的进步,但仍然有大量的工作要做。用 as for 引入新话题。 13.D scene 此处指“(戏剧)一场,一幕”,其他三项都是“风景,景色”的意思。 14.D have trouble/difficulty (in) doing sth.是固定句型,意为“做某事有麻烦/困难”。 15.D 句意为:他的行为非常怪异,我无法理解他为什么那样做。result from (因……) 发生;depend on 依靠;取决于;watch out 当心;account for 解释……的原因。 Ⅱ.翻译句子 16.Would/Do you mind my opening the window? 17.It is not polite to stare at other people for a long time. 18.We don’t permit smoking in the office. 19.Have you ever made a bet with your best friend? 20.Whoever leaves the classroom last should remember to turn off the light before leaving. Ⅲ.完形填空 21.B 第一句提到监狱中的节日最糟糕,因此生日、周年纪念日、感恩节、圣诞节, 甚至情人节都让狱中的人“无法忍受”,备受煎熬。 22.C 在欢庆时刻成为被人“遗忘”的(人),离开心爱的人是困难而又痛苦的事情。 前两项分别表示“实施”“切掉,裁剪出”,不符合语意。 23.A 狱中的人经常有一种“被忘记”或被忽视的感觉。 24.B 感恩节本是亲朋好友团聚的时刻,可作者却身在牢狱,失去自由的痛苦自然让 作者在这个特殊的日子里没有食欲,“拒绝”进食。dislike 后通常跟动词的-ing 形式作宾 语,而且与 D 项意思基本相同,可排除。 25.C 作者的内心进行着以前从未有过的激烈的思想斗争,既有无法与亲人团聚的

“愤怒”,又有为自己的罪行而难过的心理,悲愤交加。 26.A 在圣诞节作者甚至不愿起床,“呆”在被子里以掩饰眼中的泪水。D 项用在此 处没有任何意义。 27.A 作者一直以为监狱中的节日最糟糕,“直到”意识到几件事情之后,这种想法 才得以转变。 28.B 一旦摆脱了所有的商业活动,作者才懂得了节日的真谛所在。about 表示“关 于”。 29.C 节日是我们用来审视我们的人生、成功、失败以及和心爱的人共度美好时光时 的“借口”。第 36 空处后面的 to use a holiday as an excuse 也是暗示。 30.C 不能和心爱的人共度“美好”时光是很不愉快的事情。前两项意思基本相同, 可排除;D 项表示“暂时的”,与所给语境不符。 31.D 结合上一段的最后可判断此项正确。A 项是不及物动词,不能直接跟宾语。 32.D 虽然无法和心爱的人在一起,但可以通过打电话、寄卡片或写信等方式在“精 神”上在一起。此处的 spiritually 与句中的 physically 相对应。 33.C 根据生活常识可知“有些人”会让我们不高兴。 34.D 虽然生活中有些人无法让我们快乐,可是有些特殊的地方和特别的人却对我们 的思想状态有所“帮助”。 35.B 这种愉悦和关爱来自“内心”。 36.B 将节日看做是悲伤或紧张的借口很“容易”,而且作者也一直在这么做。此处 与 challenge 相对应。 37.D 挑战在于把每一天都看做是值得庆祝的“特别的”日子。作者由在监狱中过节 有感而发,而节日一般都是值得纪念的特殊日子,所以选择此项。 38.D 无论是否在狱中,人生都是珍贵的“礼物”。C 项表示“奖赏;报答”,不符 合语意。 39. 作者的思想认识发生转变后, D “计划”认真庆祝今年的每一天。 如果选择 A 项, 需要在后面加上 for;假如选择 B 项,需要在后面加上 about。 40.B 此处与上一段末句中的 life 相呼应。 Ⅳ.阅读理解 41.D 主旨大意题。文章第一段就指出了本文的主题——爱丁堡国际电影节明年要从 八月提前到六月。 42.B 句意理解题。由第一段可知,艺术总监 Hannah McGill 说电影节需要喘息的机 会,有足够的活动空间;第二段又指出在同一地点和时间,多种文化活动会因为有限的空间 而造成压力,作者接着打个比喻,同样也是为了说明这一问题。 43.A 细节理解题。由文章倒数第二段中“annual film events”可知是每年举行一次, 故 A 项表述错误。 44.A 词义猜测题。由“however”和“There are still hundreds of spaces that aren’t used,and there is still room for it to expand”可以推测出 Jon Morgan 不同意爱丁堡电影节时 间的变动,故答案为 A。 45.D 推理判断题。由文章第二段和第三段可知,八月份爱丁堡要举行各种各样的文 化活动,由此可推出对爱丁堡的文艺界来说,八月份是一个繁忙的月份。A 项与最后一段第 一句不符;B、C 两项文中有明确表述,不是推出的结论。



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